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Feeling Juvederm Lumps - is It Normal?

I had Juvederm injected 4 days ago. Should I be able to feel it everywhere it was injected? READ MORE

4 Days Post Juvederm Ultra and Duck Like Upper Lip? (photo)

Hi there Its been 4 days now and my lips have softened by my upper lip still sticks out over my lower lip. Is this still part of the swelling process?... READ MORE

One Side of Lip Larger Than the Other After Juvederm. Is This Normal?

I recently had Juvederm injected into both my bottom and top lip.It left me with a terrible bruise and one side is larger than the other with a bulge... READ MORE

Post-op: Is it normal to have lumps from Juvederm Voluma four days after getting the procedure?

Four days ago, I had Juvederm Voluma injected into the upper cheek area and also along the jawline. I also had regular Juvederm placed in the tear... READ MORE

Tingling and Itchiness in Lips Post Lip Fillers (Juvederm)?

I'm on day four of having my lips enhanced with juvederm and yesterday the became very tingley and itchy?? They are also quite hard. I have had this... READ MORE

Juvederm in Lips 4 Days Ago, And not Happy With How They Look. How Long Til Swelling Goes Away To Do Reversal?

I had juverderm ultra xc in my lips 4 days ago. I am not happy with how they look as of rite now. How long till the swelling goes completely away and... READ MORE

Juvederm Left Large Lump on Right Side of Lip - Get More or Wait? (photo)

I had Juvederm injected into my lips 4 days ago. I have a very large lump on the right side of my lip underneath (more toward the back and inside). It... READ MORE

2 Syringes Jowl Area Barely Noticeable? (photo)

I just had 2 syringes of juvederm in my marionette lines 4 days ago. I can barely notice a difference. Is the chin area tougher to treat and usually... READ MORE

Lumpy Lips After Juvederm? I Did Have a Review Since Apparently Everything's Ok and Should Wait 2 Weeks.

Help! I had Juvederm in my lips 4 days ago as I asymmetric. During the procedure my Doctor commented that I was bleeding and I was likely to bruise.... READ MORE

Swelling after Juvederm injection. ER doctor told me I may end up with a scar (Photo)

I had juviderm injection near my mouth 4 days ago. After injection the whole right side of my face swelled and bruised to the top of my forehead. The... READ MORE

Juvederm Injected in Lips Lines and Corners of Lips and Look Like Joker? (photo)

I got juvederm injected in my lips.I had small upper lip lines.Ihad about .2 cc put in upper lip line,around .3? cc put in top lip and .2 in bottom... READ MORE

4 days post op, my lips is bruised, swollen, and lopsided. Is this normal? (photos)

I am bruised in one area which has calmed down but swelling hasn't. Its been 4days since &bottom lip is lopsided and swollen. I had my lips... READ MORE

Tear Trough Disaster? (photo)

4 days ago had filler in my tear troughs. One is fine but my right eye has swollen - yellow discolouration of the skin (immediate) and puffy like a... READ MORE

HELP! Eyes still puffy 4 days after Juvederm injections! Will they get any better? (photos)

I had Juvederm injections to try and get rid of small wrinkles under eyes but now they look much worse! I got them done on Saturday and it is now... READ MORE

Asymmetry 4 Days post Juvederm. Is it just swelling, or should I be concerned? (Photo)

After getting a botox touch up ( 35 units) nd juvederm to cheeks and marionette lines I am concerned about asymmetry. Could this just be swelling or... READ MORE

Is this due to swelling? Is it normal that my lips still feel so stiff? (Photo)

I had juvederm injected four days ago. My lips appear to be puffy and fake looking. Is this still due to swelling? Also, I am unable to "pucker" my... READ MORE

Advice Desperately Needed! Juvederm Nightmare? (photo)

I got my Juvederm Monday and this is how my mouth looks open. My dr. insisted yesterday that it is normal and will go away in time. I am freaking out... READ MORE

HELP! I hate the Juvederm in my lips. Should I go have it dissolved? (photos)

It's WAY more than i wanted and it's rigid and uncomfortable. It's only been 4 days but i know it's too much. Should I go have it dissolved? I really... READ MORE

Is this normal bruising for Juvederm injections on chin? (photo)

I went 4 days ago to have 2 vials of Juvederm injected at a Med Spa called Body Tonic. I was compliant as far as not taking aspirin, fish oil etc... READ MORE

I Did my Corner of my Lips With Juvederm 4 Days Ago?

I did my corner on my lips x those clown lines 4 days ago w juvederms. I look like I have food in my mouth and my chin its out. I hate my look right... READ MORE

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