D Cup + Breast Lift

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Is my 36D Size Breast Ok? (photo)

Hey! I am 29 yrs old with 36D breast.5' 3'' tall .Do my breasts need to lift or my nipple upper.I want full balanced breasts. READ MORE

Is Breast Lift Necessary for Deflated C Cups?

I am 34 year old and briefly breastfed my two sons (ages: 7y/o & 5 mo.) I have consulted with three different PS about Breast augmentation to... READ MORE

Why Are my Breasts So Saggy? (photo)

Hi, im 18 and i developed at an early age and i have somewhat large breasts ( 36 c-d ) also my left breast is way bigger than the other and ever since... READ MORE

Can I Get Enough of a Lift Without a Lollipop Scar?

I am 26 year old. I am unhappy with the shape but not necessarily the size of my breasts (D). I would like a more lifted look, smaller areolas, and... READ MORE

Possible to Have Breast Lift with Implants at Lower Cost?

Are there doctors who preform a breast lift with silicone implants for $5000 or less? I had an extreme amount of weight loss about 1 1/2 year ago and... READ MORE

Breast Lift Options After Weight Loss?

I was wondering what would be my best option? When I was a teen I was a 40 DD and I was overweight. When I left high school I got into fitness... READ MORE

Is There an Alternative to a Full Mastopexy for Grade 2/3 Ptosis?

My breast size is 34D. I have Grade 2 ptosis MAYBE grade 3. I want to get a breast lift, saline implants & an areola reduction. I DON'T want... READ MORE

My breasts are naturally very saggy and I'm only 16. What would you recommend?

My breasts are naturally very saggy, they don't lift themselves at all and I want to change this because it makes me feel insecure. I'm a 36 D usa... READ MORE

Please Help ( Breast Lift)

I've had my two lovely children but my breasts have sagged miserably. I wear a 38D bra. Please ADVISE ON THE FF: Can I have a lift alone without... READ MORE

What is the Best Implant for Fullness of the Upper Portion of Breasts?

I breast fed my two boys for a year each. I had a breast lift done 7 months ago and now realized I should've had implants put in. The bottom shape... READ MORE

Is a Doctor Required to Fix an Unsuccessful Breast Lift?

4 months ago I went in for a breast augmentation to deal with symmetry and sagging issues on my D cup breasts. Dr. suggested a small reduction, a full... READ MORE

Candidate for Donut or Crescent Lift? (photo)

Hello, I am 29 years old, 5'2" and 32D from Canada, seeking a breast lift, NO augmentation. Photos attached. Distance from neck to nipple is 22cm ish.... READ MORE

5'8" and 160lbs, 38D Droopy Boobs; Would 650cc With A Lift Be Too Much? (photo)

I'm 5'8'' and 160lbs with a 38D droopy set of boobs. I've always had large breast from as long as I can remember. My mom even made... READ MORE

How Long Would a Breast Lift Actually Last if I Don't Gain/lose/conceive (36D)?

I have completed my family and would like to have a breast lift as I have moderate to sever sagging. I dont need augmentation nor reduction, simply a... READ MORE

Breast Lift Without Scars Possible? (photo)

35 with kids and not having any more. I'm 5' 7", 152lbs. and a 34 D, but would like to have a breast lift with implants. I want to keep a D-cup but a... READ MORE

Help Which Type of Surgery for my Larger but Sagging Breasts? (photo)

Hi, I am 5'5 1/4 145lbs having a full TT and having a large softball sized lipoma from my shoulder in 2 wks time. I'd like to have my breasts fixed... READ MORE

Drooping Breast Nipples Pointing Outwards, What Are My Options for Lift? (photo)

39 yr old currently wearing 36D. I like my size of breast. What I hate is the nipples pointing outward and the drop pines. I would like perkier breast... READ MORE

I Would Like to Know What Procedure/s I Need to Get What I'm Looking for? (photo)

I'm 40 yrs old 5'3 and weigh 128 lbs. I have 3 kids, which I breast fed, and now my breasts are droopy. Before pregnancy I had very round breast and... READ MORE

Would a Breast Lift Be Enough? (photo)

I am content with the size of my breasts -- 30-32D -- however, after 60+lb weight loss my breasts have sagged quite a bit. What can I expect from a... READ MORE

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