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Tingling and Itchiness in Lips Post Lip Fillers (Juvederm)?

I'm on day four of having my lips enhanced with juvederm and yesterday the became very tingley and itchy?? They are also quite hard. I have had this... READ MORE

Tender After 5 Weeks?

I had my top lip filled with just half a syringe of juvederm smile 5 weeks ago. I love the results, hardly any swelling or brusing!!! However the last... READ MORE

Can a cannula be inserted too high for dermal filler treatment? Diagnosed w/ nerve damage due to bad injection technique?(photo)

Got .5cc Juverderm Voluma 3 months ago. The injector inserted cannula in 1 area in each cheek. She really struggled to get product in & hurt my left... READ MORE

Bruising/swelling and lumps after Juvederm lip injection. Should I be worried? (Photo)

First and foremost, thank you so much for reading and responding. 3 days ago I got 1 syringe of Juvederm UltraPlus in my lips. This is my first time... READ MORE

Heavy bruising, swelling and tingling after Juvederm lip injections. Is the tingling normal? (photos)

I had Juvederm lip injections done by a plastic surgeon 2 days ago. The immediate results were great. I expected some bruising & swelling around the... READ MORE

Lips feeling tingly after juvederm. Is this normal?

I had juvaderm injections on my lips 2 days ago. I had minimal swelling but today I woke up and my lips fee tingly. Is this normal? READ MORE

Major redness after Juvederm injection. Is there anything I can use to improve this? (Photo)

It's been a week now that I've had Juvederm put into my lips. This was a top up to my first injection. I've now noticed my lips are very very red on... READ MORE

I Had Juvederm in my Upper Lip Last Summer and Every So Often my Lid Swells?

I had the fillers (juvederm)in my top lip for lines running down to my mouth. It seems the doctor put lightly more in one side as lines were worse... READ MORE

Lips swell every morning after juvederm ultra plus injection. Should I be worried?

Hello, I had juvederm ultra plus injected into my lips (0.5 ml) a little over two weeks ago. Every morning I notice my lips feel and look fuller and... READ MORE

I have a tingly, tender, burning lips after Juvederm. Any suggestions? (photos)

I have had my lips filled x4 times in the last year the last top up was non permanent however it has been seven days my lips are tingly tender and a... READ MORE

Can Someone Stop Me Worrying?

So I had 0.5ml of Juvederm put into my lips last Friday. I did get very bad bruising on one side and it went extremely blue/black but it seems to be... READ MORE

Why is Juvederm tingling in lips 2 weeks after? (photos)

I had only 0.5ml of juvederm 2 weeks ago I had some bad brushing. That's now gone but I'm left with tingling in the same place every day slightly... READ MORE

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