Fat Transfer To Face

As we age, the facial fat loses its volume and gives the skin a look of being thin or hanging. Fat transfer to the face restores the lost fat by taking fat from a chosen part of the body, commonly the stomach, and injecting it into the face. Fat can be injected into cheeks, jawline and lower eye area. Some cases also report that fat transfer to the face also increases facial blood circulation further aiding in the skin glow.

Reviews from the Community

Fat Transfer - Gambling with Your Face - California

past, you have to face your new reality and be really tough. It is what it is. BTW: The reason my face looks longer is because the original fat transfer was loaded on my inner upper cheek. It also... and a half out from my initial bad Fat Transfer surgery and have gone through a fat removal process that involved the right doctor, 5FU injections, micro-lipo and time. For the most part, this has... you decide to go through a Fat Transfer, successful removal is extremely difficult. A perfect return to your original state is almost impossible. If you haven’t gone through this procedure and your... eyes wide open.

I’ve most recently been posting on the thread, “Has anyone ever successfully corrected under eye fat transfer?” If you want to learn more, those posters are also well... crazy going in, you may get a little crazy when you come out if things don't go right. .. but you're not alone. Can you ever be fixed from a botched Fat Transfer? One of the things that we all notice READ MORE

Fat Transfer to Face - Austin, TX 1-12-15

. Lately, I've had some people comment that I look tired. I researched fat transfer to face here on RS and read some pretty good reviews and seen very good results.

I told Dr. Chike-Obi that I.... I really thought he was joking! I have seen some beautiful and really well done fat transfer to face transformations here on RS, so I know it is possible! He did such and incredible job on my... over years and years at a time, versus what I experienced. My PS told me this fact AFTER my fat transfer to face.

My under eye hollows - what I wanted improved or filled in and to... was concerned of how 'cadaverous' my face is becoming with age, and since I was getting lipo done, would he be able to do a fat transfer to fill in my face with some of the fat that is pulled? He... higher than my left one. My face is now crooked.

The procedure for the fat transfer:
I was punctured about a dozen times throughout my face, and cheeks with numbing fluid prior to the READ MORE

Face Fat Transfer Too Much -- What Can I Do?

Had the full fat transfer to face two months ago. My 50 year old face went from being slender/oval to round. Can't smile like I used to - there's simply too much fat in my face. Does not... look like me at all. Very upsetting. Any help or comments from anyone who has gone through this would be very helpful.

I am now at 3 months since the fat transfer and there has been little change. I will have to find someone to take some fat out. READ MORE

Researching Options of Each Stage of Fat Transfer to Breast.. (Ie: AFT BA!) - Australia

(a) found it tricky to find a lot of info about fat-transfer to breast (while there is lots of info on FT to face and buttocks, there are about a dozen great reviews on breast augmentation... out there into one succinct area, so thanks Amelia, for the suggestion... here we go!

So this is like my 'review abstract'.. for my PhD submission in Fat Transfer haha!!

From... make sense of what I was reading!! So first up - a glossary of terms, from AFT (Autologous Fat Transfer, Cytori - a company that specialises in this field, to NBE - Natural Breast Enlargement, ADRC... surrounding those derived from embryos.
Bonus for fat transfer? They can attract/create new blood vessels to the area = higher fat survival rates.

Adipose Derived Stem Cells (ADSCs... Cells

ADSC – Adipose Derived Stem Cells – same as ADRCs; see entry for Adipose Derived Regenerative Cells

AFT – Autologous Fat Transfer

Autologous Fat Transfer: The use READ MORE

Had Tummy Tuck , Lipo , Fat Transfer to Face , Upper Eye Bleph, Chin Implant and Facelift. - Albany, NY

, facelift, tt, lipo , chin implant , fat transfer to face . I'm still in pain . Wake up in pain and go to sleep in pain ! I take Motrin and Tylenol and started icing my abdomen when I go to bed . It's READ MORE

Soon to Be McAdoll - Miami, FL

My surgery date is sooooo close!!! Im nervous but yet excited... Im getting lipo with fat transfer to give me but and hips!!! I decided to go with McAdoo due to his availability but Im pretty sure I... meet the man face to face!! Omg I have soooo many wish pics in my phone I don't know which one to show him!! I made it to Vanity I have been trying to update my review with pics all day.. #Fail but READ MORE

Tummy tuck in Istanbul , Turkey, TR

transfer to face and Botox my prince contain 10 days stay at memorial atashier hospital which one of the top hospital in turkey and my plastic surgeon is American certification wish me luck girles and...Hi I'm so exciting will be in turkey in 2 days I'm so nervous but I'm trust my doctor just hope to get my dream body I'm 38 mom of 4 kids I'm 160cm and79 kg I'm gonna have tummy tuck bbl and fat READ MORE

Death to the Turtle Lip! (Fat Transfer to Lip) - Australia, AU.

, noooooo! I want the big lips to match my big mouth.
But he advised for more arse to face (fat transfer) to my lip and said I really do think you'll be happy with it.
Okayyyy, I finally agreed...

Hello my fellow ninja turtles (those whom read my last review, racooned brotherins')

...Now fat transfer is 10 minutes of squirmish pain, knowing your arse is being harvested of all it's juicy fatty goodness (or what's left when you were... fat transfer to lip (arse fat to lip) to anyone with a turtle/non existent lip.
it is the second best surgery I've ever had.

and I can't wait to test these lips on some real hot spunk rats!


