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How Long Until Swelling Goes Down After Chin Liposuction?

I am American and had liposuction on my double chin 5 days ago. My bulge under my chin still looks the same if not slightly worse. I had been mugged... READ MORE

Will Not Wearing a Compression Garment Affect Final Results on Neck?

Had neck and jowl vaser lipo with virtually no swelling or bruising so only wore the garment for 48 hours. Will this affect the final result three... READ MORE

Lipo of Neck, Unsure of Results - 1 Week

I'm 35. Had lipo neck and chin a week ago. I thought the doc would say he didn't take enough fat, but he and the nurses were delighted at my... READ MORE

Should I See Results 6 Days After Chin Lipo?

I am 6 days post chin/jaw lipo and I see no difference. Actually it maybe even looks a little worse. Based on my pictures, do you think this is just... READ MORE

Neck Still Partially Numb One Week After Lipo?

Had lipo, no skin removed, one week ago. My neck is still partically numb. Also, when I laugh, one side of my mouth feels like it's not working... READ MORE

Excessive Bruising and Swelling 5 Days Post Op Neck Lipo? (photo)

5 days post op I have excessive bruising and swelling under chin straps. Bruising didn't gravitate south toward lower neck or chest or pass chin strap... READ MORE

1 week post op, do you think this is normal after chin liposuction? (photos)

I had chin liposculpture 8 days ago and my neck is a complete mess. I had the bandages removed two days ago and have a one inch, deep crease along my... READ MORE

Swollen, Hard, Tender Under Chin 8 Days After Smartlipo Normal?

I had my smartlipo on chin only, 8 days ago. It is now swollen, hard, painful to the touch, and tight. It feels slightly better when I wear... READ MORE

I Had Chin Liposuction 6 Days Ago and Have a Slight Right Facial Droop. Could this be From Swelling? (photo)

When I talk or smile my lower lip does not move all the way down like normal. The surgeon had to cut the muscle under my chin to remove all the... READ MORE

More Swelling at Day 7 Than at Day 4

I had lipo suction on my chin and neck 7 days ago.I wore the compression garment for 4 continuous days. When I had a follow up with my doctor, he had... READ MORE

Is a crooked smile normal 5 days after chin lipo? (photo)

Today is day 5 of my chin lipo. Still numb and swollen which is expected, but I have one concern, my lip...If you see the picture, my smile is still... READ MORE

Delayed Swelling After Facial Liposuction Possible?

Hello I am 26 and had liposuction of the jowl area 8 days ago to attain a thinner face. One/two day post OP my face was very contoured and I could... READ MORE

Chin and Neck Liposuction. How long do most people wear the chin strap/garment? (Photo)

I had chin and neck liposuction on Feb. 9th. I've been wearing my chin strap, but when I first take it off, I have a huge area that almost looks like... READ MORE

Numbness and a Lump After Chin Lipo? (photo)

Done my double chin lipo a week ago its numb and I notice a hard lump appear on the rigth side of my it normal? READ MORE

Chin Liposuction 5 Days Ago? (photo)

I had chin lipo 5 days ago and a small raised black line has formed under my chin today. Could this be a bruised vein or something? Is it anything to... READ MORE

When can I start to wear makeup after chin lipo?

I just had submental/chin/neck liposuction a week ago. I haven't worn makeup or done my hair all week because of the garment wrap I have to wear. I... READ MORE

Why does my chin lipo look the same as before I even had it done a week ago?

I had chin and jawline liposuction last Monday, 9 days ago. My chin and jawline looks the same as before I even had it done. The first 2 days after... READ MORE

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