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Breast implant revision surgery can address a variety of concerns following breast augmentation, including implant malfunction, capsular contracture, and dissatisfaction with breast size, among others. Revisions may involve changing the implant, fixing post-op sagging, or aligning asymmetrical breasts. LEARN MORE ›

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Breast Lift and Augmentation Revision Saline to Silicone

Hi there ladies! Sooooo this will be my 3rd breast surgery. Originally had saline mod profile 300ish cc and now saline high profile 500ish cc WELL I've decided I want to go smaller maybe 400ish cc with high profile but this time around with silicone also want smaller areolas! I'm about 5'1, 130... READ MORE

25 year old 750cc silicone

I currently have 410cc under the muscle moderate profile silicone implants. my doctor did a transaxillary incision(through the armpit). i started out with 100cc of my own, putting me at an A cup. With the 410cc i am now a 32DD at victorias secret. I am now looking to get 750cc silicone moderate... READ MORE

So I Finally Had my Revision Done!:) - Oslo, Norway

I just wrote everything about today and then it all got deleted. Long story short- I had my first ba in 2011 after having breast fed two kids and having basically no breast tissue left. Put in 325cc hp Sils and wants satisfyed, too small and assymmetry. Today I put in 550cc hp- so far so good-... READ MORE

Full anchor lift, double capsulectomy, downsize-under the muscle.

I'll try to make this as brief as possible. 30yrs old, 3 kids, 5'4 and weight fluctuates between 147-160. Pre op was a 36B? Very deflated and just wore the bra for comfort and to appear as though it actually had some sort of boobs. I had my first augmentation here in town on 6/2015,... READ MORE

Younger Boobs - Fort Lauderdale, FL

My current implants are 14 years old. I have saline under the muscle and lots of bottoming out. They are the typical mom boobs. I had my first surgery when my daughter was 2 1/2. My natural breasts were a small B, athletic look. My largest when pregnant and nursing was a DD. So I was left with... READ MORE

Simple Implant Exchange Gone Horribly Wrong. Miami, FL

My breasts weren't horribly bad, I just wanted to exchange saline overs to silicone unders for better coverage, mammograms, and regain some of the lost shape and volume from breast feeding While my experienced, board certified surgeon told me to "trust him, they will look awesome" they are so... READ MORE

Change of sx plans: Breast Revision only- Tijuana, MX

I had to start a new review since I will not be going to GDL for my surgery anymore. Feel free to read my old review because it goes into some detail about my previous BA surgery back in 2013 and it includes pictures. I will be posting some pre pics as the date gets closer. I contacted a few... READ MORE

Bilateral Breast Revision (Plane Change Using Same Implants) to Correct 'Double-bubble' and Animation Deformity

Almost two years ago I underwent a full abdominoplasty and breast augmentation (aka, a 'mommy-makeover'). You can see my first review for those procedures here: I selected 371cc round silicone implants and... READ MORE

I required a breast implant removal, replacement and repositioning after my first surgery left me very unhappy.

I'm currently recovering from my breast implant removal, replacement and repositioning. Recovery has been easier than the first surgery and I've experienced very little pain, only taking a few tablets from my painkiller script. Please see my review of Dr Peters and Valley Plastic Surgery as I ... READ MORE

Sill issue after revision capsulectomy 350cc to 304 cc but now on other side - Petite

1st augmentation was in CA Summer '07. The HP 450cc was too large. Revision was late Feb. '08 to 350cc Mentors Mod+. After @ 10 yrs and Capsular Contracture issues, I downsized to 304cc Natrelle Style 15. I always wanted a more natural look. 350cc on my frame and height was still on the big side... READ MORE

26 Years Old, 5'6 140lbs, 400cc Thinking of 550-600cc

I had my BA done back in June 2015 with Dr. Pham. I was a 34A/B and wanted a full D cup. I went with 400cc mod+ silicone under and my boobies look and feel amazing. It's been about a year and a half and I really want to go bigger!! When I wear a push up bra, my boobs are HUGE (I love them).... READ MORE

Capsulorrhaphy to Repair Lateral and Inferior Displacement (Bottoming Out)

I haven't seen many reviews on my type of revision surgery so wanted to share my experience for girls going through a similar journey. My right breast turned out very well but the left one became displaced. I went back to my original PS for a revision. The doctor sewed up the inside of my pocket... READ MORE

3 Times is a Charm I Hope - Maui, HI

I'm 46 looking to have surgery again . I have had 2 surgery the past one in 1999, and 1 in 2007!! The first surgery I put in saline implants filled to 425 cc the 2 nd surgery I put in saline implants 700 cc ,, I don't want a lift . But a few doctors I have talked to said I should get a lift... READ MORE

Lateral Capsulorrhaphy, Inferior Capsulorrhaphy, Areola Reduction, Implant Exchange

Original BL/BA was November 18, 2015, so I’m 13 month post. The cost, $9,450. I got a lollipop lift with 350CC Mentor Memory Gel Moderate Profile Plus implants. They have a 12.5 diameter. My stats are: 5’3” – 120 lbs – BWD: 14. Although I originally wanted High Profile because all my wi... READ MORE

29 Years Old. Breast Lift, Reduction and Implant Exchange - Newport Beach, CA

I've been wanting a breast revision for a while. Ever since I had my first surgery (which was done by a different surgeon) I was never happy or confident with them. So I finally went for it and went to a consultation and that's where I found Dr. Cruise and his amazing team in Newport Beach and I... READ MORE

HELP! 37 Year old in Need of Replacement, but am I rushing Into things!?!?

I am 37 years old and have 10 year old saline implants. I've had 2 children and breastfed both. My youngest is almost 2. I am at a point where I am experiencing lots of visible rippling and have never been truly happy with the size of my implants (always felt they should have been bigger). ... READ MORE

11 Years Revision Sugery on the 18th~ - Scottsdale, AZ

My goal is to achieve what I have had for the last 11 years. I am lucky my breast has stayed perky. I have filled a DD bra for years. This time around I am scared, I guess from my past history. The first one augmentation, I had revision 3 times which was done in PA. I have to believe that... READ MORE

Getting Smaller Implants! - Myrtle Beach, SC

Got breast implants with a lift in 2011 and ended up waking up to bigger breast then I envisioned. Planning to go under the knife and reducing the size of implants and get a lift. Everyone told me that if I went too small I would regret it so I leaned more toward a bigger size implant. Now I'm... READ MORE

Make Sure Your Doctor Listens

--- I just got a note from real self telling me that I cannot put pictures on for a doctor review. So I am copying my review here so I can add pictures. ---- I usually do not write reviews because it is all personal opinion and we are all different but this time I really feel the need to. I... READ MORE

Breast implant revision to go bigger - Boob greed!

Ok so I love my ps and the whole experience but I am having major Boob greed. I had this prior to surgery. And I knew the look I wanted prior to choosing my ps. However, I went with his recommendation. He STRONGLY recommended I not go higher than 450cc hp. I'm 5'5 125 lbs slim built. Pre-op I... READ MORE

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