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Breast implant revision surgery can address a variety of concerns following breast augmentation, including implant malfunction, capsular contracture, and dissatisfaction with breast size, among others. Revisions may involve changing the implant, fixing post-op sagging, or aligning asymmetrical breasts. LEARN MORE ›

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Was 30 Years Old at the Time About 130lbs Upgraded from 450cc MP to 650cc HP - Colleyville, TX

Loved that I upgraded I was so nervous going 200cc bigger and switching profiles. Strangely they def weren't as big as I thought they were going to be. So I recommend about me doubting size of being too big just done ecspecially if going behind the muscle. I am still wanting to go a little... READ MORE

605 cc Natrelle Inspira Cohesive implants. (Revision from Saline)

I had breast implant revision. The first set I have had for 6 years. I previously had saline Mentor moderate high profile 400 CC. I got them replaced with Natrelle Inspira (Allergan) High Profile Silicone Cohesive 605 CC. Both under the muscle. The pics below are before photos and 10 days post... READ MORE

Coming from out of Country, Considering BA with Dr, Freiman at CG Cosmetics, Not Sure How Many Cc's to Get? Miami, FL

Hi girls, I have had my first BA when I was 23 y/o, so that was 4 years ago. I live in Germany so that's where i got them done too. I have 325cc and 375cc Mentor moderate plus implants, placed under the muscle. Before my augmentation I was a very small A, now I am a full C. As I am very tall... READ MORE

Simple Implant Exchange Gone Horribly Wrong. Miami, FL

My breasts weren't horribly bad, I just wanted to exchange saline overs to silicone unders for better coverage, mammograms, and regain some of the lost shape and volume from breast feeding While my experienced, board certified surgeon told me to "trust him, they will look awesome" they are so... READ MORE

39 Years Old Changing Breast Implants out After 19 Years!

I'm about 5'7 142 lbs 39 years old with no children. I got my boobs done when I was 20 years old. I have saline under the muscle and I got them done so long ago that my dr doesn't have record of how many ccs I have. He guessed at 400 ccs allergen brand (if I spelled that right) I scheduled an... READ MORE

New Boobs and Butt After Botched Job in Colombia

Surgery day is tomorrow morning!! I originally had 350cc ultra high profile implants under the muscle. Right after surgery I could tell they were low, and a few weeks later they bottomed out. After lots of research and consulting with different doctors, I've decided to see one in Venezuela! My... READ MORE

Past BA Getting Capsular Contracture Removed and Replaced

I am currently waiting to go in for my Breast augmentation revision with Dr. Loessin at CG cosmetics ( 1st BA done in Texas with Dr. Feldman. The doctor will be removing the capsule and replacing my 700cc silicone implants with 1200 saline implants under the muscle. I wanted to go bigger like... READ MORE

22 y/o F, No kids, 520cc HP Silicone Implants

I previously had a BA performed in August of 2016 by Dr. Gonce with 295cc silicone smooth, round implants. I am 5'5 130# and am wanting to go larger, but could not at the time due to my BWD. I am scheduled for my consultation on 4/5/17 and have my implant exchange on 4/6/17. At my precious... READ MORE

T-minus 60 Hours!!

Had my prop already. I will be replacing 390cc sr saline under the muscle for 420 sm hp silicone. With a full anchor lift. Same dr who did my initial surgery in 2005, and replaced one due to rupture in 2009. Have had 2 kids and breastfed both. Much more nervous because of lift! Very anxious tonight! READ MORE

Breast Augmentation Revision - 450cc replaced with 840cc / 880cc Saline Implants with Internal Bra

Today I had A revision to fix my bottoming out & wide set implants. I was extremely unhappy with my implants done by a Dr in Canada about 6 years ago. The past year I had been experiencing a gross numb feeling every time I took my bra off. I wore only supportive bikini tops and Since the... READ MORE

Happy 40th to Me! Saline to Silicone Revision Coming Soon :) - Louisville, KY

I'm a 39 year old mommy of 1, and full time RN. I have decided that my birthday gift to myself this year - I'm turning the big 4-0 - will be a breast revision. I had my first BA in 2000, a few months before I turned 24. I was always very self-conscious about my breasts and the "weird" appearance... READ MORE

200cc = 1 cup size!! A cup+ 325/350cc HP too small!!!!

Some of you may have read my first review. A year ago this Tuesday, I got my first BA with Natrelle 325cc & 350cc Style 20. I started a small A cup and was hoping to be a mid-full 34C. From day one of the surgery I knew that they looked the wrong size but it wasn't until months and months of... READ MORE

52 Yo, 5'3", 109 Lbs. 250cc Silicone Implants. Lift, a Lift and Smaller Implants or a Lift with Implant Removal? W Bloomfiel, MI

Had implants 5 .5 years ago for more fullness after having twins at 40. I have always felt the implants were too large. I was a small 32B and now am a 32D. Bathing suits are too small and certain style shirts are too tight across my chest. original dr suggested just a lift and said she could... READ MORE

745cc round natrelle inspira soft touch from 350 saline textured teardrop

I can't wait til my softer fuller figure is up and running. This deflated saline was a blessing in disguise, just the push I needed to get the full softer breasts I always wanted. I don't regret starting out smaller though, I would recommend it especially before children. Now I feel better... READ MORE

Breast Implant Revision and Nipple Reduction

I've had saline implants for 11 years. I thought getting implants would help me feel more confident in my body, but it actually had the opposite effect. My implants had "bottomed out," so my nipples were higher on my chest, and you could visibly see the scars that were supposed to be hidden... READ MORE

Tummy Tuck in Thailand with PPSI dr Veerawat

No review yet as I haven't undergone the procedure. I have two kids, my youngest one is 5. I am lean and athletic and have lost my baby weight, but unfortunately I was left with a pretty bad diastasis or separation of the abdominal muscles, which makes me look pregnant all the time.... as well... READ MORE

450/480 Cc Saline HP Submuscular Implants Replaced with 695cc Silicone HP - Canada, CA

I have always hated how my breasts look. They had the tubular deformity and i was really ashamed of it so on 28/01/2016 i had a breast augmentation and areolar mastopexy. I chose 450 cc HP saline implants and ended up with 450 on left and 480 on right. From the beggining i was displeased with... READ MORE

35 Year Old 2 Kids Breastfeed from 300cc Round to Natrelle 410MX 325gr

Hello, I did my suegery 6 Days ago. I wanted my breast more full and up. I was thinking in 400cc but my surgeon said that more of 325 not possible because the base of my boob is 12cm. So here I' after 6 days. I'm still whaiting to see how will looks in the next weeks. My new implants are... READ MORE

29 Yrs Old/scar Revision After Breast Augmentation for Scar Near at Inframammary Fold

Finally, I have decided to undergo scar revision. Yey! I'm just hoping the result will be more pleasant. I had it done yesterday.The doctor was so nice to do it at no cost. He is the same doctor who performed the breast augmentation so he did the revision for free.He had it done under general... READ MORE

29yr old 5'10'' 172lbs Change 375HP for 600ccHP

I'm a 29 year old mom, who had an augmentation September 2016, and much to my disappointment did not like the result. The implants chosen for me was Mentor HP 375cc textured. What bothered me about my implants was the fact that they look very small for my broad frame, and don't look... READ MORE

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