Age 75 and up woman treated with Ear Lobe lift Surgery

*Treatment results may vary

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A retired nurse in her 80’s who has had problems with elongation of her ear piercings which cause her earrings to fall out. She also finds her lobes to be stretched and droopy from age related changes. She had a left earlobe lift/ repair 2 years earlier, and likes this so much she came back to have her right ear done. The left ear is shown before and again, 2 years after. The right ear is shown before and again, 3 months after, when she returned for repiercing. An earlobe lift is similar to the repair of a cleft earlobe, but a larger wedge is removed. This is precisely measured by “swinging” a line back and forth over an imaginary point and then removing this wedge along with the repair. This restores the normal contour of the earlobe. A simple procedure to perform in the office but patients love not having the drooping of the ear lobes that occurs with aging.