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Help! Need Advice on Post Op Care. I'm Afraid my Breast is Infected and I Will Lose my Nipples? (photo)

Full anchor mastopexy/augmention 350 cc 10 days ago. Tissue of areola was blackish w/ 1 blister underneath at my 7 day post op visit. Doc was... READ MORE

How do I get my nipples sitting higher without another breast lift? (photos)

I got breast lift and implants 7th may 2014 , I feel my breast are still saggy and nipples sit very low. I'm not happy this is depressing me . They... READ MORE

Capsular contracture concern 10 days after lift and augmentation? How long will it take them to drop? (Photo)

10 days ago I had a lift and breast augmentation with silicone implants. The day after surgery I had a checkup and when my bandages were removed they... READ MORE

Swelling 10 days after breast lift and augmentation

I had a breast lift with implants (anchor inscion) on May 14th and my breast are still swollen (10 days post op) how long does the swelling usually last? READ MORE

Does My Shape Still Have Hope? (photo)

9 days post opp. Sutured in implants 475cc on both sides because skin so thin and weren't staying in. Nipple nercrosis on right, but fine since... READ MORE

Are my implants too high 10 days post op? (Photo)

I had an anchor breast lift, breast augmentation and nipple reduction 10 days ago. I am concerned about how high my implants are sitting, which are... READ MORE

What to do, just wait or what? (Photo)

I m 11 days post op( breast augmentation with celicone under muscle and mastopexy) My left areola seems weird because of the steches, what is making... READ MORE

Will massaging my breast implants make my breast sag?

I had a breast lift with implants 11 days ago. Was a 34D, had 350cc silicone HP under. I've read many reviews of women who after having this procedure... READ MORE

How can I ease swelling after anchor mastopexy and implants?

I am 11 days post-op, saw the nurse yesterday who agreed I have severe swelling in the left breast however, she said it was healing very well. What... READ MORE

10 days post op with very high upper pole, is this normal? Had 305cc and breast lift. (photos)

I had 305cc silicone put in under the muscle & a 4cm lift. I wanted a soft and natural result. I am concerned about the upper pole being so high. The... READ MORE

Is my areola tissue/nipple dead? What can I expect to happen next? Can anything be done to make me look normal again? (Photo)

I had a breast lift with silicone implants on 8/17/15 everything looked great until 2 days after I developed blisters on my areola on both breast.... READ MORE

Advice on wound care? (photos)

11 days PO from breastlift+aug there was drainage from under my steri strips, removed them as per instruction of Dr and found this (photo) instructed... READ MORE

9 days post-op breast lift with 550cc silicone implants. Left implant still high under muscle. Right has dropped? (Photo)

Right implant looks natural and feels comfortable. The left is still tight and sitting high. My doc told me to apply pressure on top of implant and... READ MORE

I had a breast lift and implants 11 days ago. I have had hardly any pain until now? (Photo)

I am feeling shooting pain and also feels like a numb buzzy feeling (it's hard to explain ) and today I am having pain under my right arm and in the... READ MORE

10 days post op - still very asymmetrical and far apart. Is this normal? Do I need revision surgery? (photo)

I know everyone says your have to wait but as the swelling goes down its getting worse! They're noticeably asymmetrical which is part of why i did... READ MORE

Dark areola? Ten days ago, I had a lift & small (150cc) implants inserted for upper pole fullness. Right out of surgery (Photo)

Half of my right areola was a dark purple. I thought it was dried blood or bruising. Today I noticed a couple of tiny dots of bloody discharge around... READ MORE

10 days post op benelli breast lift with implants, nipple doesn't look attached (Photo)

My right nipple does not look attached at the top and has greenish stuff under. Is this normal? Will it somehow still attach? Also I was not given... READ MORE

I had breast lift with sub-muscular 330cc silicone implants 11 days ago. Bottom edge of right breast now very hard. (Photo)

I had breast lift with sub-muscular 330cc silicone implants 11 days ago. Wearing bando strap to lower right implant. Today is the 5th day with strap,... READ MORE

Reduction, lift, implants. One breast healed, the other wound keeps reopening around day 10. How to heal? (photos)

First surgery in May (reduction, lift, implants). Last surgery 10 days ago. Three in between. Course of abx changed with last surgery. Around day 10... READ MORE

How much will I shrink after swelling from anchor lift/BA? (Photo)

Hi, I had a downsize (my second) from 335HP to 240ccMP - i told the doc i wanted to loose two cup sizes. I am 10 days post op from implant change with... READ MORE

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