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Breast implant revision surgeries address dissatisfaction or complications with previous breast augmentations. Revisions can include changing the implant size, fixing post-op sag, or aligning asymmetrical breasts.
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Back in 2008 I had a Breast Augmentation (at the Plastic Surgery Group) and now looking back I probably should of just had a lift, but for the first couple of years everything was fine with them and I enjoyed them. back in 2013 one of my implants started to leak so I had to have them replaced.... READ MORE

I really trusted that Dr. Restifo would fix my breast, lift them and make them look the same. They look worse and now with a scar. I wouldn't mind the scar if they were at least lifted. He told me he could lift them, but I would have a scar, well I have a scar and no lift what so ever and one... READ MORE

I had my original breast augmentation in 2009; where I decided to go with saline implants. The implants ended up bottoming out which caused my nipples to peek-a-boo out of most bras and swimsuit tops. My implants also sat far apart which caused me to still wear padded bras to bring them... READ MORE

I decided to tell my story on RealSelf because I enjoyed reading people's experience on their own journey. All the positive and negative feedback is very helpful especially for me as I'm extremely nervous. So I'm 37. 5'5" tall and my current weight is 145. My bra size is 36B. I had Saline... READ MORE

Best experience of my life! Best doctor I could have found! Dr Pavajeau, helped every step of the way! He was soooo professional, welcoming and I always felt more than comfortable in his office! His staff was so accommodating and all my questions got answered immediatley! I had a great referral... READ MORE

I was always flat chested growing up. In 2002 after I got my degree and my "big girl" job, I got my first set of breast implants from a "cosmetic surgeon". I chose saline implants via the endobam (through the belly button) procedure. I started with 325cc on one side and 350cc on the other... READ MORE

I had breast implant surgery in November 2012. I am 43 (though feel 23!) and petite at 5'1" and weigh approximately 108lbs. I didn't want to have huge breasts, I just wanted to replace lost volume after having had a child. I basically wanted my existing skin filling out. I went for consultation... READ MORE

In 2005, I had a lollipop breast lift with no implants. I went from a full C cup to a small C cup. In July of 2008, I decided to get implants and a mini tummy tuck to get rid of my verticals c-section scar. I got 350 mentor smooth round high profile saline, under the muscle. The right was filled... READ MORE

I became pretty deflated after nursing my Son for 16 months. I was a true 34AA before augmentation. I initially had 371 moderate profile plus and regretted not going a little bigger from day one. I just had my revision of 500cc high profile. I'm 5'5, 120lbs. I'm extremely happy and so glad I... READ MORE

I have a problem you may be able to help me with. I am 62 and I had the Dow 185cc smooth round silicone at 30 years old and the Replicon 385cc silicone/poly covered at 40 years old until 12/19/2013. I do not know my profile. I have to replace them due to capsular contraction. I am 5"5"... READ MORE

I can't review on the job Dr. Benson did, as I am still tightly bound up in gauze, bandages and drainage rubes hanging from me. But I can't help but to comment about his staff... First of all, getting a hold of his scheduler "Elizabeth" was about as hard as getting a hold of Osama Bin Laden.... READ MORE

Twenty years ago I had 200 cc over the muscle implants as prolonged breast feeding had left me with hardly anything. This took me to a B cup which I was quite happy with as I'm petite and athletic and didn't want anything too obvious. After some years, I developed grade 4 capsular contracture... READ MORE

Dr. Vath is a dream come true!! Breast revision with lift and 700cc they look amazing. He is very professional and really takes pride in his work. He called me the night and day after surgery, this kind of professionalism is very rare. I'm smiling from ear to ear THANKS to his wonderful Staff,... READ MORE

I had BA in 2009 and was having issues with rippling and I could also feel the edges of the implants. I decided to have revision and in my research I realized many people have revisions due the capsular contracture and the issues I had so I decided I needed to select a doctor to do my revision... READ MORE

I never review things, ever, but I had to share my experience with Dr. Revis. Back in 2014 I had my first breast implant surgery by a doctor locally, the surgery immediately resulted in symmastia- the most dreaded and difficult complication to repair, and very painful, for me at least. I was... READ MORE

Before coming to Dr. Zweifler I and been through a year of Hell! I was in a car accident ( Nov 2014) which created a Seroma behind my existing implant, which i was unaware. After 4 months I found a suspicious lump on the right side of my sub glandular breast implant. The lump turned out to be... READ MORE

Stats: 33 yrs old 5'1" 130 lbs Hispanic no kids BA#1: 2005 400ml Mentor saline HP peri-areolar (4.5K first time) BA#2: 2016 700ml Mentor silicone HP infra-mammary 3k (returning client) LIPO to mid-back: 2016 2K Read my experience and advice on how to choose the doctor that is best for you.... READ MORE

I had my initial breast implants last year on Oct 30, 2013 (click here to read my review). After a few months i noticed that my right boob had moved lower than where it was placed which resulted in the nipple pointing upward. My doctor told me to wait at least 10 months before getting a... READ MORE

At the very young and naive age of 22 I decided that I needed a BA. Didnt matter that I had positively perky and adorable breasts, I wanted a better version of them. At the time I worked with a bunch of girls in Charlotte NC who had beautiful BA's but I wanted to save money (even though they all... READ MORE

I had a breast implants done in june 2015. I got 250cc saline implant submuscular through the crease. My right one had to be revised in July. It was higher up and pointing outward. It was weird, my nipple was pointing straight. Like my whole real boob was straight. I barely had any bottom half... READ MORE

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How much does a Breast Implant Revision cost?

The typical cost for a Breast Implant Revision ranges from $3,600-$9,000 with an average cost of $7,775. Costs will vary by surgeon, geographic region and the complexity of the procedure. Cost estimates are based on 2,178 patient reviews submitted on RealSelf. Learn more