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Under Chin Vs Behind the Ears Incision for Chin Liposuction?

Why do some doctors only cut a single incision under the chin and others cut two incisions by each ear? I presume more fat can be reached with 2... READ MORE

Sore Incision After Tumescent Liposution on Chin

How long of an incision is usually made for Tumescent Liposuction? What is the two hard sore knots under my chin? Will they go away? Do patients... READ MORE

Options For Incision Revision After Lipo Under Chin and Neck Lift?

I had a facelift and neck left with some lipo under my chin. The incision is so long under my chin. I am so embarassed. Is that how lipo under the... READ MORE

Where is the Liposuction Needle Placed in the Chin to Remove Excess Fat?

Are scars from chin liposuction noticeable after healing, or does the procedure hide the incision marks? Is there ever a need for stitches, or can... READ MORE

35 year old Chin liposuction 5 weeks out, still have incision hardening and some lumps. Wondering if that is normal? (photo)

. Also the day after surgery my double chin was gone and now 5 weeks later I feel it's back. My doctor keeps telling me it's swelling and the scar... READ MORE

What is the best treatment for sloping neck/double chin? (photos)

Initially I considered liposuction for the speediness of recovery and minimal incisions, however would this be enough to correct my issue? READ MORE

Anesthesia or local anesthesia during chin lipo? The incision will be underneath the chin.

I'm planning on doing chin lipo, the fat is directly underneath my chin and there is no fat on my jaw/jawline. The surgeon I met with said it could be... READ MORE

Can you get sides and under chin done in one go?

I'm wondering, chin liposuction (especially smart lipo), can the doctor remove fat under the chin and fat along the sides of the jaw line in one go?... READ MORE

Chin Lipo: two very different consults, now I'm confused?

I recently went to two consults with 2 diff doctors to perform neck liposuction. After their consults, I am very confused. Doctor 1: Would do... READ MORE

Chin lipo: Incisions below the ears?

To remove excess fat from someone chin they make three little incisions right below the both ears, and that is how they remove the fat from the... READ MORE

Double chin fat removal?

I had a consult with the surgeon that performed my TT and Breast Reduction about removing my double chin. He gave me two options that he does. One is... READ MORE

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