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Breast implant revision surgeries address dissatisfaction or complications with previous breast augmentations. Revisions can include changing the implant size, fixing post-op sag, or aligning asymmetrical breasts. LEARN MORE ›

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After choosing too small of an implant a year ago, disliking implant replacement with pectoral contraction, and realizing the left breast actually had about 75cc tissue, my surgeon and I found implants that fits my proportions and height better, and does not displace with slight pocket... READ MORE

Surgery scheduled for 6/1/16, 5 years ago I was a 32A, I breastfed all of my children but my last child really deflated what little breast tissue I had left so I decided on breast augmentation. I was never happy that my nipples were not symmetrical and I really expected bigger breasts. So here I... READ MORE

I had an an anchor lift with saline implants by a surgeon in Kansas and bottomed out just a few months later. I mistakenly went back to the same surgeon to address my concerns and he said it was "just my skin" as in I just had bad luck and I would need another lift to fix it. I had the same... READ MORE

Dr. Batra is the best plastic surgeon in all of Southern California. I had a breast augmentation 6 years ago and the results were horrible. I needed a lift, new implants and get them closer together. I booked a surgery date with a surgeon I wasn't sold on so at the last minute, I went and saw Dr... READ MORE

Back in 2008 I had a Breast Augmentation (at the Plastic Surgery Group) and now looking back I probably should of just had a lift, but for the first couple of years everything was fine with them and I enjoyed them for the most part. After a few years one of my implants started to leak so I had... READ MORE

Wasn't sure what to expect just knew it was now or never. I am 54 year old mother of 4, grandmother of 5. I have wanted to fix my tummy for 24 years, every since I had a hysterectomy. The doctor did a horrible job closing me up do to the emergency of the surgery. I had went into cardiac arrest... READ MORE

This review is not only for Dr. Vincent Lepore, but also his wonderful staff! I had a breast augmentation when I was 19 back in 2009 and got 325cc High Profile. I had wanted moderate but they said it was too wide for my frame. Moderate plus later became available and I knew it was exactly what I... READ MORE

In 2003 I had saline implants and was a size C. After breath feeding 2 kids my skin wasnt as tight and other did not want scares from a lift so I decided to go a little bigger to fill in the extra skin. Originally the doctor wanted 315 - 415 cc silicone but was not sure that would be large... READ MORE

Had my first consultation with Dr. Eugene Kim a few months ago because I was unsatisfied with how my breast appeared after my first breast augmentation about a year ago with another surgeon. At our initial visit dr. Kim was very personable and informative. He made me aware that I had developed... READ MORE

Hi my name is Jess I had a BA 12 years ago after my first 2 children and since than have had 2 more who are now 2 and 1. I have gained weight so feel like mine are way to small now. I've decided with my Dr on 800ccs so I don't go smaller and want them bigger later. (Booby greed at its finest) I... READ MORE

My goal is to achieve what I have had for the last 11 years. I am lucky my breast has stayed perky. I have filled a DD bra for years. This time around I am scared, I guess from my past history. The first one augmentation, I had revision 3 times which was done in PA. I have to believe that... READ MORE

I need a revision. My implants developed a capsular contracture after breast feeding my second child. I had my implants deflated yesterday, and I really appreciate the smaller, natural look (in clothes). The deflation left my breasts concave. I would love to not have the implants replaced, but... READ MORE

I have not chose a Surgeon yet however I think I will be going with Dr. Luara Carmina Cardenas based on her reviews and all the pictures. I am 5'2" and have wanted a tummy tuck for a VERY long time! I got implants in 2007 and I do not like the shape or size of them at all hoping they look... READ MORE

I had saline implants ( moderate smooth) 550, overfilled to 600. I've had them for 8 years. Now, I thought of 8 years they were 500 fills to 550 cc . Not sure hose fault that miscommunication that is. I started talking about getting my implants replace due to a level 2 encapsulation and they... READ MORE

Got my first implants 19 years ago. Chose saline 300 cc left/310 cc right placed over the muscle. I was a fitness instructor and concerned about muscle distortion. Lots of fear about silicone at that time also. Things have changed both in implants and body. Breast fed two kids for 9-12 months,... READ MORE

I went in to see Dr. Irv for a breast augmentation revision and could not be happier so far. I went from 375cc saline implants to 800cc uhp implants. He has been such a good doctor and really knows what he is doing. Truly an artist in the industry. The entire staff makes you feel like a friend... READ MORE

I went to Dr. Janet Salmonson almost 18 years ago for breast implants. I did a lot of research and wanted to go from a small C cup to a full D. My results were so great I remembered her and decided to look her up here on realself. She was such a great lady. I ended up going to her a second time... READ MORE

I'm really torn between Drs I already paid a deposit to secure my date with dr Feng Chong, but today I went for consult with dr Giuffre and he was amazing and honestly I liked him better then another one But I couldn't find anywhere pictures of his work Would any one have suggest or share... READ MORE

Got my first ba when I was 26 and hated them but now I'm finally getting then corrected and getting a bbl to go along with it too! Super excited that I moved my date up 10 days earlier. I originally planned for 3/14 and moved it up to 3/3!!! I appreciate this community for sharing all your... READ MORE

Hello everyone! I originally got my breast augmentation back in September 2003 (Mentor, saline, smooth, round, moderate profile, above muscle, 300cc filled to (?) I can't remember). Last month I noticed that my left boob started to look smaller and flatter than my right. I went back to my PS and... READ MORE

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