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Breast implant revision surgeries address dissatisfaction or complications with previous breast augmentations. Revisions can include changing the implant size, fixing post-op sag, or aligning asymmetrical breasts.
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This forum was so helpful to me, so wanted to give back to help others, especially small women or those thinking of having Dr Plovier as their surgeon……So this is my third BA. You can read my full history under my profile. I have been implant free for 3 years and was now ready to have some bre... READ MORE

I chose CG Cosmetics and Karina is my coordinator. I emailed her with my pics and my health history. Afterwards I received an email stating that my cost would be $6k, for switching out my saline implants for silicone under the muscle with a lift. I informed Karina that I would be contacting... READ MORE

My expectations for this revision is for larger higher profile breasts. My first implants 4 years ago, we're too small. I woke up after surgery and was disappointed and ended up wearing padding still! My Dr says he can do up to 600 cc..although I'm wanting 700. I currently have 320 cc. Fingers... READ MORE

My first augmentation was by another surgeon and I went thru the armpit. When I would lay down the implants would slide up into my armpit! Horrible and uncomfortable. I went to Dr Mani because he was highly reccomended. Most dr's said that my pocket couldn't be repaired and if it was then it... READ MORE

So where to start?! I've been on this site for awhile now... Mostly just researching Dr's. I'm a 37 year old Mom of 3 who gained and lost a lot of weight each pregnancy. Finally about 5 years ago I underwent breast aug surgery, at the time I was borderline needing a lift. So here I am 5yrs later... READ MORE

If you've never had implants before Dr. Fiorillo is a great doctor... BUT if you're getting a second set or are in need of a revision I would definitely keep looking for someone better. I got my original saline implants from Dr. Fiorillo in 2005, and when one of them started leaking 8 years... READ MORE

I had my first breast aug with lift in 2005, with the same Doctor. However, my scars did not heal that well. I was pleased with Dr.A's work but my skin doesn't heal well with scars. Fast forward, I had a new breast aug, with lift and new implants in March 4, 2016. The pain was nothing like the... READ MORE

So far I'm communicating with Dr.Revis via email and I like the fact that he emails back very fast and answers all the questions. Due to bottoming out/double bubble on one side, and high implant on the other side, I need to get a revision and this time I want to make sure I pick a doctor, who... READ MORE

I had my first BA at 21 years old due to the unfortunate fact that I had tuberous breasts that were also almost 2 awkwardly shaped cup sizes different (left was barely an A cup, right was almost a C)....its been 12 years and I am dealing with rippling of course, but more so my aggravation is the... READ MORE

Dr.Najera exceeded my expectations!!! I had my saline implants replace with silicone I didn't want a lift so he gave me a larger implant that made my breast look natural he also removed a scar that had opened up from a previous surgery that left me with a "pooch" after he was finished I looked... READ MORE

So around October my right breast developed a leak and within a month fully deflated. Obviously, I have Saline. The year prior to that I was in a car accident and I didn't pay my boobs much attention since I was pregnant. I had developed a fold in the implant from the seatbelt. It was downhill... READ MORE

THE WORST DECISION EVER! I went in because I had a rupture and wanted a doctor that had experience with large implants. I wanted a lift because it looked as if my bag had "bottomed out" they said. I had NO fullness on top. He said that I did not need a lift, that an internal lift would be just... READ MORE

I had my breast redone April 8, 2016. I had a full lift and new saline implants under the muscle. He said it was okay to do light cardio 1 1/2 weeks post op. 2 days later I had a foul odor and called my PS and told him I think I might have an infection. He started me on cipro 500mg bid x 10... READ MORE

My 23 year- old saline implants still looked pretty good IN A PADDED, PUSH UP BRA!! haha And they were actually more comfortable that way because without a bra they were underneath my armpits. I think they really had bottomed out long ago but in last couple years with the added sagging skin that... READ MORE

When I was 21 I had had my first breast augmentation and went with saline implant and the surgeon put them over the muscle. I was never happy with them but I was young and thought I was stuck with what I got. I woke up during surgery and I feel like the doctor hurried to get the left one in... READ MORE

My road to loving my has been a longer road then I had originally thought it would be. I started wanting breast implants in my late teens. I am Hispanic and am naturally have wide hips and a very broad chest with wide shoulders, I was a 38b in bras and thought having large breasts... READ MORE

It had been 10 years since my first breast lift/augmentation surgery so I thought it was time for a little improvement. I meant with several of the top surgeons in the San Diego area over a 6 month period. I spend a lot of time doing my research, reading reviews and talking with friends who... READ MORE

I had implants put in November of 2012 along with an arm lift. Two weeks later I had a lower body lift. I have other blogs on those subjects. My implants have been nothing but trouble. I cannot even say if I liked them because from the beginning there was an issue with my left breast... READ MORE

Some of you may have read my first review. A year ago this Tuesday, I got my first BA with Natrelle 325cc & 350cc Style 20. I started a small A cup and was hoping to be a mid-full 34C. From day one of the surgery I knew that they looked the wrong size but it wasn't until months and months of... READ MORE

I found this site late in my journey, but I am so glad I found it. I had to have emergency explanation along with a breast lift and new implant. Everything had to be decided and done so fast it was scary. I am 5'4, 130 lbs. I originally had 350cc silicone put in when I was twenty-two ( yes... READ MORE

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How much does a Breast Implant Revision cost?

The typical cost for a Breast Implant Revision ranges from $3,600-$9,000 with an average cost of $7,800. Costs will vary by surgeon, geographic region and the complexity of the procedure. Cost estimates are based on 2,229 patient reviews submitted on RealSelf. Learn more