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Is it norm to have chills, cold sweating and night sweats 2 day after liposuction surgery?

My surgery was on April 10th. Everything was just fine until last night. I kept waking up in cold sweats. Now feeling a little cold and keeps... READ MORE

Smoking cigarettes after Liposuction?

How harmful is it to smoke cigarettes after liposuction? ( I had arms and midsection done 2 days ago) what exactly are the harmful effects? How does... READ MORE

Large, irregular lumps in the abs and love handles after liposuction, is this normal? (photo)

48 hours after the surgery when I removed the compression garment for the first time, entire lower abdomen and flanks were irregular and swollen. PS... READ MORE

How soon after Liposuction can I use my hot tub?

On dec 8th, I had liposuction under regional anesthesia and iv sedation (inner& outer thighs, arms, chin.) I had the procedure in a different country... READ MORE

Is It Normal To Have Difficulties Sitting Up 2 Days Post-Op Lipo to Abdomen and Flanks?

Is this normal or is it possible something went wrong. The surgery was for lower abdomen and flanks, it feels like my core is useless now. READ MORE

I had a facial liposuction two days ago. My face is getting more swollen every day, is it normal?

I had a facial liposuction two days ago. My face is getting more swollen every day, is it normal? READ MORE

I Had Lipo to Upper/lower Abs, Dr Put in 220L & Took out 2800L What Does That Mean

I had lipo on Monday 8/29/11 to upper/lower abdomen. I was told by the nurse the dr put in 2200L and took out 2800L what does that mean in terms of... READ MORE

I just had lipo two days ago. Will this scarring and bruising go away? (photo)

It's only been two days but my skin is bruised badly. I need for my natural skin color to come back and the skin to tighten. Any tips? I have ordered... READ MORE

Fluid Build Up on Lower Legs After Lipo, Is this Normal?

I had lipo 2 days ago on multiple areas wondering if fluid build up around ankles is normal READ MORE

Exterior of vagina extremly swollen ? (Photo)

I had Lipo bbl no drainage and it looks like all the fluid has gone in my vagina and it hurts A LOT i had my surgery about 2 days ago , my doctor... READ MORE

I'm wearing an uncomfortable compression garment after liposuction. Which kind would fit better under clothes? (Photo)

Had liposuction 2 days ago. Am wearing a compression garment that is so uncomfortable and it doesn't seat well on my lower abdomen. It is called... READ MORE

Water build up/ retention in abdomen area 48 hours after Liposuction. Any suggestions?

48 hours ago i had liposuction on abdomen (350ml of fat) & love handles (350+275). Went for followup 24 hours later, dr said all is good, seems to be... READ MORE

Is compression necessary after axillary liposuction? What can I use to compress in the absence of a compression garment?

I'm 2 days post liposuction of both armpits. My doctor did not specify what kind of compression i should use and did not recommend any garment. She... READ MORE

Lipo did not have stellar outcome as predicted. 2 days post op. Do you think doc could take fat from another area?

I am 2 days post-op of lipo to my abdomen & flanks. The Dr felt I would be a good fit to transfer the fat to my butt. When I went to my followup, he... READ MORE

I'm 2 days post lipo under general anesthesia. Am I healing okay? When can I exercise and have sex? (Photo)

I am 32 years old I did lipo under general anesthesia. It's day 2 post op. I'm stiff and sore. Any advice on how to make myself more comfortable and... READ MORE

Is this a hematoma? (Photo)

Is this a hematoma? I didnt get a post op vest...but I got some wraps to place on my chest. I feel like the swelling got worse after I adjusted the... READ MORE

I Had Vaser Liposuction on Flanks and Abdomen Will Swelling Go Down in 5 Days? What Can I Do?

I had liposuction of flanks and abdomen done. It is now 2 days later and actually see some improvement on the love handles but I am huge! My stomach... READ MORE

I'm two day post up my first Liposuction and Brazilian Butt Lift. How do you prevent blood clots?

What are the risks of blood clots today I been walking around moving my ankles around wearing my embolism socks can moving n walking around help... READ MORE

My surgery was 11th. I am now starting to swell. How much swelling is normal?

My surgery was 11th. I am now starting to swell. How much swelling is normal? I had lipo to hips, inner and outer thighs. My thighs and hips are... READ MORE

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