Tummy Tuck

*Treatment results may vary

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The most common method of tummy tuck is making an incision across the lower abdomen, a little above the pubic area, and beneath the bikini line. An incision is also made around the belly button to free it, and the skin is lifted. Next the muscles are tightened which provides a stronger abdominal wall, better posture, and makes the waist smaller. The skin is then lowered and the excess is removed. A new opening is made for the belly button at the proper position. I am meticulous in performing the opening for the belly button as it is one of the tell-tale signs of a tummy tuck. With special techniques, I recreate a naturally appearing belly button which is resistant to becoming overly large or a small pin point.

After the swelling resolves, your tummy tuck will result in a flatter, firmer abdominal contour that is more proportionate with your body type and weight. Within a week of surgery, you should be able to stand fully upright and confident about your new slimmer profile.