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Will Stitches Fixed Torn Cartilage at the Top of my Ear?

I am an American college student currently studying abroad in Italy. I was attacked on the street three nights ago, and at the top of my ear was torn... READ MORE

Otoplasty Alternative - Stitch Method?

I am considering otoplasty and I looked at Dr.Merk's stitch method... it sounds too good to be true, it really sounds like magic, is this... READ MORE

Otoplasty Overcorrection

Hello i recently had otoplasty surgery my ears seems to be over corrected and dont look normal at all i was wondering once the dissovable stitches... READ MORE

Ear Otoplasty Stitching - when Does It Come Out?

I had my procedure done 16 days ago and my cosmetic stitching didnt come all the way out yet, is that normal? when does it usually come off? READ MORE

Otoplasty 20 Yrs Ago. Stitch Fell out Have a Sore That Never Heals! All Labs Good.

I had otoplasty 20 yrs ago when I was 10 and in my late 20's a stitch can out in front part of where the internal stitches were in front part ear.... READ MORE

Otoplasty Stitches 1 week After? (photo)

I have otoplasty done 7 days ago. My ears are coming along well and healing. As you can see from this picture, i have stitches in the folds ( the... READ MORE

How Do the Stitches on Your Ear Look After Auricular Cartilage Grafting . Does Fascia Grafting Leave a Scar on Your Head?

I am concerned about how will the stitches and scars on my ear and head look after this procedures. I would deeply appreciate some help by sending me... READ MORE

Which otoplasty technique is best to treat my prominent ears? (Photo)

From research on this topic, i learned that 2 methods are used for prominent ears (stitch method,removal of cartilage method and combination of both).... READ MORE

Otoplasty Rebound - is This Proceedure Normal to Hold the Tips Back?

I had otoplasty 5 weeks ago. Last week both my ear tips popped back out overnight. On one fold internal stitch popped out through the skin, on the ear... READ MORE

I Still Have Stitches from an Otoplasty Left in After Almost 13 Years, Would It Be Wise to Get Them Removed?

I am 18 years old and I had an otoplasty done when I was 5, the stitches are still in at the top of both my ears and are frequently becoming infected... READ MORE

Will Stitches Make my Ear Normal Again After I Take Them Out? (photo)

I got shot in the ear with a bb gun and the bb has been stuck in my ear for some time now. Its right where my ear should fold and so my ear sticks out... READ MORE

Why Are My External Stitches Flaking Away or Dissolving? (photo)

I have already asked this question, but am asking it again. I see my surgeon on Monday because the stitches are flaking away or dissolving and he... READ MORE

17 Days Post-op Otoplasty - Cosmetic Stitching Hasn't Come out Yet

My cosmetic stitches have not came out and its been 17 days since my procedure, the doctor did regular stitching on some parts of the ear and cosmetic... READ MORE

My Otoplasty was done 16days. Stiching method, and very unsatisfied with the results. What should i do? (photos)

Unhappy because my right ear is missing the fold. my left ear is stiched badly from the back;its bumpy and it looks ambarasing READ MORE

What can I do to fix torn tragus?

About 8 months ago I had a fall and tore my tragus slightly in a straight line from the outside in. I got stitches and it seemed to heal with a bit of... READ MORE

Is anyone doing Dr. Merck's stitch method in or near California?

So I've been looking into Dr. Merck's stitch method and it seems really promising. I like how minimally invasive it is and how there is very little... READ MORE

I Just Had Otoplasty is It Normal to Have Black Stitches Left in the Front Part of Ear?

I just had my operation about 3 days ago today i took the dressing off like instructed and took a shower, before i put my head band on i noticed a... READ MORE

Post Ear Surgery: Will One Ear Droop More Due to a Loose Stitch?

My son just had plastic ear surgery 4 days ago to pin the ears closer to the head, today the dr. removed the bandage and noticed one ear is more... READ MORE

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