What's the Ideal Masculine Nose Shape?

I've been through two nasal-surgeries which turned out very unnatural. One thing that's bothering me, I've noticed that almost all attractive male noses, in my opinion, have a degree of flatness going down the bridge-tip roof.

Male-noses never look like that triangle roof effect you'd see if you were looking down at a house-roof. A male nose is more like a vertical wooden block, sleek sidewalls yet a degree of widthy flatness on the roof.

This is a general-description of the nose I need to fit my face, would you say this is a accurate description of the male nasal-shape?

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Ideal Masculine Nose, Ideal Male Nose

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Ideal Masculine nose is a nose that fits the face, is proportional and looks natural. Rhinoplasty is an Art. Through extensive discussion, careful evaluating and analysis and computer imaging, a more precise image can be given that makes your nose look UN-operated.

Ideal Masculine nose has some flatness to the dorsum (roof) but that depends on each individual case.

Please consult an experienced Plastic Surgeon with extensive skill in working with Male nose for your revision surgery. He should be passionate and committed to getting the most natural result for you!

Good Luck.

Aesthetics in Male Rhinoplasty

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Thanks for the question. Based on your description, it sounds like the area you are describing between the bridge and the tip is primarily the middle vault (septum/upper lateral cartilages) of the nose. The middle vault can collapse following surgery if not adequately supported, giving the patient an Inverted-V Deformity. This may be what you are referencing when you describe your "triangle roof" appearance. Of course without seeing and examining you I cannot be sure, but that would be my best guess.

The treatment of an Inverted-V Deformity involves the placement of spreader grafts between the septum and upper lateral cartilages, to lateralize or push out the upper lateral cartilages and thereby widen the middle vault. This can improve your ability to breathe, as collapse of the upper lateral cartilages can narrow the nasal airway. Aesthetically, this should give you relatively straight lines running between the head of the eyebrows and the nasal tip. In male noses in particular, as you had pointed out, this consistent width in the mid-portion of the nose can be desirable from an aesthetic standpoint.

My personal philosophy when it comes to rhinoplasty is that there is no single "ideal male (or female) nose" for everyone. Rather, with thorough discussion and preoperative computer imaging, I work with the patient during the consultation to plan to refine the nose, such that it will blend well with the face and suit the patient's aesthetic as well as my own. Revision rhinoplasty can be challenging, so be sure to do your due diligence in deciding whether to proceed and with which surgeon. I wish you all the best.

Dr. Mehta

Wat's the ideal masculine nasal shape.

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There are ideally male and female shaped features of the face and body, including the nose and is the topic of a book that I wrote on the subject.  In general, male noses are higher, longer and wider than their female counterparts.

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