Swelling 10 days after breast lift and augmentation

I had a breast lift with implants (anchor inscion) on May 14th and my breast are still swollen (10 days post op) how long does the swelling usually last?

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Swelling can last for weeks to months after Breast Augmentation.

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Dear Deedee, Thank you for your post. It is very common to be about a size bigger right after surgery than what your final result will be. Swelling starts to occur right after surgery and tends to peak in the first week. After about a month you will have lost most of the swelling, but still not completely at baseline. After about another 3 months or so, you will have lost 99% of your swelling, but still you have a pretty good idea at 1 month. I wouldn't spend a lot of money on bras until 3 months as they might not fit perfectly after all the swelling goes away. Also, the more activity you have, the longer the swelling stays, the more that needs to be done as far as lift etc. with surgery, the longer your swelling stays. Breast tenderness and hardness can also remain due to the swelling. the breasts should become much softer once the swelling is mostly gone. Also, it should be said that amount of swelling can vary from patient to patient. Some patients swelling a large amount, some very little. Best Wishes! Pablo Prichard, MD

Swelling is normal after breast lift and augmentation.

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It is difficult to answer your question without photographs.  You should contact your plastic surgeon for an examination and advice.  While swelling is normal 10 days after breast augmentation and lift I would expect the swelling to be due to decreasing not increasing at this point.

Swelling after breast lift plus implants is normal.

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Swelling is a perfectly normal occurrence after any surgery, especially one as detailed as breast lift plus implants. Swelling involves not just the breasts, but also the chest wall and ribcage area, and as gravity works, eventually the abdomen, lower back, and hips!

Swelling peaks over anywhere from 2-4 days, and then gradually dissipates over many weeks.

At the same time, your new implants are "high and tight." but that too will change over time as your skin and muscles stretch, breast tissue compresses slightly , and ribs flatten slightly from the pressure of your new implants and tighter skin brassiere. These changes are over 6-12 months, so at 10 days post-op, you're definitely on the downhill side of your recovery!

Be patient with your recovery and don't exert yourself too much. Bleeding is still a possibility for another week or two. You will continue to look better and better as the next days and weeks go by. Best wishes! Dr. Tholen

Swelling after breast lift with implants

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Congratulations on your surgery!  You don't mention whether your implants were placed over or under the muscle, and it does make a difference.  In general, on top the muscle, the swelling seems to dissipate sooner at about 6-8 weeks compared to 8-12 under the muscle.  There are always outliers either way, but I would never consider my own patients to be healed and at their final result at 2 wks.  It is so hard to have patience and wait but that is exactly what you need to do.  You should notice very gradual improvement and softening over the next 2 or more months.  If you notice extreme change or extreme new swelling then see your doctor immediately.  Otherwise, relax and wait it out.  Best of luck!

Swelling peaks at 48hours

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Thanks for your question. Swelling peaks at 48hrs and will then start to dissipate over the next 4-6weeks. Usually after 2 weeks you have a pretty good idea of what it will look like. Depending on the type and size of the implant as well as the implants' position this can affect things too. Best of Luck!

Swelling after breast lift and augmentation?

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Swelling is completely normal after a breast lift and implants.  Typically, the swelling can last for several weeks -- you will see a large decrease in swelling during the first 2-3 weeks after surgery and then more subtle changes during the next several months as the breasts "settle".  Abnormal swelling that you should contact your surgeon about includes a sudden increase in size of one breast, one breast being more swollen then the other breast, or an increase in pain on one breast relative to the other.  Good luck!

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