45-54 year old woman treated with Brazilian Butt Lift

*Treatment results may vary

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This patient required surgery to fix bottoming out of her breast implants with breast revision surgery. Here she is 2 months postop. This 49 year old female had breast implants placed by another plastic surgeon 2 years ago. 210 cc implants were placed along with a peri areolar mastopexy (or breast lift). She had complained that her implants had fallen bellow her natural breast fold (yellow Arrows). Her left areola had also spread and was much larger than the right. She desired correction of these deformities. She also desired a larger breast augmentation. I reconstructed the inframammary fold and revised the peri-areolar lift. She also had abdominal liposuction etching to further define her 6 pack. I suctioned her flanks and performed a subtle BBL for contour and shaping. She did not want a large buttock