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Rash and Blisters on Skin Above Upper Lip After Juvederm Injections?

On the 4th day after my Juvederm injections for my lips, there appeared a rash and some small blisters on the skin above my upper lip. Two of the... READ MORE

Blisters inside of my lip after Juvederm injections. Any suggestions? (photos)

I had about .7cc of Juvederm injected into my upper lip last week. I've had Juvederm before so I knew I would get swollen but it has been 6 days after... READ MORE

I Have Never Had Herpes, I Had Juvedrem Injection and Got Extreme Blistering, What is It?

First I got swollen really bad. 5 times the size also really bad brusing! Now still brused but have blistering really bad. It seaps pus, I am 48 and... READ MORE

Clear fluid filled blisters on my upper lip. Any suggestions? (photos)

One month ago I had juvedurm filler inmy lips and everything went perfect. After that I felt small bumps in the inner part of my upper lip. They were... READ MORE

Juvederm yesterday and now in pain with a hard lump on 1 side of my mouth what seems to be a blister & a few more bumps. (photo)

I have called the surgery center and they told me to use ice or come in if I want. I seem to be much more concerned then them. What should I do? READ MORE

1 wk post op Juvederm. I have 2 blister/flat bubbles on the surface of lower lip. It has a whitish color.Any suggestions?(photo)

Was this badly applied? I told my dr. And he told me it must be because of the swelling I had. I'm freaking out I hate them! READ MORE

Juvederm Under Eyes and Left Me With Blister Like Results? (photo)

Can you please advise me on what would be the best procedure to correct my under eye area. I had Juverderm injections and it left me with blister like... READ MORE

Can Juvederm Cause Deep, Intense Flammatory Response? (photo)

I had juvederm injected 4 yrs ago by a dermatologist. For the past 2 yrs now, I have very pruritic blisters around the corners of my mouth that are... READ MORE

Juvaderm Injected Incorrectly, Will Hyalurinidase Still Correct or Am I Permanently Damaged?

I got juvaderm injected 3 months ago. It was excruciatingly painful! The owner of the salon said it was because it had been injected in the wrong... READ MORE

Will Bad Hyaluronidase Get Better? Had it to Remove Juvederm, and Made Things Worse.

HI had juverderm 2 yrs ago for tear troughs, one eye would not rid itself of the product and would come up and down depending on my body temperature,... READ MORE

Big blisters sore and swollen after 3 weeks after lip fillers with juverderm .

Big blisters sore and swollen after 3 weeks after lip fillers with juverderm . I live in Ireland and then I expose my lips to sun as I was away for... READ MORE

Blisters on lips after juvederm injection and its not cold sores. What is the cause of this? (Photo)

4th time I've had my lips done & this time around I had my lips done a week ago and alot of blisters have come up from where the nurse had injected. I... READ MORE

Blister on bottom lip 3 weeks after Juvederm lip filler (photo)

I got 1ml of Juvederm lip filler 3 weeks ago and love the results but today noticed a blister on bottom lip on right side also some tiny white spots... READ MORE

I had juvederm filler put in my upper lip two and half years ago, I have blister like bumps?

I had juvederm filler put in my upper lip two and half years ago. I did not like it and figured it would go away in about a year. I have several... READ MORE

Are my lips even after Juvederm? (photos)

I got juvederm 3 days ago now, I believe all the swelling has gone down but I had some problems when she was injecting. She said she hit a nerve so... READ MORE

I had my lips filled almost 2 weeks ago I was assured due to the size it was just swelling and that this would just ease (Photo)

But I've come on holiday and they've become much worse almost tripling in size but only the bottom lip is this something due to the way it was applied... READ MORE

Juvederm blister? (Photo)

What should I do about dark blister on lower left lip 5 days post injection. It isn't painful but just looks bad and making me a little self conscious... READ MORE

Juvaderm Ultra XC on my lips today. One side of my lip is a lot larger with what appears to be a blister-like bubble? (Photos)

I just got Juvaderm Ultra XC on my lips today and 6 hours later my lips are increasingly more swollen. One side of my life is a lot larger with what... READ MORE

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