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Breast implant revision surgery can address a variety of concerns following breast augmentation, including implant malfunction, capsular contracture, and dissatisfaction with breast size, among others. Revisions may involve changing the implant, fixing post-op sagging, or aligning asymmetrical breasts. LEARN MORE ›

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While there aren't many breast implant reduction posts and very few relating to small implant sizes, all of your stories have been have been helpful and illuminating. Thank you! I am 53 years old, 5'4, 120 pounds, 35.5" at breast center, 32.5" at bra bottom, 27" waist, 34" hips. My first and... READ MORE

I had a donut mastopexy w/implants 12 years ago after breastfeeding 2 babies. My breasts started sagging again over the last several years and they were uncomfortable and ugly. I had my silicone implants removed(one was completely ruptured), smaller silicone implants were placed sub muscularly;... READ MORE

Going in: 5'6", 125#, 30D Coming out: 30J My original set of implants, done in July of 2006, was performed in San Francisco by Dr. Usha Rajagopal; I felt she did a quite excellent job, but as time has gone on I've become increasingly dissatisfied with the size and shape of my implants, and knew... READ MORE

Hi all, I found this site in hopes of becoming a little more knowledgeable and finding some comfort from others and their journeys. Let me start by saying I've been unhappy with my first BA (40 years ago) because they soon after encapsulated and have been uncomfortable and hard ever since. I... READ MORE

In 1986 I got McGhan Double Lumin implants (inner silicone pocket/outer saline pocket). This was prior to when the FDA took silicone implants off the market & the Dow Corning class action law suit. Over the 27 years I had numerous health issues that I suspected were related to the... READ MORE

I had my first BA when I was 18, 420cc Saline implants.11 yrs later after working out I realized one deflated. I had initially thought about just removing them, but as it completely deflated it looked saggy. I decided to replace them with 500cc silicone implants. I had two consultations one out... READ MORE

I am 5'2", 116lbs, and a very active mother of 2 beautiful girls. Unfortunately, pregnancy has left me with a large diastasis (separation) of abs (5cm), which is very visible, and which has been limiting me in furthering my fitness levels due to a compromised core. It has also started... READ MORE

My 23 year- old saline implants still looked pretty good IN A PADDED, PUSH UP BRA!! haha And they were actually more comfortable that way because without a bra they were underneath my armpits. I think they really had bottomed out long ago but in last couple years with the added sagging skin that... READ MORE

Dr. William Wallace performed my BA and a full Tummy Tuck. My results are absolutely shocking. He gave me my life back! I have never seen another PS give the kind of result that Dr. Wallace gave me. He is phenomenal. I'll add more pictures and write another review for my TT. Thank you, Dr.... READ MORE

Sixteen years ago after having my first child I had 240cc saline Meghan over the muscle implants placed. I have been very happy with the results all these years. I have had and breastfed 3 kids since. Would like to fill up extra tissue and change to sientra cohesive gell. Wanted unders for... READ MORE

After being pregnant or nursing for five years I had sad, deflated 34B breasts I underwent a BA in 2002 and had McGhan saline high profile implants placed under the muscle. 350cc overfilled on one side to correct asymmetry. Over the years I've noticed small changes in the implants (size... READ MORE

I currently have 13 year old saline moderate profile 390 cc, sub muscular mentor implants. After breast feeding 4 children it's time to get the girls reset and pretty again! My doctor is Dr. Weiler, in Baton Rouge LA, his procedure is to deflate the current implants by drawing out the saline so... READ MORE

Back in 2008 I had a Breast Augmentation (at the Plastic Surgery Group) and now looking back I probably should of just had a lift, but for the first couple of years everything was fine with them and I enjoyed them. back in 2013 one of my implants started to leak so I had to have them replaced.... READ MORE

I had replacements of Saline implants 50ccs larger on both sides. During consultation Dr. advised me that I would need a lift to fix the sagging of my breast. He stated from the beginning that he did not have to do the full anchor but only around my areolas (since I wanted them smaller) and then... READ MORE

One year ago I got a TT and BA with Benelli lift. Unfortunately my body didn't heal as well as expected, I developed a severe capsular contracture on my R breast and some indentation with loosening or the pocket on my L breast one. My scars are hypertrophic. I spent a lot of money in biocorneum... READ MORE

8 years ago after having 4 children I had a tummy tuck and 325cc saline implants. I spent my life prior as a small B and always wanted to go bigger.My doctor was great but very conservative and convinced me that a "large C" was the best option so I went for it. Surgery and recovery was fine.I... READ MORE

Oh my gosh! I needed this 5 years ago, but just never made the time! I found Dr. Justin Jones and heard that he is a perfectionist, so I decided to go with him! Plus, his credentials make him look really smart, he's board certified, seems up to date on new technology and has his own surgical... READ MORE

I needed my 16yr old saline implants replaced, my right one had been steadily losing volume thru the years, but my original plastic surgeon was located in New Orleans (I am now living in PA) and the hassle and expense of traveling to back there was too much. I also was a small D cup and wanted... READ MORE

I have decided to document my journey with implants. I had started this earlier, but to my horror, the background in my pictures was very identifiable and I had to remove it. I will be smarter about it this time! When I was 18 (I was flat as a board) I saved enough money to get my first set of... READ MORE

To see and understand what I had done previously here are some links to my other reviews, and yes initially I was happy but it went down hill from there!. Now on to the positive review!... READ MORE

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