Does the Tip Drop After Rhinoplasty?

I'm getting my nose done. I told the doctor that from the profile,I do not want a straight nose; neither do I want a piggish nose with too much of a curve just a slight curve. Everyone says I should get more curvy nose done because the tip drops. Is this true or does the nose stay looking the same forever after the swelling goes down?

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Tip drop after rhinoplasty

Some surgeons employ techniques that count on the tip dropping after rhinoplasty. The problem has always been one of predictability. Most current techniques try to limit the amount of post-op tip drop by using strut grafts and suture techniques to predictably place the tip.

The only sort of exception to this may be to note that for the first week or two after rhinoplasty, the nose can look a bit jacked up at the tip from swelling at the base of the columella. But this effect should quickly resolve in the first couple of weeks post-op.

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Nose tip will drop during first 6 months after rhinoplasty

It is important to have a very clean aesthetic nose with a strong bridge profile and a very small curve just prior to the tip. The supratip depression is an important area of the nose that allows definition between the bridge and the tip so that the whole nose just does not run together on the dorsal aesthetic line. A piggish nose is unacceptable and gives the look of having had a nose job. There are many subtle changes that occur between the first month and twelfth month after the rhinoplasty procedure. After the first year when all the swelling has resolved, the nose will no longer undergo any changes.

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Nasal tip dropping after nose job

The nose never look the same forever, As we age the support to the tip of the nose fails and the tip of the nose drops. That is a natural consequence of aging.

When it comes to surgery, swelling and fullness in the tip of the nose may make it appear as if the head is turned up and many people complain of an overly upturned nose eary on. As the swelling subsides, it appears that the nasal tlp drops.

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Rhinoplasty and tip

TIp dropping after a rhinoplasty was more common years ago when sutures were not used to contour the tip.  I think today, tips tend to stay where they are because better support is provided during modern rhinoplasties.

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Rhinoplasty and the Nasal Tip/Profile Over Time

Hi Antoinette,

The nose continues to change for years after rhinoplasty. It is most important that your surgeon leave a stable foundation of bone and cartilage so that as the nose evolves over time, it does not "shrink-wrap" into a "done, pinched" nose.

An experienced rhinoplasty surgeon will take into account the changes that the nose undergoes over time during surgery to create a nose that stands the test of time. Communicate what you want and hopefully your surgeon will be able to achieve those goals.

Good luck and be well.

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The nose does change over time

Drooping of the tip was a common problem after Rhinoplasty many years ago. Today, Rhinoplasty specialists take important steps to provide excellent long term stability to the tip to prevent drooping. I often tilt the tip slightly more than is ideal at the time of surgery as I expect it to drop slightly post operatively.

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Tip drop after Rhinoplasty

The nose will change subtly over many years secondary to the natural aging process. An experienced rhinoplasty surgeon will properly support and fix the tip so "tip drop" does not occur. The tip will change in the immediate post-operative period, but this is secondary to swelling which will resolve relatively quickly, not due to tip movement.

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After Rhinoplasty, the tip always drops due to swelling

An experienced rhinoplasty surgeon takes this into account when he does the nose. He does not overdue it to give an artificial, done look to the nose.

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The nasal tip should not drop after most Rhinoplasty surgeries

Unless a surgeon performs certain maneuvers during surgery that may lead to lack of tip support, the nasal tip does not typically drop over time from most Rhinoplasty procedures. You should discuss this with your surgeon during your consultation.

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