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Breast implant revision surgery can address a variety of concerns following breast augmentation, including implant malfunction, capsular contracture, and dissatisfaction with breast size, among others. Revisions may involve changing the implant, fixing post-op sagging, or aligning asymmetrical breasts. LEARN MORE ›

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Downsize Implants 200cc Range & Revision Full Anchor Lift. Beverly Hills, CA

I decided to post my journey into my revision because of the limited reviews available in the 200cc range of breast implants. I want to start off by saying first that I loved everything about my augment/mastopexy except for the size. My PS did an amazing job and I feel confident that he will... READ MORE

47yr Old 475cc Silane Replace with Shaped Silicone

I am 47 year old , 5'7" 125lb that currently has 475cc round saline implants over the muscle. My implants were inserted thru under arm incisions in 2000. My breasts are now sagging and look like deflated balloons. I am active and small framed so would like new boobs that I can work out with... READ MORE

47 Years Old - Full Tummy Tuck, Breast Lift W/implants and Thigh Lift. Louisville, KY

Hello everyone! On December 23, 2015 I had a full tummy tuck and breast lift with implants (used the same ones I already had as they were only 3 years old) and February 1, 2016 I go in for a Medial Thigh Lift. I've posted pictures of my breast and tummy procedures. Pics 4 days after and 4... READ MORE

37 Year Old Mom in Need of a Lift! Miami, FL

So where to start?! I've been on this site for awhile now... Mostly just researching Dr's. I'm a 37 year old Mom of 3 who gained and lost a lot of weight each pregnancy. Finally about 5 years ago I underwent breast aug surgery, at the time I was borderline needing a lift. So here I am 5yrs later... READ MORE

Implant After Explant and Can't Wait! - Scottsdale, AZ

I previously posted on the explant forum but that got depressing for me because most women were happy not to have their implants anymore. I want mine back in the worse way! My story is, I had my implants exchanged in April 2016 for a better type of implant called the " tear drop " or gummy bear"... READ MORE

27 Year Old Needed Revision Bottoming out and Capsular Contracture

So I got breast implants in September 2015 , I was 25 , I had saved all my money over a couple years to be able to pay the 10,000 cash! My doctor in Regina Sk, who shall not be named as of now, told me that since I have not much breast tissue , that I could only go for 350 cc high profile! Keep... READ MORE

Breast Implant Revision 425 Cc Hp Saline to 800 Cc Hp Silicone Cohesive Gel

My experience was wonderful with Dr. Horton. I went to him for my second breast job because he is more comfortable doing a larger implant. My first doctor did a wonderful job but he is very fluent with a natural look. Dr. Horton was very similar and great, he was pleasure to work with and... READ MORE

24yr Old Mother of 1 Breast Revision W/ Revis Boob God 3/4/15 - Fort Lauderdale, FL

I had bottoming out of my right breast and capsular contracture of the left breast after first BA. First BA was with dr leonard gray and cost me 7200$. Had my first child feb 2014. Bottoming out and cc got worse after child. Went to dr don revis 3/4/15 for revision. Went from 500cc saline under... READ MORE

30 with No Children. Implant Revision. Currently 375cc's and Increasing to 600-650cc's. Correcting a Double Bubble.

This being my second augmentation, I know what to expect pain wise. I'm not worried about that. I want my implants to look round and full. Currently, at 375 cc's, I don't have much cleavage and they are not round but look more natural. I went under the muscle and will repeat the same placement... READ MORE

34yrs, 2nd BA, 2 Kids, Ruptured Allergan Implant - Leeds, GB

Hi Ladies! This is my 2nd review on RS. My 1st is posted in the breast implant removal area as initially I was unsure of whether or not to replace. Click on my profile and you'll find it there if you are interested in my background story I had my 1st BA in 2007 at Leeds BUPA. I was a 34AA... READ MORE

BA Révision - Going Bigger, Closer

Hello, I had my first BA 2 years ago, i had 375cc under muscle, Mentor moderate plus profil. I change my 375 cc to 560cc 2 weeks ago. I have 560cc Natrelle Inspira round Full profil. I m very happy with the résultats. Also i m only 2 weeks post op and i can see already a différence betewen M... READ MORE

48 Years Old Now Kids

Dr Palladino is amazing, I have done 3 breast augmentation 800 ccs ,1300 ccs and now 1750 ccs saline and and a few months I'm going to on other surgeries with hem,his great!!!and I'm recommend it to anyone, my experience is great the staff really good and very professional they always... READ MORE

Dr. Baxter Exceeds my Expectations

I'm going to make this shirt and sweet. I paid top dollar to a REAL SELF doctor for a mommy makeover in 2012. My tummy tuck went great and my initial breast aug was great except I had a double bubble. He choose too big of a size for my body and I PAID with time, money and tears. I was j. A... READ MORE

Breast implant exchange

I am 25, no kids, 5'7 and around 145-150 lbs. I got my implants that I have now in Feb 2010. I was 20 at the time and went from a negative A cup (lol, aka: back flat) to a C cup. Well it's been 5 years and I am ready to upgrade to larger, fuller, and a more extensive cleavage!!!! I am going to... READ MORE

650CC Breast Implant Exchange with Internal Bra - La Mesa, CA

I am a 5’6,125 pound, 33 year mother of two (ages 5 and 9) and had 400CC breast implants installed over 12 years ago. I was very happy with my procedure since prior to the surgery I literally had “A” cup breasts with no shape at all. Over the years my wonderful breasts started to stretch out t... READ MORE

Breast Implant Revision to 840's

Hi everyone. I currently have 460/520's round, ehr, overs. Love them, love the shape but not big enough. So going for bigger. Surgeon can only fit in 840's. was hoping for 1000cc but hopefully these new girls will be big enough. I'm 5ft 5, slim build and currently 32F. So here we go again. At... READ MORE

Dr Revis Breast Revision Disaster - Fort Lauderdale, FL

I went in for revision and after the surgery looked worse and still in pain after 5 months. I had several other consultations and have to redo the whole surgery. I am deformed and in pain. Dr.Revis offered come back and redo with double the price. He is very unprofessional and doesn't care about... READ MORE

3 Month Post Op / Burning W/pain in Left Breast / Sloping Down and Sitting on my Skin - Brandon, FL

I'm 43 yrs old . I just had my 3rd breast revisional / augmentation / silicone . Ive just recently recovered from my surgery . During this 3rd month . Recently , I lifted my arm over my head and noticed pain n burning under my left breast . Which also is sloping down , as though it dropped .... READ MORE

47 Yrs Active C to D Cup Revision 445 Cc PIP Saline Replaced 695 HP Silicone

Hello, First of all thank you to all of you who write blogs, comments, day by day improvements etc.! This site was amazing for the photos of what I wanted to look like after surgery. I had my PIP Mentor implants first surgery February of 2001. The bags started to ripple and I wasn't... READ MORE

Third Time's the Charm...I Finally Found the Right Surgeon! Thank You for the Transformation Dr. Rahban!

I decided to get breast implants in my late 30's while living in Florida. I was referred to a plastic surgery clinic by my dermatologist's staff. They said they'd recently had a patient come in with fabulous results after her mommy makeover. I called the office inquiring about a consultation... READ MORE

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