At 60 Years Old, I Now Feel Ageless, and Confident..... - Sydney, AU

done 6 weeks ago, also had fat transfer from tummy to face and the result is natural looking and yet a dramatic improvement. I could be any age now. I will save a small fortune in fillers and botox READ MORE

2 Liters of Fat Are Gone from Multiple Areas - Belgium, BE

transfer to face and buttocks, which turned out really well. My doctor was great - professional, caring. He did a great job, couldn't be more pleased..... Second week after is better, and now on my thirst week, just a little bruising and swelling left, wearing the compression garment at night only, some hardness in certain areas. I also had fat READ MORE

Tummy Tuck & Lipo Upper, Lower, Hip and Arms + Bbl - Mexico, MO

Originally, I sought out a Dr. Who would perform breast lift along with tummy tuck. After my face to face consultation it was not recommended to have both at same time due to the length of time (7... the last 2nights. What I am experiencing is a lot of itching and numbness near my incisions. I am still a little sore lower back and upper buttocks which I contribute to fat transfer. And still READ MORE

Ready for the body I've been dreaming of!

started when I saw the tip drill video lol

Anyway any advice from you would be amazing! in 5ft1 and 166.2 lobs
I'm from London and will be going to NY in October to begin my face to face consultations... and fat transfer?? or will I look like a balloon butt?? So I've been stalking Instagram for a good while and I think I've narrowed my body aspirations down to a small selection of women. I defiantly... can happen on a long flight.

I'm hoping to have my surgery with either Dr Salama, Dr Ortega or Dr Jimerson. I want to have an implant placed under the muscle along with having a fat... transfer to smooth out the overall shape on my booty. I'm a similar height to Nicki Minaj but don't want my body to look out of proportion once my surgery is complete. I definitely want to read all of READ MORE

49 yr old female who had had some bad previous surgeries - Paradise Valley, AZ

does fat transfer to the face, making the patient look many years younger, he corrected my smile by cutting the inside top of my lip and helping bring it to a normal position, he corrected both of my... top eyelids so I no longer looked like I was staring. He did fat transfer to my cheeks, forehead, and under my eyes. Absolutely remarkable results that I believe could never have been achieved with any... other surgeon. The part of the upper inside lip that he re-mediated is called the frenulum. Also had fat transfer to lips . My lips used to have deep lines and were very aging to my face. He did fat... transfer to my forehead to give it a more rounded look and no wrinkles. He added fat transfer to my jawline to give my face more of a defined jawline and cheek bones look. Here are photos before..., my deep lines in upper lips were filled with fat and corrected, my narrow face and jawline were corrected with fat transfer, my lines in forehead corrected with fat transfer, my skin age spots and acne READ MORE

Costa Rica Surgery - Costa Rica, CR

I had a lower face lift, upper eyes & extensive fat transfer to face one month ago in San Juan costa Rica with Dr. Chavarria. I stayed at Las Cumbres Recovery Center and the whole thing : room READ MORE

Secretly Forever Young - Tn

being to unrealistic. My goal was to get rid of belly hang which I have a sm one and happy with my lipo and fat transfer to face. I think with diet and exercise I my belly will cont to improve. What...I am 54 yrs old and sched to have gps lipocontrol procedure on my upper and lower abs, my lower bra line love handles and fat transfer from my abs to reduce my nasal labial fold lines. I have not... read in some other reviews. Extremely sore when getting up and down. Commpression garment not that bad. Face cont to be swollen an odd shape from fat transfer from abd to nasal fold lines cheeks and... amount of swelling in my face from the fat transfer from my abd to my nasal fold lines that I have not wanted to look at my abd much. I do not want to retun back to wk in 4 days if the swelling has no READ MORE

amazing surgeon with magic hands - Chadds Ford, PA

done a facelift, lower eyelids and tightened my neck, was my first visit. Then a tummy tuck and Lipo was my second surgery with him a year later, then the Brazilian butt lift and fat transfer to face, which...I had a BBL and fat transfer to my cheekbones laugh like he's and lips. I'm thillled with all he do. This is not my first time visiting Dr Saunders, I have known him a couple of years now. He has READ MORE

Full Body Lipo with Fat Transfer to Face - Palo Alto, CA

41 year old lost weight through diet and exercise...and getting divorced! (which is an amazing and good thing!!) decided to do full body lipo with fat transfer to face. two pregnancies. was on the READ MORE

Face Surgery After Gastric Bypass - London, GB

Brilliant.I had a face lift and upper and lower blepharoplasties(upper eyelids and lower undereye bags) also fat transfer to face taken from my tummy ,
After a Gastric Bypass I was really happy READ MORE

Tight Neck and Jawline Again! Seattle, WA

fat transferred from thighs to face which the 2 docs highly recommended for best results. I feel that my lips pretty much look the same, even after some fat transfer but my cheek shaping looks very READ MORE

Over 13 Months Since the Procedure and Extremely Pleased - Naples, FL

I had multiple procedures with Dr. Pena and his staff on this date that included the following: full tummy tuck, liposuction, Brazilian butt lift and fat transfer to face. Dr. Pena and his staff... percent of fat that 'takes' during a fat transfer, however nearly 13 months since my procedure I am confident the changes I have experience are permanent. My stomach is so flat and taut it looks like a READ MORE