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Why Aren't Open Wounds Re-stitched? (Breast Surgery)

I have an open wound post-op from my breast lift. My doc says let it be; reading stories here, it seems many other ladies are told the same thing. Why... READ MORE

Wound Separation After Stitches Removed? (photo)

Had my stitches removed after 2 weeks. That evening I had experienced separation. The PS office said to do a wet to dry twice a day. I am following up... READ MORE

Breast Lift Open Wound? (photo)

I am 4 weeks post op and I still have very superficial open wound at the bottom of my breast and my dr gave me silver sud cream to put on it. What... READ MORE

20 days post op Breast Augmentation/ Lift, I have a huge open wound. Is this normal? (photos)

Had a BL with 510 cc silicone BA on 6/9. 1 w the T junction on my left breast started separating, my PS told me just keep it clean and change dressing... READ MORE

What is the yellow stuff in my open wound? (Photo)

Had a breast lift 4 weeks ago. I had a big thick scab on my areola. My surgeon made me keep it moist so she could remove the scab. And now I have this... READ MORE

Is It Normal to Have Open Sores, Uniformed Breast, and Different Shaped Nipples After a Breast Lift? (photo)

I had a mommy make over 6 months ago. I paid for a lift which he ended up NOT doing. I wanted a D cup and ended up with DDD. He agreed to go back and... READ MORE

Wound Separation After Breast Lift? (photo)

3 weeks post op breast lift with fat transfer. Healing quickly and beautifully. At first post op appt. my PS said I would likely have a small wound... READ MORE

6 week post op Breast Lift, the scab came off and now I have an open wound. Should I close the wound or wait it to heal? (photo)

My breast developed a blister after surgery. Then a blister scab. The scab came off 3 weeks later. Now I have this large open wound. I am frustrated.... READ MORE

I'm 1 month post breast lift. I have discharge from open incisions under my breast and a foul smell. Is it normal? (Photo)

There are two open incisions. ...the foul smell went away after he told me to use betadine every time I call with questions he says it's normal it... READ MORE

Inverted T Scar 4 Weeks After Breast Lift? (photo)

This is 4 weeks after surgery and still won't close. Dr said just keep clean and dry...impossible with it being summer!!! Also it looks more open now... READ MORE

Breast Surgery, Recurring Open Wound? (photo)

I had posted previously about that my benelli breast lift I had in 3/12 was fine then started to get a small opening the size of a eraser head it was... READ MORE

Can You Steri Stip or Bond an Opening at the T-junction 4 Weeks Post Breast Lift?

I had a full lift on 07/17/12 and I have a dime sized opening under my left breast. I have headed the advice of my PS and am doing the moist wound... READ MORE

Spit Stitch

Had breast lift surgery about one month ago. Spit stitch around t line.  Dr. office cut stitch and now I have about a one inch hole. About one... READ MORE

​Is it normal for a incision on a Breast Lift scar revision to open up after only 5 days? Could it be infected? (photo)

5 days ago I had the scar at the top of both nipples revised do to stitches spitting. Today I noticed puss spots under the steri strips. As I took the... READ MORE

Benelli Breast Lift Open Wounds?

I had a benelli breast lift 5 years ago and had open wounds all over for mos. which left horrific scarring. I am only finding out now that the gortex... READ MORE

3.5 months post op Breast lift, I have new wound opening. Is this normal? (photos)

BL was 3+ mos ago. Left breast had 5 spots around areola open up well after 1 month. I packed with Idoform and they slowly closed (still scabbed). Now... READ MORE

This is Quarter Size Deep Opening Okay? (photo)

Called PS office today and they said it is normal to have this quarter sized deep opening And i dont need to be Seen...It's scaring me:( is this... READ MORE

SMALL open wound at notch of inverted T stitch. Feels like little needles poking me! Is this normal? Infected? (Photo)

I am one month post bilateral breast left surgery without implants. I have a small opening along the inverted T stitch on my right breast. I had some... READ MORE

Open scar- 20 days after procedure. What is best next action? (photo)

Hi doc I'm new here, just found out about this web page after my mastopexy. I wish I new before...but any way I need help it's been 20 days after my... READ MORE

Why am I getting "soft spots" opening up around my areola 9 weeks after BL?

I had a breast lift 9 weeks ago and have several open wounds around one areola. The doctor refers to them as "soft spots", and I have developed... READ MORE

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