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Could Hardness and Lumps from Juvederm Ultra Plus Be Permanent?

5 months ago I was injected with Juvederm ultra plus in the nasolabial and noticed lumps and hardness after initial swelling. After several rounds of... READ MORE

Why Wouldn't Wydase Work to Dissolve Juvederm? (photo)

Four months ago I had a PA inject Juvederm Ultra Plus XC in my smile lines and lips. I'm 29 and didn't have deep lines but was told the juvederm would... READ MORE

Developed hard lumps after Juvederm? (photo)

Got mine done on Saturday for the first time and the left side is healing "normally" (discolored bruising and soreness) but my right side, both top... READ MORE

Juvederm in Nose Nightmare?

It's been 2 1/2 months since this horrible juvederm injections in my nose . Which resulted in a wider nose . I have bad allergies and I blow my nose... READ MORE

Juvaderm XC Swelling 3 Weeks Later, Day 4 of Anitbiotics, Lumps and Hardness? (photo)

It was indeed Cellulitis, I am on day 4 of antibiotics. Blood work came back normal. I had strep throat the week before my injections and should have... READ MORE

Why Does my Nose Feel Hard After Juvederm Injections in It?

My nose used to b soft when I pinched it prior to the juvederm injections. Now it feels firm to the touch. Can this b the juvederm in it ?its been 5... READ MORE

Juvederm Was Not Effective with a Nasolabial Fold on the Right Side of my Face?

Last fall I tried Juvederm to remove or at least reduce a nasolabial fold line that appeared on the right side of my face after losing 15 pounds. The... READ MORE

Can juvederm cause hard lip edges? (Photo)

Hi, I got juvederm in my lips 3 days ago and now I have a hard line/ridge where my lips meet the skin (vermillion border), it appears to be very stiff... READ MORE

Is it normal to have aching pain, hardness & numb in one spot? (Photo)

I received one syringe of Juvederm to my upper & lower lips just over 48 hours ago. I only seem to have pain, slight bruising and numbness in one spot... READ MORE

Numbness and hardness 3 days after Juvederm filler in lips. (Photo)

I got 1ml of juvederm in my lips three days ago but I am experiencing a numb feeling on my top lip, it's tingly and numb and my top lip is quite hard.... READ MORE

I had juvederm in my nasolabial folds, and have widespread lumps and hardness. What can I do?

2-1/2 weeks post injections into nasolabial folds: 1-/2” lump near nostril, lumps at mouth corners, along chin line, hardness along folds. 1 week a... READ MORE

Juvederm in Area Above the Lips 9 Months Ago?

Had juverderm in area above lip 9 months ago have a hard ridge in the area looks swollen how long will it last can it be permenant READ MORE

Hardness 2 months after Juvederm

I have had my cheeks done with juviderm in April 10th 2017 and one side there is really hard still and the other side there is a small hard ball on my... READ MORE

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