Why Am I Having Hot Flashes After my Mastopexy (Breast Lift) Without Implants

I am exactly 10 days post-op from having a breast lift and for some reason I seem to be having episodes of intense heat in my breast area that last for about 15 minutes to 30 mins. This is the third day that this has happened and it happens randomly. I remember flashing after my hysterectomy when they gave me a shot to send my into early menopause, I only did one of them because those flashes drove me bonkers. I know in my post op paperwork it said no ice pack so UGH!! The agony!

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Hot Flashes to Breasts 10 Days after Breast Lift

    Sensation changes are fairly common after breast lift and do improve with time, but infection should be ruled out.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

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Hot Flashes in breast area after mastopexy

You should see your doctor if the heat is localized to the breast area to make sure there is no infection or inflammation.  You may be experiencing some dysesthesia or burning tingling sensations from the nerves in the breast being irritated, injured or stretched from the surgery.  This can occur for several months as the nerves regenerate and calm down.  Ask your doctor if cool compresses or ice pack is OK at this point.




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Hot Flashes After my Mastopexy

I don't think I can give an explanation, but would suggest seeing your surgeon so that any mechanical complication can be excluded as a possible cause. 

As far as ice, check again with your surgeon. If your sensation has returned to normal, that restriction may be lifted.

Thanks for your question,, best. wishes.

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Hot Flashes after Breast Lift

Hot flashes 10 days post breast lift are concerning for an infection.  I would call your surgeon as soon as possible to follow up.

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Healing after a breast lift.

Since your surgeon knows your medical history, you should communicate this with him/her and make sure that your healing is on track.  Different sensations are typical but you want to rule out things like infection or other complications.

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