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Breast implant revision surgery can address a variety of concerns following breast augmentation, including implant malfunction, capsular contracture, and dissatisfaction with breast size, among others. Revisions may involve changing the implant, fixing post-op sagging, or aligning asymmetrical breasts. LEARN MORE ›

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Much Needed Implant Revision - Charlotte, NC

I am a 41 year old with 16 year old smooth round 375cc Mentor implants under the muscle with distortion and capsular contracture. I went to several surgeons due to past surgical experience. I was very scared, nervous, apprehensive, and any other emotions I could feel. I didn't feel as bad as I... READ MORE

BA Revision or Removal?

I always was self conscious of my very small breasts. In the 80's and 90's big was the look, and mine were tiny. In the early 90's I nursed my baby for nine months and had grown to a 34DD then shrunk back to a 34AA. My first surgery was in November 1996 when I was almost 26. The implants were... READ MORE

3 Times a Charm! 3rd Breast Augmentation

I had a mommy makeover in 2013 BA & TT by Dr. Basu (I do not recommend him 1 star) and nothing looked right. He did not fix my hernia and I still had a bulging stomach. My breast had so much rippling that they were unattractive. Dr. Lomonco (Texas) redid my mommy makeover and my stomach looked... READ MORE

47, Replacing Old Implant with Lift and Smaller Implant!

It's tomorrow! Finally getting rid of these saggy old things! 12 years ago after a big weight loss I didn't want the scars of a lift so I settled in a 375cc over the muscle tear drop implant. Clearly that was not the best decision as they are now very heavy and saggy. I am having a full lift... READ MORE

Saline BA to Symmastia Correction

Hi everyone! I'm 21, 5'7 and 158 pounds! I have booked my BA with Dr Jugenburg at the Toronto Cosmetic Surgery Institue for October 14th, 2015. I have always been very flat chested (and self conscious) so I decided to save up for a BA! I had my first consultation yesterday and was extremely... READ MORE

Capsulorrhaphy to Repair Lateral and Inferior Displacement (Bottoming Out)

I haven't seen many reviews on my type of revision surgery so wanted to share my experience for girls going through a similar journey. My right breast turned out very well but the left one became displaced. I went back to my original PS for a revision. The doctor sewed up the inside of my pocket... READ MORE

30 Year Old Mother of Four All Breastfed.

I currently have 385cc saline mentor implants under and a full lift done in 2012 doing a implant exchange in 2 weeks to inspira implants not sure size yet looking at 500-600cc moderate profile I believe. After my last child I lost most of my upper fullness. I'm very excited for tomorrow my... READ MORE

Saline to Silicone Implant Revision

I want to start off by saying thank you to everyone that has contributed on Real Self as your experiences and reviews helped motivate me in making my decision to do a breast implant revision. I originally had a breat lift in 2007, and a year later in 2008 had saline mentor 450cc mentor implants... READ MORE

BA REVISION 370cc Sientra Gummy to 545cc Natrelle Inspira Silicone Round SRXHP

So it has been about a year and a half now and while I have enjoyed my new breasts, I have at times struggled to not fill out a dress the way I would like. Also the gummies are a bit hard and not very malleable. I've scheduled a breast implant revision. I'll be going up to a 545 CC Natrelle... READ MORE

Breast Implant Exchange with Breast Lift and Liposuction. Dominican Republic, DO

I'm not one to write reviews but I had to share my experience when I traveled to Santo Domingo, DR to get surgery on 10/2/2015. It's kind of long but getting surgery is pretty serious and when I was looking through reviews I appreciated the ones that were more detailed and I hope this helps. I... READ MORE

Bad Breast Implant Surgery That Almost Took my Life.

He could of cared less what he did to me. All he could say is when I got better he would put more in like I would ever let him touch me again. Now he no longer responds to me. I should of known in another country they know you can't come after them to hold them accountable for there actions. ... READ MORE

35 - Miami FL

Super nervous . Going in for my 5 th breast revision. This time with Dr . Ary Krau. Hopeing it's my last . I've had reaccuring capsular contracture in both breasts . Dr Krau seems to have a great plan for me . I will need ADM in both breasts . Pretty expensive 2000$ a sheet. Just excited and... READ MORE

49 Years Old - Finally Starting the Better Half of My Life with New Breasts!

A few years ago I found Dr. Pousti through a beautiful girl with a Body by Pousti t-shirt. This was right after I went to my first consult with a surgeon in Indianapolis. I wasn't too satisfied with the consult, so I decided to pursue a consultation with Dr. Pousti. Being a double-board... READ MORE

Breasts Sagging After X2kids So B/Lift and Smaller Implants Wanted - PICS to COME

Procedure Type - Breast Lift with new Implants (see my other reviews as I had 3 procedures altogether) Overall review of Procedure I had a Breast Lift with removal of old implants and new, smaller Implants put in with Dr Mahyar Amjadi and I'm extremely happy with his surgical skills and his... READ MORE


I had my first augmentation 10 years ago, saline implants over the muscle. I wanted the "fake look". Large, high and round. Wasnt happy with their appearance anymore, after 10 years, they were sagging and became separated. I wanted to go much larger. So I had them redone just over a week... READ MORE

Sill issue after revision capsulectomy 350cc to 304 cc but now on other side - Petite

I'm concern on how the modification of the pockets were done resulting in more issues than before. I am 5'1" fluctuating 98 lbs 44 years old now w/ 2 breast fed kids. 1st go - 450cc HP summer of ‘07. Revision end of Feb ‘08 to 350cc Mod+. Submuscular areola incision. I relied on the surgeon to ... READ MORE

New Boobies! - Tijuana, MX

I had to start a new review since I will not be going to GDL for my surgery anymore. Feel free to read my old review because it goes into some detail about my previous BA surgery back in 2013 and it includes pictures. I will be posting some pre pics as the date gets closer. I contacted a few... READ MORE

45yr 475cc high profile + lift Belgium

I had a breast implant procedure in 2013. On a routine ultrasound check in 2016, the doctor noticed there was a crack in one of the implants. As the implants had to get replaced anyway, I thought I might as well get a breast lift in this next procedure. I'm really happy with the result. Still in... READ MORE

650CC Breast Implant Exchange with Internal Bra - La Mesa, CA

I am a 5’6,125 pound, 33 year mother of two (ages 5 and 9) and had 400CC breast implants installed over 12 years ago. I was very happy with my procedure since prior to the surgery I literally had “A” cup breasts with no shape at all. Over the years my wonderful breasts started to stretch out t... READ MORE

Petite 475 Cc Left and 500 Cc Right moderate plus mentor cohesive silicone gel

My previous implants was inamed saline 68 hp320cc right and 340cc left . I used those 9 yedras but I had to kids after that and my implants look to flat on top and far apart. I want more fullness on top and more cleavage. Then I select 500 cc and I let the surgeon to select the right profile for... READ MORE

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