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This review is a long time coming. Every time I...

This review is a long time coming. Every time I have tried to write one I have gotten too emotional, so I am going to keep this to the cold hard facts because if my experience can keep one woman from making the wrong decision then it's worth it. I had a labiaplasty and clitoral hood reduction from Dr. Helen Colen summer of 2011. I originally went in for just a labiaplasty but she sold the clitoral hood reduction to me saying it "increases every woman's pleasure." I was highly orgasmic, orgasmed in two to five minutes every time. So when I heard this, I thought why not increase my pleasure even more. Wrong. This surgery is for women who have difficulties reaching orgasm, not for women who are sensitive, and certainly not for women who are highly sensitive. I was in chronic pain for about two month after the surgery - it felt like a needle was constantly pressing into my clit (because it was exposed and I was so sensitive.) Then, it became desensitized. I have not been able to orgasm since, for three and a half years… and have very little sensation. My sex life is nonexistent. As if this weren't enough, my labiaplasty was botched. One is about twice as long as the other and I have bad scarring. You can see where all the stitches were and the edge has two indents. More bad luck, I was her last patient before she was rushing off to catch a plane to go on vacation. I got the feeling she was running late because I was rushed out of post-op in under ten minutes (should be in post-op for FAR longer than this) and they told me it was fine to sit in the car for a two hour long car ride right after my surgery. I was soon in excruciating pain and was bed ridden and on painkillers for two weeks. I became so swollen that the stitches in one completely ripped apart and then the labia actually split apart horizontally as well. A nightmare. Dr. Colen spent a long time talking to me and connecting with me and she has good bed side manner. I do not doubt that she is a good person. She did however actually say to her assistant while I was on the operating table after she finished, "I hope I took enough off, but we can always take more off" which I found to be unprofessional. Also, rushing me out of post-op was horrible. I don't know why she did not ask me specific questions about what I wanted aesthetically. I was a teenager and far too trusting and naive. After seeing me again she offered to do another surgery for free to correct the results but I would not let her touch me again. The trim technique is pretty archaic and I don't know why she does it this way. Ok, I got a little emotional but I can't help it. For those wondering, I am currently the patient of the top sexual medicine doctor in the US as well as consulting with a reconstructive surgeon. I still have not gotten my orgasm back but have regained some sensation. I realize that I am the exception to the rule but I think some things, such as rushing me out of post-op, not asking more questions about what I wanted as far as aesthetics, telling me that the clitoral hood reduction "increases every woman's pleasure," and telling me it was ok to sit in a long car ride directly after the surgery, are telling. Please make you decision wisely and take my experience into consideration. Most of all - CLITORAL HOOD REDUCTION is ONLY for women who have trouble orgasming, not for all women as I was told.


I wanted to share this with those who are also suffering with loss of sensation. Of all the different things I have tried, Zestra, an all natural herb-infused oil which you can buy online or in pharmacies, is what increased my sensation. Not a dramatic increase, but it definitely made a difference. It creates a bit of a heated tingly feeling. I recommend it if you are struggling with this issue.

Clitorial Hood Reduction leading to total loss of sensitivity

I want to make clear to all that clitoral hood reduction surgery can have very negative results. If you have a LOT of access skin in that area, aren't very sensitive, and have trouble getting to your clit then maybe you are a candidate. Only then. It is not true that this surgery increases pleasure for everyone. It made mine totally go away. The hood is there for a reason - the clit is an incredibly sensitive little bundle of nerves and it needs to be covered for protection. If uncovered, it will be constantly stimulated and this will cause eventual desensitization. I have spent literally 1,000s of $$ in sex therapy and have no sex life because of this. What is the point of sex if I can't feel pleasure? I hope that those considering this surgery read this. It can happen to you too.
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