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Can my Breasts Be Lifted Without Implants? (photo)

I've nursed three children and had a 70 lb. weight loss that have left me with lots of excess skin & sagging. Once I reach my goal weight,... READ MORE

How to Fix Bottomed Out Breast Lift with out Implants?

I had a breast lift (no implants) 3+ months ago. I now have very high nipples. I also have oval nipples apparently from the weight at the bottom of... READ MORE

11 Days Post Op After Mastoplexy No Implant, and Haven't Seen Any Boobs As Horrid As Mine. Is This Normal? (photo)

I know it is VERY early after surgery to make a judgement call, but this does not look like normal healing. Did the doctor do something wrong? Also my... READ MORE

Nipple Placement After Breast Lift? (photo)

I want a lot of lift with very small breasts and no implants. I am not willing to consider implants, but I want my nipple higher from my inframammary... READ MORE

4 weeks post op Breast Lift without implants, will my breasts look even? Was the wrong incision used? (photos)

They looked great at first but after 3 weeks they dropped. The right one has began to sag especially to the side and the nipple faces downwards. There... READ MORE

Can I Get Anchor Breast Lift Without Breast Implants?

I'm 5'4,124 pounds and 34A bra size. With the lift I just want to see my breasts higher on the chest with reposition and reduction of the areola so my... READ MORE

I have had a BL without implants 7 weeks ago. I now have major nipple asymmetry? (photo)

I am disappointed with the results and not sure if this is a normal result for this procedure. My L nipple is 6cm diam and my R is 5cm diam, and they... READ MORE

My Nipples Are Raised to High After Breast Lift, It's Been 5 Days Will This Change?

I had a breast lift about 5 days ago with a lollipop incision with no implants. Yesterday Dec 22, 12 I got my bandages removed and notice that my... READ MORE

Mini Breast Lift with no implants; What really happens in this procedure and what visible benefits can be achieved?

Hi - After breast feeding both my kids for more than a year, my breasts have taken an impact. I am very uncomfortable with the idea of breast implants... READ MORE

Revision for Benelli Mastopexy Without BA? (photo)

I had a benelli mastopexy without breast implants three months ago for my tuberous breasts. I was initially delighted with the result--my areolas were... READ MORE

Why Match the Inframammary Fold Height in Mastopexy? (photo)

I'm looking into getting a breast lift without implants. I am a modest A cup but very happy being flat chested, just not with the sag. My... READ MORE

Do you HAVE to have drains on a breast lift (lollipop scar) with no implants?

I would like to have my breasts lifted (no implants, I have plenty of tissue), but I have no one at home to help me afterwards. I have no one to take... READ MORE

After my Breast Lift no implant, my breast look deformed. Is this normal? (photo)

I had a breast lift without implant 3 days prior to pic. Although I'm satisfied with the volume and fullness up top, I'm extremely nervous about the... READ MORE

Am I a Good Canidate for a Mastopexy Without Implants? (photo)

Hello, I'm 5'5 , 34 Years old and have lost 140 pounds. I have had a consultation with three plastic surgeons and two of them said that I DO NOT need... READ MORE

I have small shallow breasts. Is it possible for me to get a breast lift without implants? (photo)

My current breast size is a 34B. I am 19 years old, and I have strongly considered getting breast implants in the future because I am unhappy with the... READ MORE

I Lost 100pds, Breasts Now Saggy, Lost Alot of Volume. I Would Like a Breast Lift W/ Fat Grafting and No Implants? (photo)

How possible is this scenario? I want to steer clear of implants but do wish to have some fullness. I do not expect a giant boost but I would like... READ MORE

Two Months Post Op Breast Lift?

Partial Breast lift, no implant. Anchor incision. Had a wound that finally healed. Everything fine for a few days. I am now getting sharp pulling and... READ MORE

Do I Have Enough Breast Tissue for a Lift Without Implants? (photo)

I am 49 years old, and I had silicone breast implants from 1985 to 2011 but had them removed after one became encapsulated after a fall. Now my... READ MORE

Why Am I Having Hot Flashes After my Mastopexy (Breast Lift) Without Implants

I am exactly 10 days post-op from having a breast lift and for some reason I seem to be having episodes of intense heat in my breast area that last... READ MORE

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