Eyelid Retraction Repair

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This surgery repairs eyelids that appear pulled back and/or don't fully close over the eye. Repair methods may include surgery to the eyelid itself or adding skin grafts.

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Graves Disease Eyelid Repair

It's difficult to describe what it is like to have your looks change, especially your eyes. The Everett Clinic's Endocrinology department referred me to Dr Amadi after my symptoms were stable. He and his staff took great care of me and the results were amazing. I don't have to look down or avoid... READ MORE

What Happened to Caring for One Another and Not the Almighty Dollar?! - New York, NY

Went to dr.S for lower eyelid revision.Told him all surgeries I had previously. Original surgery plus3 reconstructive. Said I had 2 options 1)skin grafts,but his word looks "PATCHY",2)hardplate graft/mid facelift,opted for 2nd. Didn't want to look patchy, I had 4surgeries within 11/2. I emailed... READ MORE

56 Year "Young" Career Woman with Tired Eyes - Stratham, NH

I was aware of Dr. Zeff's practice through a few friends and acquaintances who have had procedures done by the doctor and were pleased with the results. I'm a 56 year "young" working woman with a career in sales. My eyes were making me look tired even when I was perfectly rested. I need to work... READ MORE

Lower Eyelid with Fat Repositioning and Eye Bags Treatment - Beverly Hills, CA

I found Dr. Taban on Real Self, and upon meeting him in person I realized that the was knowledgeable enough to know how to operate on my eyes. I chose to have the procedure done under local sedation with injections directly in the lower eyelid, under my eyelashes. He gave me some anti anxiety... READ MORE

Retraction and Detachment of Canthi Repair with Dr. Dan Georgescu - Bucharest, Romania

After previous canthopexy surgery the canthi became detached from the eyeball. May 2016 I underwent canthopexy to correct. Unfortunately I still keep having the same eye irritation, and the canthi are still detached. Since I keep having eye irritation/dryness and eye strain/itchiness, I hope... READ MORE

Orbital Decompression and Lower Eyelid Retraction - Beverly Hills, CA

I used to have bulgy eyes before I did both orbital decompression and lower eyelid retraction with Dr. Taban, the results were so good and above my expectations actually. Healing time were almost for 9 days. felt a littile bet pain right after the surgery when I was going back to the hotel with... READ MORE

No More PANDA Eyes in my Life; I Did Lower Eyelid Bag Fat Repositioning in Korea

Hello . I am European girl who is came to Korea for exchange student. First of all, even though I am happy girl; friends of mine always asked me the question "you looks exhausted" instead the greeting. I know I look older and seems very tired 'cause of my fatties on my lower eyelid bag, dark... READ MORE

Young Patient, Very Pleased with Tear Through Implants and Lower Eyelid Retraction Surgery. Beverly Hills, CA

Ever since I was a kid I have had these deep dark hollows under my eyes, droopy lower eyelids, and big fat cheeks that swallowed my eyes the second I smiled. I was very insecure about my looks because of this. After a year of consulting with the "best" (arrogant and over confident in their... READ MORE

Repair of Disfiguring Eyelid Retraction Resulting from Grave's Disease. Austin, TX

I was diagnosed with Grave's disease in the summer of 2014 after months of symptoms that grew progressively worse. When my endocrinologist told me I had Grave's, I couldn't help but cry because I feared my eyes and face would become disfigured. My doctor told me not to despair because "there's... READ MORE

"RUN THE OTHER WAY AS FAST AS YOU CAN! Lipo and Eye Surgery Went Horribly Wrong! - Tijuana, Mexico

My appointment date was Friday the 13th. That should have been a red flag. Little did I know I would be entering the second phase of my nightmare that began with another Dr in Mexico named Dr Gaston De La Garza. Please read the review I wrote and pictures I posted of my botched surgery... READ MORE

Considering Upper Lid Retraction Repair After Second Tarsorrhaphy - Cleveland, OH

Somebody, please read my story. I cannot find the answers I seek anywhere, and I just want my story be HEARD and LISTENED TO. I've searched the internet for any stories like mine and have found nothing. Please help me. "You have the most striking eyes I've ever seen" was the first thing my... READ MORE

21 Years Old with Thyroid Eye Disease - Dallas, TX

I recently had orbital decompression surgery after I had my thyroid removed, but I still need to have eyelid retraction sugery and blepharoplasty can these two be combined? How much will it cost me for each one?I'm willing to go anywhere in Texas or Georgia to have it done so looking for the... READ MORE

Dr. Prasad - Lower Eyelid Retraction Repair - World Class Expert - Garden City, NY

After several (4) attempts to raise my retracted lower eyelids by another surgeon, Dr. Prasad finally restored my appearance using acellular dermis spacer grafts, PRP, and collagen matrix. I finally recognize myself again for the first time in years. The experience was top-shelf, the best of the... READ MORE

32 Years, Single Male, Need to Correct my Eyelid Retraction - Mumbai, India

Hi fellow patients and respected doctors, I am going to write about my experience, ordeal, and solutions to my problem. I had a major road accident on 17th may 2012. My motorcycle collided with an on coming truck. My lover jaw broke in 6 pieces, front four teeth got damaged and the glass from... READ MORE

An RN's Experience with Lower Eyelid Retraction Repair with Grafting - Seattle, WA

During my consult with Dr Amani, I really questioned the need to cosmetically do the lower lid retraction repair. After all, I had just had a brow lift which really complemented my eyes. Dr Amani was so kind, patient and helpful and I decided to trust his expertise. What a great decision, my... READ MORE

54 Year Old, Revision of Upper Blepharoplasty - Chicago, IL

I couldn't be more pleased with the Blepharoplasty revision of upper eyelids that Dr. Mustoe performed on me. Before seeing Dr. Mustoe, I was very self-conscious of my eyelids! One eyelid was lazy and the other eye looked like the eyeball was buldging out of its socket. I feel so much more... READ MORE


Back from Boston from having an eight year anguishing and tormenting lower lid big bugged eyed giant round eyed retraction! Dr.Yaermchuk knows that being aggressive to ones face is not the way to go. He performed a canthopexy perfectly -just the exact amount I needed done. Not high up in the... READ MORE

Upper Blepharoplasty - Renton, WA

I'm very happy with the results. My upper eyelids were reducing my upper field of vision. I didn't realize how much effort it was taking to use my forehead muscles to keep my eyes open until after the procedure. My field of vision is greatly improved and my forehead muscles are much more... READ MORE

Male 63 Yrs - Austin, TX

Dr. Ivan Vrcek is one of the most caring and compassionate doctors I have ever met. He has taken so much time explaining all that is entailed in the surgery, including the risks and other options. I had been wanting to do this for years. As soon as I met Dr. Vrcek I felt completely confident... READ MORE

44 Year Old --Eye Lid Retraction Repair, with Fat Re Positioning and Fat Grafting for Hollowness. Bellevue, WA

I originally sought advice on fillers for the hollowness and bags under my eyes and was persuaded after consulting 4 different plastic surgeons to repair my lower lid droop with a retraction repair (skin taken from roof of mouth) to support lower lid and fat re positioning and fat grafting for... READ MORE

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