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What is Healing Time for Mole Removal Scars & Holes?

I had a mole removed on my cheek by a shave removal 12 weeks ago which left me with a round hole the size of a pencil eraser that has filled in some.... READ MORE

I had three flat moles removed from my face but one of them left a hole. Will it heal? (photos)

I had three flat moles lasered removed from my face but one of them left a hole. As soon as the scab fell off I put aloe Vera on it for a week... READ MORE

I Had a Mole Removed from my Face a Month Ago and I Still Have a Small Hole?

I had a mole removed from my face and a single stitch put in. I kept it covered with a band aid for a week and the stitches were removed on day 5. I... READ MORE

Mole that has split skin now have hole or crater. What to do? (photos)

Mole that has split skin now have hole or crater, never did anything, must of split during sleep. It scabs up with dried blood and doesn't seem to be... READ MORE

22 Y/O. 7 Years Post Mole Removal, Hole in My Face?

I am 22 years old girl and i have a hole on my face and its been 7 years and i am soo worried about this is there any treatment for this or not.and if... READ MORE

How to help the wound to be heal faster (with a deep hole) after removing a mole?

I just had a mole removal about two months ago, and now it left with a hole and red mark. READ MORE

Hole/divet on my nose after mole removal 8 months ago. How do I get rid of it or make it look better?

I'm an 18 yr old male and I had a mole in the center of my nose removed about 8 months ago. I went to a dermatologist and she injected the mole and... READ MORE

Left with Hole After Laser Removal of Flat Mole?

A day ago, I went to a dermatology clinic to have a flat mole removed via laser. I had it done in China and having moles removed by a laser is common.... READ MORE

Mole Laser Removal, Will it Leave a Hole?

Hello, I'd like to remove mole on my face via laser, but I am afraid it will leave a hole. My friend has a hole on his face after laser removal, a... READ MORE

Laser mole removal left me with a hole in my forehead, help!

I recently had a mole removed that was on my forehead it was slightly raised not very big but it was coloured. I had it removed via laser and the scab... READ MORE

I had a tiny mole removed by a dermatologist. She put a huge hole in my arm. Is this normal? (Photo)

Its almost been a month (3-4wks)... She put stitches in my arm but removed it at 14days. since then 2 wks ago, the hole has opened up. It doesnt look... READ MORE

Is it normal to have a deep hole after having a mole removed..

I am 15 and I just got 3 moles removed this is my first time doing it and the doctor said there where roots coming out of it and I had one on my lower... READ MORE

Any suggestions for Mole removal with cautery?

Today i got 5 flat moles removed on my face with cautery(the tool looked like a small drill) and now i have small holes. The doctor wasnt sure if its... READ MORE

Mole removals gone horribly wrong, what options do I have?

I'm a 33 year old male in Dallas. My whole life I've had a lot of moles on my back. Its really bothered me so I finally decided to do something about... READ MORE

I have a crater on my skin after doing ACV mole removal... Will it fill up or will I have a hole forever???? (photos)

I did the ACV mole removal on a dark flat-slightly raised mole on my cheekbone. I tried to keep it clean and used an ointment and aloe Vera to help... READ MORE

I had 3 biopsies on one site on my cheek near my nose. the last being a punch biopsy. All came back clean. How do I correct the

It was stitched but did not heal. I have a deep hole in my face with epidermis rolling inward. What is best procedure to correct this? READ MORE

I have a hole inside scar after mole removal. Any suggestions? (photos)

So, three years ago I removed my mole using Apple cider vinegar (which is seriously the most stupid thing I have ever done, and I regret it). that... READ MORE

Apple Cider Vinegar, mole removal and holes in the face

I think i prematurely removed the mole before it was ready to fall off and there's a hole even though i used the raw organic apple cider vinegar... READ MORE

I had a mole removed 3 weeks ago. Should I be worried that I'm left with a hole that won't scab? (Photo)

I've kept it covered with mupirocin 2% since surgery and a bandage. It was dysplastic Nevus, moderate. In my pubic area. They got it all. But dr said... READ MORE

Will a pink indent after radiosurgery mole removal wind up healing?

1.5 weeks ago I had a flat mole removed from my face with radiosugery. The removal of the flat dark dot left a slightly indented "hole" in my skin... READ MORE

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