Breast Implant Revision

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Breast implant revision surgery can address a variety of concerns following breast augmentation, including implant malfunction, capsular contracture, and dissatisfaction with breast size, among others. Revisions may involve changing the implant, fixing post-op sagging, or aligning asymmetrical breasts. LEARN MORE ›

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37 Yr. Old Implants Removed with Fat Transfer to Breasts. Chicago, IL

I decided to tell my story on RealSelf because I enjoyed reading people's experience on their own journey. All the positive and negative feedback is very helpful especially for me as I'm extremely nervous. So I'm 37. 5'5" tall and my current weight is 145. My bra size is 36B. I had Saline... READ MORE

Revision from 325cc to 550 or 600cc HP Gel Silicone Unders

My first BA was 325cc HP silicone gel unders. I'm now ready for more volume & cleavage. Considering 550cc or 600cc with same implant (HP mentor smooth round gummy gel silicone). I am active in the gym and was initially scared to get BA. I didn't want ppl noticing that I had the procedure... READ MORE

30 yo, Lift w/o Scars, Implant Exchange, Moderate Plus, 235cc, Silicone, Under - Avoided a proper Breast Lift! - Miami, FL

My 1st breast augmentation (with another surgeon) was in 2014 - 28 years old, no kids, yo-yo weight lost and gained for years, and my breasts had essentially deflated. I made a rash decision, didn't research at all, didn't search for reviews on the surgeon, nothing. Please don't make the same... READ MORE

5'7" 140 Lbs 38 Yrs. Revision of Pocket with Nipple Lift 450HP, Want 700 UHP!! - Overland Park, KS

I've had my current implants, Mentor smooth round 450hp under muscle, for just over 2 years. Before my augmentation I wore a padded 34a bra. I wanted fullness and perkiness, but shortly after my BA it became apparent that my implants had shifted to my armpits and I also needed a bit of a lift.... READ MORE

Breast Lift with New Implants

Had my original augmentation 22years ago, 1994. They've been great, but with time and age my actual breast tissue has slid off of my mussel. I've been wanting to have this surgery for about 10 years now, but due to the expense I've had to wait and now the time has finally come!!!! My current bra... READ MORE

49 Years Old Having Replacement Surgery, 10 Year Old Rt. Deflated. They Were Great. Kalispell, MT

The first time went so well, I'm hoping for this to be the same. Couldn't ask for anything more. I am hoping by going up a size to achieve more roundness and lift! Excited,but terrified as always to be undergoing surgery. Last time I also had a tummy tuck after kids stretch:). So, I won't... READ MORE

Implants with Lift and Revision All in 11 Months

I have a breast lift and implants put in March 2016, my left implant never dropped due to a capsule and they went in Feb 2017 to correct the implant placement, some skin tightening on right breast along with areola reduction. I seem to be getting around better than after first surgery. I am... READ MORE

Breast Implant Replacement from Saline 450 to Silicone 600

I have researched for about a year now several surgeons. I made my appointment for 3/9/2017 with Dr. Campos León in tijuana. My friend recently got BBL with him and she looks amazing! The consultation was very specific, answered all my questions. I live about 3 hours from their office, ... READ MORE

Breast Uplift and Implant Replacement

I would highly recommend Adam Kalecinski & the team at Noa clinic (Europe surgery) I have been to see Adam before 3 years ago for Rhinoplasty & Blephroplasty & therefore didn't think twice when I needed Breast implant replacement (PIP implants 15 years ago). I booked via Europe... READ MORE

39 1 Child - Knoxville, TN

It's been 19 years since my first implants. I was 20 years old at the time. After child of course my breast have gave me problems and look nothing like they use to. I would like to have cleavage, perky, and a nice size for my body. It's just time I have them replaced and fixed. When I took the... READ MORE

Revised Bottom out Breast and Rhino - San Antonio, TX

I had bottom out breast, my nipple was extremely high, the doctor listened to my concerns and fixed my breast beautifully. I Switched from saline to silicone , he stitched my breast so it would hold the implant .A month post op and I love the results , he also fixed my nose that I love! Third... READ MORE

New Year, New Boobs! 34 Years Old, 2 Kids, Implant Revision with Full Lift, Galaflex Silicone Sientra HP 385, 415 107 Implants.

I had a previous breast aug (saline 420 CC) and donut lift in 2002. After 2 pregnancies, fluctuation of weight, the weight of the implants, and my skin thinning, the implants were bottoming out and falling out of the pocket and down the chest wall. They would also fall to the sides when laying... READ MORE

23 Year Old Breast and Scar Revision - Miami, FL

I would recommend Dr.Krau in a heartbeat. I had a tummy tuck done four years ago and a breast lift with implant last year with another surgeon. My left breast was malpositioned and bottomed out after three months post op. After debating whether to go with my initial surgeon or going with Krau I... READ MORE

33 Y/O Ready to Take out Old Implants and Replace with New Ones and a Lift! Riverside, CA

I'm 5'2 I weight about 118. Implants right now are RT 280 LT 315 done previously by a Doctor in Orange County ( I wont give the name) I had so many problems with that office but I was young and wanted bigger breast and should have did more research. So now they don't look anything like what... READ MORE

Dr. Minniti Fixed my Breasts :) Downsized to Natrelle 410 ML 195 Ccs, from Sientra 325 Ccs, with a Benelli Lift

Dr. Minniti replaced my original implants, which felt like rocks and were too far apart. I thought Natrelle 410s would be harder than my original Sientras, but Dr. Minniti assured me they would be soft and natural, and he was right. I have very wide spaced breasts ~ Dr. Minniti moved my implants... READ MORE

550cc Silicone Round Implants

I had surgery yesterday , went from 435cc round implants to 550cc round implants , my surgeon did guess my previous implants were 350cc as I couldn't remember the size as such a long time ago , as it happens they were 435cc so I haven't gone up as much as I hoped , my aim was to also decrease... READ MORE

Breast Revision

Alright you guys, it'll be round 2 for my next procedure! As you all know I got my first saline implants done by Dr.Hedden and yes I was happy with the results but now I want them higher and I want silicone implants instead of my saline. I've been emailing Christina back and forth from Dr. Ary... READ MORE

Vitenas is awesome

445cc Natrelle Inspira SRM, moderate profile, under muscle, inframammary incision I just woke up.. no bruising, no blood, barely any swelling.. just feel tender. I am so amazed i could cry. I never thought i could have pretty boobs. My first augmentation i had for about 12 years.. 240cc... READ MORE

Update, Breast Revision After Infection - Houston, TX

I had a breast revision after getting an infection in my right breast in August 2016. My surgeon suggest I wait 6 months to be sure I was totally healed before putting the new implant back in. So on Monday January 23rd was the day. Our plan was to remove my left breast implant and change it for... READ MORE

Full Breast Lift with Implant Exchange. Saline to Silicone. - Hudson, FL

Age 42 Mom of 2 and breastfed each. Height 5’4” Current weight 115 Rib cage 28.5” Waist 26” Hips 37” BWD left 12.5 / right 13 Pre-existing Mentor Saline Implants 300cc overfilled to 324cc on left and 370cc on right New implants Natrelle Inspira SRF Left 415cc & Right 485cc Cost: $7,920 (after $7... READ MORE

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