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Initial Aug + Revision 32/AA to 32D 310cc Mod+

Hello!! So I thought I'd share my journey here as others have been so helpful to me!! I'm 32 w/2 kids age 6&7. Both nursed 1 year and left this mama totally flat. Prior to kids I was a small B cup I would say. Very perky & loved my boobs! After....not so much. Took me a good 5 years to... READ MORE

Mastoplexy w/ implant replacement

650cc Saline implants were 17 years old. They were done over the muscle and are now a lot lower than I would like and a little larger than I would like at my current age. Time to reduce a little and lift them up to where I would like them to be. Also having a BBL and Lipo at the same time,... READ MORE

Feeling like I'm completely satisfied

So I had my first surgery almost 2 years ago I knew what I wanted but was scared with the process my Dr told me that I should do what makes me feel comfortable and he likes to go the more natural route. So I went with 450 high profile round silicon but after 10 months I still wasn't happy So Dr... READ MORE

Life changing

I had a breast augmentation five years ago and unfortunately developed three deformities including ‘double bubble’, ‘waterfall’ defect, and breast animation deformities. Any woman who has gone through this surgery only to have these results will know it’s a very distressing and overwhelm... READ MORE

Soon to be a Dr. Leondoll?

So like most here I've been lurking and reading reviews, doing tons of research etc etc. And like most I am afraid or hesitant to have surgery outside the USA . To be clear I'm kinda like will I die? I don't think it's worth death! However Dr. Leon came highly recommend so I feel confident about... READ MORE

47, Replacing Old Implant with Lift and Smaller Implant!

It's tomorrow! Finally getting rid of these saggy old things! 12 years ago after a big weight loss I didn't want the scars of a lift so I settled in a 375cc over the muscle tear drop implant. Clearly that was not the best decision as they are now very heavy and saggy. I am having a full lift... READ MORE

Amazing Experience she made everything so easy!

I really can't say enough about Dr Sato she's amazing not just as a Dr but as a Person as well. She is great I had a bad experience before with another Dr who did a mommy makeover and he did a horrible job on me but thank God , Dr Sato was able to fix the horrible job that WRs performed by the... READ MORE

Breast Revision Got Amazing results

My experience with Dr. Cortes has been exceptional from start to finish! My procedure was very complicated, a breast revision due to a previous doctor where I had a suboptimal experience to say the least. The difference I experienced in finding Dr. Cortes was night and day. I wholeheartedly feel... READ MORE

Failed Revision Led to Explant

Dr Mim failed to correct my complications with his faulty surgical plan which stated that my complications could be corrected with a capsule tightening. Immediately after surgery I had severe implant malposotion so I requested he remove the implants so I could figure out the underlying... READ MORE

Revision Surgery to Correct Scars and Capsular Contracture

Had to have revision surgery two years after my initial implants due to a capsular contracture in left breast, neither breast dropping completely into place and really bad hypertrophic scarring. The surgery itself was simple, with minimal recovery time, but the pain was worse this time in the... READ MORE

Removed Saline Implants, Did Memory Gel Silicone Implants, and Labiaplasty

I recently had surgery to remove my saline implants. I now have memory gel silicone implant(behind the muscle) and a breast lift. I feel I needed a lift so I took the opportunity to do so but doing the implants behind the muscle def hurt so much more than in front of the muscle. One thing that... READ MORE

15 Years with Symmastia and 2 Surgeons....I Finally Found the Best Surgeon - La Mesa, CA

After having BA and 2001 I was very disappointed with the outcome. I had gone to a doctor in Newport Beach he had put in 700 cc 's which I was happy with the size but they were a low profile and wrong for my 27 inch rib circumference. I developed a condition called symmastia, which left me with... READ MORE

30 Yr Old, Replacing Saline Implants with Gel

I am replacing my saline implants to gel with Dr. Fee on 7/13. I've had my current implants for five years from a now retired PS. I've been having issues running lately (moving in the pocket?) so I will be getting them replaced and a cup size bigger (currently full C/small D). I'm excited and a... READ MORE

Upgrading my Boobs! 32 Years Old, 5'3, 98 Lbs- Saline to Silicone Gel and Increase Size - Savannah, GA

I want to go a little bigger now. I first got implants when I was 18 and being so tiny I only got 175 cc, high profile, saline. I had my consultation 2 weeks ago with Dr. Pettigrew in Savannah, GA. I told him I'd like to be a full C. He did measurements and decided that for the best results... READ MORE

CG Cosmetic from saline to silicone breast augmentation

7/7/17 Consult and pre op appt. Hello ladies I just got new and improve Implants. First starters this is my second breast augmentation. My first one was saline implants at 425cc that put me in a full C bra. I choose to go bigger this time around (800cc) because I still wear padded bras to make... READ MORE

Going for Round 2

Hey girls! so, i got my first boob job about 8 years ago in abingdon virginia. i started out as a 34a and am now a 34c. my implants are around 380ccs. i got pregnant not long after getting my first set of implant. needless to say, my boobs grew and then they shrank and got stretch marks. i get... READ MORE

30 Years Old, Implant Correction - Edmonton, AB

My breast implants were wonderful when I first got them, but 5 years later and the birth of my daughter, they are lackluster to say the least. Not all that full and the asymmetry was getting more noticeable and really starting to bother me. I can't get through a day without thinking about them... READ MORE

Bad augmentation .. implants never dropped.. 11 years on wanting revision

I had implants 11 years ago .. my implants always remained high they never dropped. I like my Breast with a bra on but not without. As I have the high pole.i get told my Breast look saggy without a bra,I've never Been happy without a bra what Is the best breast lift I can have with new implants... READ MORE

29years old, 5'9 and 155lbs, revision with lateral pocket plication

Ten years ago, I had breast augmentation. Being as insecure as I was, I didn't strongly voice what I wanted or the look I was hoping to achieve. I also picked a surgeon based on price and not how he and his staff made me feel, which wasn't the best. My results weren't awful, but they definitely... READ MORE

28 Implant Exchange Overfilled Saline Implants 510 to 860

28 Implant Exchange Overfilled Saline Implants 510 to 860. Also I receive  front and flanks liposuction very aggressive dr. Tim is a very amazing doctor  I got in surgery with not too much fat so he was able to take out 1000 cc of fat which is 1L of fat and I look amazing Today... READ MORE

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