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Breast implant revision surgeries address dissatisfaction or complications with previous breast augmentations. Revisions can include changing the implant size, fixing post-op sag, or aligning asymmetrical breasts.
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Replacing 15 year saline implants with the new Sientra Gummy Bear using existing over the muscle pocket. I've read so many reviews it would be best under muscle but after 2 consults recommending using existing pocket. I wanted 600 cc which is what I thought would give me a D or DD cup. I... READ MORE

I had my breast done last year but had to go for revision 3 months ago as the implant was placed to high. I still feel they are sitting high. But my surgeon said He is happy with them and said I didn't need to go back. I also feel they are to wide apart. I was a empty c cup before and now I am... READ MORE

Back in 2008 I had a Breast Augmentation (at the Plastic Surgery Group) and now looking back I probably should of just had a lift, but for the first couple of years everything was fine with them and I enjoyed them for the most part. After a few years one of my implants started to leak so I had... READ MORE

Hi, everyone! I've spent a lot of time on this site over the last couple months researching surgeons, implants, and breast revision pictures. I generally like to be extremely educated and informed before making a decision like this... After all, it's surgery and I take that decision seriously.... READ MORE

I regret not doing a thorough research on silicone breast sizes the first time around back in Dec. 2013. My BWD is 13.5, I'm 5 2 tall & weigh 160 & my age is 42. I love my surgeon who did both surgeries but I now know I failed to communicate my desired outcome the first time around. I should... READ MORE

After nursing all three of my babies, I had named my breasts "Droopy" & "Sloppy". I never minded being small because I was perky. But once the perkiness disappeared, I decided I needed to do a little something for myself. I had my first BA (325cc, silicone) in 2006. I was very happy with my... READ MORE

Before I chose Dr. Matthew Schulman as my surgeon, I did what a lot of us normally do, searched online for information that would help determine if he would meet my needs. RealSelf is the first place I looked for information and reviews on Dr. Schulman. I then checked his education and medical... READ MORE

I Recently had revision surgery with a cosmetic surgeon because my 1st surgeon who was a plastic surgeon didn't make me feel comfortable with the post op care. I Found Dr Ali Hussain on a Facebook group who offered me a discounted revision surgery. All was okay before surgery until after i had... READ MORE

I have had 400cc saline implants for about 12 years, with a slow leak in my right one for about 5 years. Recently, the leaking one completely ruptured and I had a couple of consults, eventually deciding to go with Dr. Gruenwald in Baton Rouge, LA. I knew I wanted to have my implants replaced... READ MORE

I had my first surgery 9 years ago (almost to the day!) with saline implants. I went from a B cup to a DD; pretty substantial. They were done peri-areolar under the muscle. I decided to have them redone this time with silicone gel ("gummie bears") and because of the size (I am now a 36G/36F)... READ MORE

I have three kids all spaced very far apart. I have ten year old 375 overfilled to 425cc saline implants that are now very saggy due to pregnancy after primary implant procedure. I also nursed my son for a year. Would like smaller, perkier, more youthful breasts. Tired of large matronly breasts... READ MORE

I had my first BA 26 years ago with silicone under I think 250 cc , not sure it was so long ago. I had a revision and a lift 10 days ago, 560 cc silicone under. After my surgery my PS told me that my old implants had ruptured! Guess I shouldn't have waited so long to replace them, but how... READ MORE

I had breast augmentation October 2015 where I had 300 cc's silicone implants but now that they are settled I'm thinking I should have gone bigger. I'm now thinking about a revision with 450 cc's. I like my results and have not had any issues or complications just wishing they were bigger. I... READ MORE

Have 12 year old implants. I'm fit and very thin skinned. This is my 4 set. First set was silicon 350 2nd set 600 saline 3 rd was 800 high profile silicon 4 set with saline 1200 to 1500 cc. I'm hoping the strattice will help thicken the skin it is 3,000 a piece and I need 2 to 4 so better it ... READ MORE

Unfortunately, the results of my surgery were not at all what I desired or expected. Very promptly, not long after my first post surgery follow up, I expressed my concern and dissatisfaction with the outcome. Initially, Dr. Malek agreed that the results were not as expected. But, he advised that... READ MORE

Hi there... After using this wonderful website to choose my surgeon, the wonderful Dr. Plovier of beclinic, Belgium I thought I would contribute and write my review of my second breast operation. I went my initial breast augmentation with Dr. Plovier on the 24th of January 2014. I had beautiful... READ MORE

I decided to post my journey into my revision because of the limited reviews available in the 200cc range of breast implants. I want to start off by saying first that I loved everything about my augment/mastopexy except for the size. My PS did an amazing job and I feel confident that he will... READ MORE

Hi, I had my first breast implants about 8 years ago. It is the mentor high profile 400 cc silicon. I loved how full and big they were but I did not know the swelling went down and I was unhappy. I was looking for a size D bra size. I'm wearing a size 36 C. Well now I'm getting the 800 mentor... READ MORE

I love my implants but I'm ready to exchange them for larger silicone. Choosing the size is so hard to do! I currently have 455cc saline under the muscle. I'm considering 650cc silicone also under the muscle, I need opinions on this. Too big? How much of a difference will 200ccs make? I'm 5'3",... READ MORE

Hi all -so the story so far is I had Graeme Moir do my BA in 2009 and despite preparing and paying for an uplift and implants on the day of surgery he said he felt just implants would be enough. So quite obviously I am not 7 years on needing the uplift I should have had in the first place!! I am... READ MORE

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How much does a Breast Implant Revision cost?

The typical cost for a Breast Implant Revision ranges from $3,600-$9,000 with an average cost of $7,800. Costs will vary by surgeon, geographic region and the complexity of the procedure. Cost estimates are based on 2,229 patient reviews submitted on RealSelf. Learn more