Clitoral Hood Reduction

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By reducing the length and projection of the skin around the clitoris, this surgery, also known as a hoodectomy, makes a small change that can mean a big difference. It may be paired with a vaginoplasty.

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Botched Wedge Technique Revised W/ Trim and CH Reduction - Alberta, AB

Last spring I had my first procedure done. After finally biting the bullet I called for a consultation only to find out the wait was almost a year, after all that patient waiting the appointment was just around the corner I received a call informing me the Dr. no longer offered the procedures... READ MORE

54 yo female in need of clitoral reduction and clitoropexy

Yes. Recovery was short. Outpt in office procedure. Small amt of pain for 2 days and swelling. Sutures dissolved. No visible scars and full sensation and function remain. He also did a labia majora reduction with virtually invisible scar in the lateral creases. He is nothing short of amazing. READ MORE

Labiaplasty, Anal skin Tag, Clitoral Hood Reduction W/ Clitoropexy, Perneoplasty.

This website inspired me and encourage me to take back what was mine...I read other's story's some success's and some not. I am sharing my story in return to those that have inspired me. After years of searching for the "Perfect" Doctor - I found Dr. Aguirre and his staff. I contacted their... READ MORE

Horrible Experience, Loss of Sensation and Botched Labiaplasty - New York

This review is a long time coming. Every time I have tried to write one I have gotten too emotional, so I am going to keep this to the cold hard facts because if my experience can keep one woman from making the wrong decision then it's worth it. I had a labiaplasty and clitoral hood reduction... READ MORE

Clitoral Hood Repair and Reconstruction, Inner Labia Reconstruction, Outer Labia Reduction - Los Angeles, CA

I am so happy I found Dr Alter... He and his team made what was initially a very anxious step for me into a very smooth process and I am more than delighted with the outcome. His demeanour was relaxed and compassionate though he was extremely professional. The results have totally exceeded my... READ MORE

my sex life is great after my cliterus surgery - Cleveland, OH

I have had issues with achieving organism throughout my adult life. Dr. Palmer did a cliteroplasty and cliteropexy and my make sex life is now great!! My clitoris is more easily stimulated and this has made all the difference. If I would have known that after 1 hour of surgery I would have... READ MORE

Cltitoral Hood Reduction - East Grinstead, GB

I had a labiaplasty last year at the McIndoe centre and was very pleased with the results. I knew afterwards that I wanted some extra skin removed around the clitoris so I waited until I was fully healed and I had the procedure under local anaesthetic. It took less than an hour and the only... READ MORE

25 Years Old. United Kingdom, GB

I need a clitoris reduction as well as a clitoropexy (clitoris shaft repositioned and reduced ) I have searched high and low and the only man I trust to do it is mr Gary alter he invented the procedure , how ever I Am in the uk and he is way out of my price range . Could any surgeon recommend... READ MORE

28 Hoodectomy and Labiaplasty - Bradenton, FL

I have been wanting this surgery for a very long time... LABIAPLASTY AND CLITORAL HOOD... will be having it done next week 10/08/2015 at baker medical arts in bradenton fl i will be sure to post preop and post op pictures as i recover, if anyone else has had experience with this doctor denise... READ MORE

Wonderful and Helpful. New York, NY

I don't want to get into to much detail but Dr. Blatt is amazing. So kind and gentle. I had a wonderful experience and I would love to recommend them to anyone. I had a procedure done "clitoral hood reduction" and I am so happy with my results. One thing I really liked about this office is how... READ MORE

Clitoral Hood Reduction, an Immaculate Experience! Valencia, CA

Dr. Poucher is so sweet and professional. I saw her two years ago, where she performed her magic on me. I wanted to get clitoral hood reduction done because I had too much skin around that “area”. The procedure sounded scary when I first read about it online, but Dr. Poucher administered som... READ MORE

Life Altering - Los Angeles, CA

I had been professional bodybuilder who used steroids for muscle growth. That wasn't all that grew! I had an enlarged clitoris. I saw Dr. Alter in consultation in the early 1990's. At that time, he honestly told me he had not perfected a procedure for my problem, but to check back in the... READ MORE

Dr Alter is the Best at What He Does - Beverly Hills, CA

I had a clitoroplexy and Hood reduction (also clitoral reduction). Dr Alter was the only Dr I knew of that was qualified to do these procédures. He was polite, Professional and did a great job. He skill set above none. I felt in complete care in his hands. He provides phone consultations and is ... READ MORE

Clitoral Hood Reduction/ Clitopexy

Hello, I am now for about to have a clitoral hood reduction/clitopexy. I am trying to find the right doctor for me. I would be highly appreciated if you share your bad/good experience and let me know which is the best doctor in that area and which one I should avoid. Please let me also if you... READ MORE

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