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Bad augmentation .. implants never dropped.. 11 years on wanting revision

I had implants 11 years ago .. my implants always remained high they never dropped. I like my Breast with a bra on but not without. As I have the high pole.i get told my Breast look saggy without a bra,I've never Been happy without a bra what Is the best breast lift I can have with new implants... READ MORE

29years old, 5'9 and 155lbs, revision with lateral pocket plication

Ten years ago, I had breast augmentation. Being as insecure as I was, I didn't strongly voice what I wanted or the look I was hoping to achieve. I also picked a surgeon based on price and not how he and his staff made me feel, which wasn't the best. My results weren't awful, but they definitely... READ MORE

28 Implant Exchange Overfilled Saline Implants 510 to 860

28 Implant Exchange Overfilled Saline Implants 510 to 860. Also I receive  front and flanks liposuction very aggressive dr. Tim is a very amazing doctor  I got in surgery with not too much fat so he was able to take out 1000 cc of fat which is 1L of fat and I look amazing Today... READ MORE

Revision of bilateral areola and implant exchange

I'm 50 year old, 5'4" 140#. I had a lift with 605 cc HP natrelle implants under the muscle on February 14, 2017. (I also had a reduction done about 5 years prior. I then lost 80# and they deflated). At the time, I wanted to look like I had implants in a loose fitting shirt but they turned out... READ MORE

No regrets!

I had my first surgery overseas when I was about 20. I never really noticed I had a problem until about 10 years later when I watched a TV series about plastic surgeries that went wrong and saw a story about a girl who had capsular contracture. I then realised that my implants are sitting way... READ MORE

Dr. Pousti is a true gem

This was my 4th BA with 4 different surgeons but my 1st revision with Dr. Pousti so I have much to compare to. With my prior surgeries, I never researched plastic surgeons. With all I'd been though I decided that if I was going to go though this again I needed to make certain that I was in good... READ MORE

Getting my Boobs Redone After 8 Years. 1kid Going from 325cc to 475

My first procedure was November 2010 and now I want to go bigger like I should've done at first. My first experience was amazing I started food a small A cup then after I had my son in 2008 my boobs disappeared I was just all nipples. I was very insecure. I did research for about 2 before I ... READ MORE

400cc Saline Implants Exchanged for 565 Sentera Textured Silicone and Loving Them - Dallas, TX

Had 400cc saline implants placed in on 10/10/2014 and unfortunately started bottoming out @ 3 months.I went in to see Dr. Hubbard at 11 months and we decided a revision and pocket repair was needed. I had them replaced on 10/07/2015 with 565 sentra textured and so far they are looking great.... READ MORE

2nd boob job. 800cc SRX Natrelle Silicone implants

So I recently decided that I wanted to go bigger from my previous 440cc. I did end up going 800( largest silicone you can go currently) i just got it done but I am very happy I did this. I have the SRX style and high profile, bc they are closer together. The ultra high profile were not as close... READ MORE

Simple Implant Exchange Gone Horribly Wrong. Miami, FL

My breasts weren't horribly bad, I just wanted to exchange saline overs to silicone unders for better coverage, mammograms, and regain some of the lost shape and volume from breast feeding While my experienced, board certified surgeon told me to "trust him, they will look awesome" they are so... READ MORE

Breast Revision

I had surgery with Dr. Lawton on August 29th everything went amazing like it did when I had it 9 years ago. I developed an upper respiratory infection a week after I had the surgery. I live out of town about 3 hours away and had to go to the emergency room because of bleeding. Dr. Lawton and his... READ MORE

50 Year Old Five Foot Six 135 Lb, Changing out 10 Year Old 400cc Saline Under Muscle for 550cc Silicone Implants.

Dr. Bosshardt performed my first surgery back in 2007 and did a wonderful job. He also did breast surgery on two of my sisters, we were all very pleased with his work. I am currently 5 days out from surgery very excited to get this done, doctor ordered 525 CC and 550cc and we'll make the choice... READ MORE

Downsizing to 200cc low profile, 5'9", no kids, from anatomic to round implants

I had my first BA done in June 2014, went with atomic furry Brazilians. They look ok but they feel too firm & feel like they're stuck to my chest so I've decided to change them for round implants . Measurements: Height:5'9" Weight: 68 BF:12cm Current implant :315 moderate & 365 high... READ MORE

31 Years Old. This Will Be my 4th Revision. This Time with Dr Revis! - Fort Lauderdale, FL

Hi ladies! I'm 31 years old and will be having my 4th augmentation with the boob god Dr Revis! I am from Georgia and flew to Ft Lauderdale today for my pre op. Surgery day is in the morning! I'm currently with Sientra gel implants size 575cc moderate profile. I'm switching out to saline... READ MORE

New Boobies! - Tijuana, MX

I had to start a new review since I will not be going to GDL for my surgery anymore. Feel free to read my old review because it goes into some detail about my previous BA surgery back in 2013 and it includes pictures. I will be posting some pre pics as the date gets closer. I contacted a few... READ MORE

Got Big Chest Again 700 Cc

Had my first cosmetic surgery ever last June 24. I was literally flat chested and wanted 700cc. I ended up getting 650cc. It was just a month and a week but my breast looks phenominal! It dropped dramatically in a very short period of time! I am very happy. And the fact that it’s been only a m... READ MORE

Bilateral Capsulectomy, Replacement of Implants and Breast Lift (42 Y/o, and 400cc)

4 weeks ago I had a Bilateral Capsulectomy, Mastopexy (breast lift) and implants replacement by Dr. Gabriel Chiu. I'm 42 y/o, had my implants placed 10 years ago (by another doctor) and had a very bad case of capsular contracture that had me in lots of pain for a few years which was the main... READ MORE

Got Desired Results Breast Lift with Implant

Let me start by saying that after two previous breast surgeries, Dr. Cortes finally was able to give me what I have desired all along! He offers consultations at no charge, answers all your questions, gives honest opinions and gives you realistic expectations. He operates at a surgery center so... READ MORE

39 Yr Old with 5 Children

I'm needing a Brest revision and was looking to go 650cc saline, but now I'm thing go big or go home. I'm looking to do 800 cc silicone HP I do plan to do tummy tuck after revision. I don't think I want to del wig too much pain at one time. I have enough hips and thighs to work with, I'm hoping... READ MORE

32 year old in need of a revision of 11 year old implants

So far my recovery is going well. I couldn't be happier with my size and the surgeon I picked. My left boob is taking a little longer to drop into the pocket but that is the breast I needed the revision on. OK so I decided to write a review because it was really hard to find people with my... READ MORE

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