Liposuction Lexicon: Your Urban Glossary to Lipo Lingo

Don't know the difference between banana rolls and bra rolls? What about love handles and saddlebags? Do you think arnica is the name of a character from The Chronicles of Narnia?

It's OK if you're confused. We're here to help. Here's a vocabulary lesson so you can navigate your lipo journey with ease. 

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Apple-shaped body (/ˈapəl-SHāpd-bət/; noun)

This describes when you have a wide torso, broad shoulders and a full waist and upper back. People with an apple shaped body often look into Liposuction to obtain a curvy physique.

I have an apple-shaped body. I am a very active and healthy person with defined arms, legs, and very little body fat except in my belly and love handles. - PepGirl17

Arnica (/
ˈärnikə/; noun)

A herbal remedy, in pill, liquid or cream format. This is used by many people following surgery to help reduce bruising and swelling. You should always ask your doctor before taking.

Bruising is much better now, and I took bromalain and arnica. - Doopies

Banana Rolls (/
bəˈnanə-rōlz/; noun)

Slang to describe a roll of fat underneath the butt cheek or above the thigh.

I had liposuction to my outer and inner thighs, hips and banana roll. It has been nearly two weeks since my surgery. - Renata_Clara

Bra Roll (brä-rōl; noun)

Slang for the fat deposits on your side/underarm.

My hips are down 1.5 inches, bra roll is gone, waist is down a 4.5 inches, and belly is the same. - WomanInside

Bromelain (/
brō'mə-lān'/; noun)

Enzymes extracted from pineapples and made into a herbal supplement to aid the reduction of swelling, bruising, inflammation and pain. You should always ask your doctor before taking.

I also started applying Arnica gel and taking Bromelain pills (to help with the swelling). - EvaP

bro͞oziNG/; verb)

This happens after the Liposuction procedure and usually goes away within two weeks.

Bruising is still very apparent about 2" wide all the way down the inner leg. - Mom73

CC (/sē-sē/; noun)

An abbreviation for cubic centimeters. CC is how the plastic surgeon measures the amount of fat that is taken out of the body. One CC is equal to one millilitre (ml) and one CC is equal to one gram.

The consultant said that because I had so much cc's removed that I will be tender and sore longer than average. - Felicia214

Coke bottle (kōkˈbätl; adjective)

Slang for describing a woman’s body that looks like a Coca Cola bottle. To have a coke bottle-look means you have a straight and narrow torso, but wide and curvy hips.

Like you I have never had that coke bottle look. I have always been more of an upside down triangular shape. I had Lipo on my back, waist, inner thighs and arms and little on my tummy as I've never really stored much fat there. - PinkBarbellGoddess

Compression Garment (
/kəmˈpreSHən-ˈgärmənt/; noun)

After Liposuction a plastic surgeon may require the patient to wear a compression garment for anywhere from a couple weeks to a couple of months. The garment is crucial because it decreases the amount of bruising, helps the loose skin retract after the procedure along with reducing swelling.

I am looking for a comfortable non zipper compression garment. Just had lipo on stomach hips and thighs. - 9653anon

Flanks (/flaNGkz/; noun)

A term used to describe the fat deposits between your ribs and hips/buttocks.

I'm 5ft 6 inches, weight 136 pounds and my lipo will be in the abdomen and flanks region. - Mel_Sweet

Girdle (/ˈgərdl/; noun)

Another form of compression garment, which mainly focuses on the stomach/waist area.

Tight Girdles are also a must!!. After lipo, your skin is loose and for a nice tight skin, you HAVE TO wear a girdle to sleep. - BROOKLYN4EVER

Hardness (/
härd-nes/; noun)

A result of Liposuction that occurs during the healing process. Since the area has been traumatized from the procedure it sends extra blood vessels to help heal the area which causes an increase in edema which leads to the hard areas. If these hard areas cause lumps, they can be treated with a lymphatic drainage massage.

I just noticed the lumpiness & hardness approx. 3 days ago. I've been told SmoothShapes Cellulite Treatment (Lympathic Massage) will work, however, I have never had cellulite prior to my procedure. - RenewMeSoon

Hourglass (/ou(ə)r-glas/; adjective)

Describes when your body is shaped like an hourglass. The is the desired outcome by a lot of people getting lipo to their stomach and hips area.

I had tumescent liposuction (traditional_ on my flanks and abdomen 10 days ago). I noticed that my I have an hour-glass look. - GeorgeGrinder

Lipo (/lipō/; noun)

Slang for Liposuction, which is a procedure that removes fat via a hollow metal tube ( called a cannula) and is passed through the fatty tissue. It treats areas of excess fat and improves contour.

I had lipo of my abdomen, flanks, back, hips and and inner and outer thighs done 4 weeks ago today! - GMiami

Lipo Swelling (/lipō-ˈsweliNG/; noun)

Swelling that occurs after Lipo and can last up to two months. The compression garment is to be worn to help assist and reduce the swelling.

I look smaller already, can't wait for the lipo swelling to be gone. - RedSoxGirl1970

Love handles (/
ləv-ˈhandlz/; noun)

A term to describe the deposits of fat in a person’s waistline.

I have had two children and really hated my love handles. - BogsWi

Lymphatic Massages (/limˈfatik/-/məˈsäZH-ez/; noun)

A massage performed by a licensed therapist to help reduce liquid swelling after Liposuction.

I got my first lymphatic massage today with someone who also does acupuncture. - DreamBodi

Pear-shaped body (/pe(ə)r-SHāpd-bət/; noun)

This describes a woman’s body when her hips are wider than her bust. She may have big thighs and a small buttock as well.

I have a Extreme Pear Shape body thanks to the genetics in my father and mothers side. I have the tiniest wast and upper body. -Please Help My Pores

Post-op (/pōst-äp/; noun)

Short for “Post-operation.” A term used to describe the period after surgery.

At 4 weeks post-op it is still too early to evaluate your final results. - LipoGirl77

Pre-op (/prē-äp/; noun/)

Short for “Pre-operation.” A term used to describe the period time before the Liposuction procedure.

The assistant for my pre-op consultation was incredibly nice and very informative. - Suthnlvn

Saddlebags (/
sadlˌbagz/; noun)

A term to describe protruding fat deposits on the side of a woman’s hips.

Those who have done the saddlebags, did u ladies get the swelling immediately or a few days after? - Yela

SmartLipo (/smärtlipō/; noun)

A procedure that uses a laser energy device to liquefy fat before it is removed through a small tube as opposed to Liposuction, which removes fat through a hollow metal tube called a cannula, that is passed through the fatty tissue.

I recently had SmartLipo done about three weeks ago. And I have to admit that my first laser hair removal treatment hurt more. - TapDNS

Stubborn fat (/
ˈstəbərn-fat/; noun)

A term to describe fat that is difficult to remove through regular exercise and healthy eating habits.

I chose to receive this procedure because diet and exercise was clearly not enough to burn off the stubborn fat on the frontal area of my lower abdomen.  -SlazengerSeven

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