Breast Implant Revision

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Breast implant revision surgeries address dissatisfaction or complications with previous breast augmentations. Revisions can include changing the implant size, fixing post-op sag, or aligning asymmetrical breasts.

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I had breat augmentation 3 months ago with 360 cc gel textured implant subglandular with under breast scare. My breast was a bit saggy before the operation and my left side a little bit smaller, my surgeron told me before the operation that it wasnt necessary to put a bigger size on my left... READ MORE

This is my first post on RealSelf... I actually just stumbled onto this site while doing BA research... and I'm so glad I did! I had a breast augmentation when I was almost 18. My boobs were small for my frame, and uneven, and were a huge reason for my self confidence, or rather, lack thereof.... READ MORE

First surgery was 2010 in EF Medispa with dr Maurino Joffily (not worth it). Had 2 rejections after, was advised to have D cup (300ml) implants under the skin which stretched my skin and I had to do another operation in 5 years ( 2015) and lift my breasts and put implants under the muscles (450... READ MORE

I only discovered Realself around 2 days before my 2nd BA & I have therefore put off doing a review. I will start it now & hope that I don't miss things out or forget things. Please feel free to message me if you have any questions or if you would like to comment on my post you're more than... READ MORE

Hi girls, I had a mommy make over last November by another doctor, it turned that after 6 post post surgery I developed Capsular Contracture in both of my breast but more in my right one. I approached Dr. Irving Rodriguez Lopez to do my surgery this time and I can't be happier with my results.... READ MORE

I tried to start a journey here but some how it didn't work. But I will try again. It all began when I was 20yo. (About 1979) Ba #1. I was about 115lbs, 5'3" had not sure what silicone overs. I'm thinking 250cc Ba #2 (about ten years later) had cc had them replaced. Same doc. Went with 350cc... READ MORE

Have 12 year old implants. I'm fit and very thin skinned. This is my 4 set. First set was silicon 350 2nd set 600 saline 3 rd was 800 high profile silicon 4 set with saline 1200 to 1500 cc. I'm hoping the strattice will help thicken the skin it is 3,000 a piece and I need 2 to 4 so better it ... READ MORE

One of my saline implants deflated in October and I had a Dr. Ijad had them for 15 years. Morgan in Atlanta deflate the other one. At the time, I couldn't afford surgery. In November, sent Dr. Brown pic and I had a phone consult. His assistant booked a preop and a surgery date for the 21st of... READ MORE

I have three kids all spaced very far apart. I have ten year old 375 overfilled to 425cc saline implants that are now very saggy due to pregnancy after primary implant procedure. I also nursed my son for a year. Would like smaller, perkier, more youthful breasts. Tired of large matronly breasts... READ MORE

I had my first BA in November 2011 performed by another PS. I was satisfied with the "natural look" at the time but as time progressed I wanted something more. After 8 months of research and deliberation I decided on revisionary ba with capsuloraphy. Every review I found about Dr. Pousti led me... READ MORE

I'm an interior designer and have always appreciated balance, scale, and proportion. I'm 5'7", 117 lbs. In 2002 I had a BA, 280cc, saline. I never regretted the procedure. Now, 13 years later, I'm wanting fuller silicone implants. Dr. Whitlock will be removing the old 280cc saline implants and... READ MORE

My implants were hard and painful I Had them redone I ended up getting an infection and had to have one of the implants removed with a capsulectomy Now I only have one breast and I have to wait for reconstuction Two surgeries so far and more to go Not Happy Before the infection I was very... READ MORE

So I went to Dr Daniel Yamini on June 4th 2013. I got a breast revision from a previous botch job in Miami . An areola reduction, lipo on my flanks inner legs outter legs and above the knee cap, hips and Brazilian butt lift , fat transfer from hips. Dr Yamini bedside manner is the best I've ever... READ MORE

Let me start by saying I'm overweight for my height...Before my first Ba I was a 34a and I had decided to get my breast done due to having a baby and no longer having a chest, so I had decided to get 510cc under the muscle, round saline thru my armpit. Which set me at a 34d and that was 11 years... READ MORE

I just had the mommy makeover with full body lipo sculpture, breast implant exchange, and bbl with Dr. Carlos Ontiveros in reynosa mx. Im currently one week post op today and this hasnt been easy but as each day passes it does get easier. 6 months ago i had the bbl procedure with dr cortes here... READ MORE

Hi! I had my first augmentation last august ( anatomical unders 315 high profile. ) but have been so unhappy with the results, thanks to this site and then googling I discovered that my boobs looked odd because the implants were placed too high. the nipples point down and there is no underboob.... READ MORE

I had my first BA at 21 years old due to the unfortunate fact that I had tuberous breasts that were also almost 2 awkwardly shaped cup sizes different (left was barely an A cup, right was almost a C)....its been 12 years and I am dealing with rippling of course, but more so my aggravation is the... READ MORE

After developing capsular contractor 10 years after my first breast augmentation I decided to go to dr Lim to ask what my options were. He told me he would change implant position and change implants from smooth to textured. All these things should help for capsular contracture to not reoccur... READ MORE

I saw my breast on my left side was getting saggy, I thought it was a possible leakage of the implant. I wasn't sure due to the fact it I have had two children and breast fed both and I am 42 and well your body changes. All in all I wasn't happy with my implants any longer. I knew I was going... READ MORE

I am beyond happy with Dr. Leach and his staff. They were so friendly and made me feel right at home. I contacted him due to a ruptured implant. I called him on Monday and was seen on Wednesday. I felt very comfortable with him, his knowledge and his confidence to give me what I wanted. I was... READ MORE

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