Rhinoplasty, Non-Surgical

*Treatment results may vary

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Background: This San Francisco rhinoplasty patient was concerned with her profile, and wanted to augment her nasal bridge. She consulted with me about methods of augmenting her nose, both with nasal implants, and non-surgical rhinoplasty options.

My: This was a lovely woman who had an insufficient nasal dorsum, nasal bridge. Augmenting the dorsum would significantly improve her profile. We used computer imaging to visualize possible improvements. We discussed both surgical and non-surgical nose surgery options in San Francisco. Surgically using her own cartilage or a nasal implant to augment the nasal dorsum would be relatively easy with a rapid one day recovery. Non-surgically placing a Dermafiller, such as Perlane, Radiesse, or Artefill (semi-permanent) or Artefill (permanent) would be even easier.
Procedure: I first used one syringe of Radiesse to build the bridge of her nose and give her a better profile. 15 months later, once the Radiesse had left her system completely, she decided to have me use Artefill to provide her with permanent results. (Read about how computer imaging was used in this case.

Two Month Follow-Up:
The nice thing about Dermafillers with the nose is the fine control you have. I am able to stop and get feedback from the patient during the procedure. The results are immediate with very little downtime.