25-34 year old woman treated with Breast Augmentation who wants a natural look

*Treatment results may vary

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A nurse who wants to be fuller but still natural in appearance. After going through our extensive sizing process in the office, balancing her tissue dimensions with her wishes, she elected for a 275 cc moderate profile plus round smooth silicone gel implant placed partial subpectoral through an inframammary incision. She does not mind a slight “implant” look to achieve her wishes in clothing. She is 5’5” and 140 lbs. The width of her breast is just slightly smaller than the width of the implant, and the distance of her breast fold to the nipple on stretch before her procedure is 11 cm. The base of the implant used is 11.7 cm. Studies suggest that an 11 cm base implant would be absolutely natural for her breast but would be only a 225 cc implant, which is much smaller than she liked in clothing. I go to the operating room in her case with 3 sizes, and based on the appearance with the temporary breast implant I felt that the 275 cc would be acceptable after the breast settled at 5 months, stretching a little to accommodate the implant. The side view shows the views before, at one week, 6 weeks and at 5 months. We can see that the “superior pole convexity” which is the bulging of the upper breast has settled as expected now at 5 months and appears relatively natural. If she had had babies before (she hasn’t) then her breasts would have “settled” faster and may have accommodated a slightly fuller implant because her tissues would have already been stretched a little.