45-54 year old man treated with Liposuction

*Treatment results may vary

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A 45-year-old cosmetic surgery patient presented in our office requesting body contouring surgery. He wanted to “get rid of” fat deposits in the abdomen, in particular lower portion of abdomen, breast and flanks.

During preoperative evaluation in our cosmetic surgery office he presented with typical features of a male in his forties; fullness in lower abdomen, increase of breast size (gynecomastia) and full flanks (love handles) (left). We discussed body contouring surgery which will include body sculpting by means of suction lipectomy (liposuction) of breasts, abdomen and flanks.

Surgery was performed in our office in general anesthesia. Aggressive removal of fat tissue from anterior abdomen, breast and flanks was performed on an outpatient cosmetic surgery (patient is discharged home 1-1.5 hours after surgery).

Before body contouring surgery (left) and 1 year after liposuction of abdomen, breasts and flanks (love handles) (right).

Patient is presented in ¾ view. Before body sculpting surgery image demonstrates moderate fat deposits (lipodystrophy) of the abdomen, breasts (gynecomastia, benign male breast enlargement) and full love handles (left). After surgery image demonstrates significant change in shape of abdomen, breasts and flanks after aggressive lipo-sculpting (liposuction) (right).