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What's the best lip injection technique?

I'm interested in Jeverdum for my lips. After researching I noticed a lot of docs seem to prefer to inject the vermillion only which seems to give an... READ MORE

Should I Put Juvederm in Vermillion Border on my Lips, or Would That Create Fake, Unnatural Look? (photo)

I already had juvederm done about 2 months ago, and even after procesure i felt like I wanted upper lip just a little bit bigger.This is my 2nd time... READ MORE

I Had Juvaderm Injected in my Vermillion Border and Wet to Dry Line Approx 4 Weeks Ago and It Seems to Have Gone Down Already?

The vermillion border is still full but with some redness to above the area, not sure why there is redness there as no filler was injected above the... READ MORE

Can Juvederm Ulra Plus be injected into the the Vermilion border and Philtrum columns?

I am interested in having Juvederm Ulra Plus be injected into the the Vermilion border and Philtrum columns? Is this ol? READ MORE

Can Juvederm be used to shape lips instead of making them bigger? (Photo)

I had juvederm injected into my thin lips over a year ago and there's still some left. I don't want to go any bigger, but I do want better shape. The... READ MORE

Almost 1 syringe of Juvederm in top lip only. Too much? Should I have it removed or add to the bottom lip? (photos)

I had almost 1 full syringe of juvaderm added to my top lip. The practitioner did not think the bottom lip needed any filler. She did not fill the... READ MORE

Can juvederm cause hard lip edges? (Photo)

Hi, I got juvederm in my lips 3 days ago and now I have a hard line/ridge where my lips meet the skin (vermillion border), it appears to be very stiff... READ MORE

Can Juvederm or other HA fillers cause permenant damage to the vermilion border? (Photo)

I had my lips done a bit too much throughout 2014 and I noticed a bump above my top left lip at the corner. I had this dissolved then waited 3 months... READ MORE

Only got filler in vermillion border, now my lips look like a fish. (photos)

I'm 39 and looking to recapture volume that was lost. I let my injector do what she thought was best. She only injected the vermillion border of top... READ MORE

My top lips have "no shape" - would I be a good candidate for Juvederm? (Photo)

Would getting juvaderm around the vermillion border benefit me ? READ MORE

Swelling or migration of juvederm? (Photos)

I got my lips done 2 weeks ago and I am concerned that I am still swollen. The injector injected in my Vermillion Border to bring out my top lip. I am... READ MORE

Juvederm Ultra exactly 72 hours ago. Results look even? Swelling? Should I gently massage? (photos)

One full syring of JU 11/5. I have noticed light bumps and figured it was swelling. I have been using Arcania for swelling (works amazing) and Aquafor... READ MORE

Red lump under lip following lip fillers however there was no filler injected at this site? (Photo)

I had lip fillers about a year ago and my top lip was unsymmetrical so I have recently got juvederm lip filler one week ago. the practitioner said... READ MORE

Can I get Juvederm to the vermillion border for volume?

Am I able to get fillers exclusively around my border for more volume? Will this work in some cases and not others? READ MORE

Lip shaking better but should I go back?

I am now 10 days after lip injections. My lips both do not shake as much thankfully but still shaky when doing lip liner at the vermilion borders,... READ MORE

Can lips be further injected over bumpy fillers?

I got my lips injected with juvederm 3 weeks ago. They placed a lot in the vermilion boarder which now looks less defined, pale & light blue... READ MORE

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