Breast Implant Revision

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Breast implant revision surgeries address dissatisfaction or complications with previous breast augmentations. Revisions can include changing the implant size, fixing post-op sag, or aligning asymmetrical breasts.

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I have had 2 implant upgrades over the last 20 years.i am ready to downsize, have a lift and look forward to having small breast! I will have my procedure on June 6 th, and I am nervous and excited? I am posting my before pics. My breasts are super large for my small frame. I am 5'4 and weigh... READ MORE

One of my implants had a capsular contraction making my breasts uneven. Wanted to even them out. Also both implants had ruptured to some degree. Dr. Yates was able to clean both of the breast pockets and insert new silicon implants without having to do any lift. He used my original scars which... READ MORE

I am so very pleased to have found Mr Ramakrishnan. I had my old implants replaced by my original PS and he messed me up. Mr Ramakrishnan not only corrected my results but surpassed my expectations by making me look as if i has also had a lift. I would one day like a tummy tuck, and i would only... READ MORE

I am 38 and decided that it was time to replace my old saline implants. They were submuscular so while my breast contour was fine, my skin was loose and saggy over the implant causing my nipples to wander a bit. I looked a bit snoopy-ish. I did my due diligence and went to several... READ MORE

After extensive research online, I found Dr. Ary Krau in Bal Harbour Miami, Florida. In August 2015 I flew down for a consult and met Dr. airy crown. I had a great consultation with him and felt very confident that he could fix my breast complications. He spent a lot of time with me and you... READ MORE

I'm loving my new revision by Dr. Krau. I thought I could get fixed but never this perfect! He's truly the master genius of breast revisions.Foremost, Dr. Krau is a wonderful, kind person and an even better plastic surgeon. He is an artist who truly enjoys his work and cares about the outcome... READ MORE

June of 2014 I got my first surgery done with 425cc high profile Natrelle implants. I was happy with the size but I began to notice that one breast was higher than the other, I had a huge gap, and when I would lay down my implants would shift into my arm pits. I knew something was wrong! I... READ MORE

Two years ago 4/2013, I got my breast augmentation. I went with 300cc full C/small D high profile memory gel silicone he convinced me to do above muscle (bad idea) so I had the natural look (with slight droop) and natural feeling breasts. everything went great but then 9 months later I realized... READ MORE

I'm 34 yo, and I have had my saline implants for a little over 10 years. They are awesome! No complaints about my look and feel...had an amazing surgeon in Scottsdale, AZ, Dr. John Corey.'s been 10 years...and now I want to go a little bigger and switch these bad girls out for... READ MORE

Now I am 1 month and 1 week post off with 375cc under the muscle..I feeling bwtter and better each day..I am happy with the I will remove my tape...with of course my doc instructions???? my nipples a bit dry..and I can feel they they want to drop ???? just want to know if theres... READ MORE

Hello! Ive posted questions before but this is my whole story. In August 2014 I had my long wanted Breast Augmentation. I was then 37 with 2 breast fed girls ages 1 and 3 and if I had small breasts before children I certainly had NO breasts after!!! So me and my husband decided to do something... READ MORE

I had my original surgery November 2014. I was so excited for summer!!!!! I put on my top, swam, got out of the pool and looked lopsided! I was so embarrassed. My surgeon did a revision and I am very pleased! Concerned with how long the stitches stay in because I'm developing sores where the... READ MORE

I am 30 years old with my 4th breast augmentation. My previous 3 breast augmentations were done in Texas. My first one was at 21, of course I was way to young and not enough experience to choose the right doctor at my young age. After my first augmentation, I waited 6 months to find another... READ MORE

Hi, I'm searching for a GREAT PS to do my revision which would include a lift and switch out of implants from saline to silicone. I've narrowed it down to dr Roudner or another Miami ps but really leaning towards dr roudner. Can anyone share with me their experiences? I'm nervous about the whole... READ MORE

I am 26 and I had my breasts enlarged at 22, as I was very flat chested. As I gained a little weight my breasts no longer looked great as implants felt more like pecs that didn't move on my chest and my natural grew on top. I was very unhappy with them for years and lost all confidence when... READ MORE

I wasn't sure if I was going to do a review or not but I hope this is helpful for someone. I had my first augmentation at 19 and I wouldn't even call myself an A before I was flat as a board. The first time around I got 350cc and I was never quite happy with it. I always knew I was going to have... READ MORE

When I was 21 I had had my first breast augmentation and went with saline implant and the surgeon put them over the muscle. I was never happy with them but I was young and thought I was stuck with what I got. I woke up during surgery and I feel like the doctor hurried to get the left one in... READ MORE

I went to Dr Taranow because I had a previous bad boob job that were too big and I had capsular contraction. I didn't know what to do,I even considered removing my silicone implants. Dr Taranow said he would give me smaller implants and a donut lift. The day of the surgery I had to literally... READ MORE

Alright you guys, it'll be round 2 for my next procedure! As you all know I got my first saline implants done by Dr.Hedden and yes I was happy with the results but now I want them higher and I want silicone implants instead of my saline. I've been emailing Christina back and forth from Dr. Ary... READ MORE

So in 2011 I finally won the fight and got my hubby to agree to my BA. We scrapped up the money and I got my new girls. I loved them at first. Thought they were perfect for my body type. I'm 5'3" at the time weighed 133 lbs. I wanted to go natural not too big and I went with high profile overs... READ MORE

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