2 Stage Breast Procedure, Breast Implant Removal, Breast Lift, Revision Breast Surgery, Saline Overfilled Breast Augmentation

*Treatment results may vary

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This 39 year old patient was interested in revisionary breast surgery. The patient was unhappy with the results of her previous breast surgeries and wanted breast augmentation revision surgery to drastically enhance in breast size by using larger saline breast implants and overfilling them. During her consultation it was explained that given her skin elasticity and breast ptosis (drooping), she would be better off under going a two-stage breast procedure. The first stage will involve removal of breast implants, revision mastopexy (breast lift). Once the incisions have healed from the first surgery, she will return to the operating room to have breast augmentation with larger overfilled breast implants to achieve her goals. The patient returned to the OR for her 2nd stage breast procedure, breast re-augmentation. 700cc saline implants were used to achieve the patient's desired look. The patient is 1 month post-op.