Breast Implant Revision

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Breast implant revision surgery can address a variety of concerns following breast augmentation, including implant malfunction, capsular contracture, and dissatisfaction with breast size, among others. Revisions may involve changing the implant, fixing post-op sagging, or aligning asymmetrical breasts. LEARN MORE ›

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9 Days Post Op

Capsulectomy with lollipop lift and sientra silicone gummy bear 440 implants- What are the chances of recurring scar tissue? 'MY last implants were horrible! Doctor removed a lot of scar tissue.... also, will the "ripples" go away? And are those stretch marks under my boobs? Didn't have any... READ MORE

Breast Revision/ Implant Deflation - San Diego, CA

I had woken up one day and my right implant deflated. This was my 4th surgery which really put me in a deep depression since my first doctor botched me pretty badly. I had gone to Tom Pousti to correct the last surgeons error and he did a great job. Unfortunately I got a faulty implant which... READ MORE

28 Years Old Breast Revision - Vancouver, BC

I got my first breast augmentation done 5 years ago and was never really happy with how they turned out. I was super happy to have anything more than what I started with so it took me a while to realize they were how they should be. Pre op I was 34a now I'm 34d. I have my consult appnt with Dr... READ MORE

45yo Female with Ruptured Old Implant

I had an excellent surgery and a way better then expected outcome. My implants were old and apparently done by some quack. Dr. Lawton removed the old implants and made my breast look amazing! I am so extremely happy with the outcome. The way they took care of me during the whole process and the... READ MORE

Highly Recommended Surgery and Surgeon!

I am 3 days post op from a breast revision. I am 51 years young, wanting to achieve full large breasts. I had my first breast augmentation 15 years ago. I did not have a breast lift at that time, therefore gravity had taken over and I became a very saggy D cup soon after my surgery. I had done... READ MORE

Implant Revision. I Will Now Need a Revision of Revision Lol - Columbus, OH

I had the worst boob job ever done a few years ago. Finally got a new PS and had a "revision" surgery but I'm now 10 weeks post op & the left implant isn't dropping like it should. My PS will do a revision (reposition) in January. Has anyone else ever had this? Can you tell the difference? I... READ MORE

I Had my Ideal Implants REMOVED. I Did Not Like Them - Dallas, TX

After having silicone implants that needed to be replaced because of age, I thought Ideal Implants would be a good replacement. I was Wrong! The Ideal Implant is much heavier feeling and a much wider implant. It did not look or feel as good or natural as silicone. My Ideal implants... READ MORE

So Glad I Went with Dr. Pousti - San Diego, CA

My first BA was 26 yrs old and me being 49 I was ready for an "upgrade" My wishlist was long! Take out the old ones, give me a lift with no scars and make them bigger, fuller and voluptuous! I had seen many PS over a 2 year period but kept coming back to Dr. Pousti. I have seen his work... READ MORE

800cc's of Perfection - Manhattan, NY

To say I'm pleased with my results would be an understatement , I'm absolutely over the moon. Replacing my decade old implants had been long overdue . Time hadn't been kind and my "breast" looked more like "peck implants" due to gravity and capsular contracture. This was to be a well deserved... READ MORE

62 Years Old. Implant Removal, Replacement and Uplift - Birmingham, GB

I had silicone breast implants 20+ years ago. I loved them and have had no problems until recently the right one started feeling harder, and looking a bit misshapen. I went for a consultation and have been advised, due to the capsule which has formed, I should have the implants removed, replaced... READ MORE

Very unhappy

I had breast implants 4 years ago with a different surgeon. They were placed sub glandular and from day one I wasn't happy. It was told to me that I would have an acceptable outcome with this type of placement and would avoid having to have a breast lift. With a sub muscular placement I would... READ MORE

34 Years Old 310 Saline Replacing with 525 Silicone Unders - Manchester, GB

I had my first operation ten years ago after a lot of deliberation about which surgeon to use I chose transform and the surgeon was Olympia harden. Couldn't have been more happy and they have done me well for this time. Now I am ready for an upsize after my second child has left me feeling small... READ MORE

Out with the Saline, in with the Gel. 5', 123 Lbs - Tyler, TX

I had my breast implant replacement and pocket revision yesterday. 450cc saline changed out to 575cc moderate smooth round gel. Pain has not been even half as bad as the original surgery. So far, loving the look. I am in hopes they don't drop much because I like where they are sitting now.... READ MORE

Breast Implants

Fitness has been my life, and for someone who's lifestyle involves nutrition and training I have always had a relatively flat chest. What little breast tissue I had, it was very uneven. So I had my first breast implants back in 1999. I loved them, and lived with them for 16 years. Of course... READ MORE

Breast Implant Replacement with 550cc, AMAZING RESULTS!!!!!! - Princeton, NJ

I needed my 16yr old saline implants replaced, my right one had been steadily losing volume thru the years, but my original plastic surgeon was located in New Orleans (I am now living in PA) and the hassle and expense of traveling to back there was too much. I also was a small D cup and wanted... READ MORE

Breast Revision with Scar Tissue Released /New Silicone Implants Replaced 21 Year Old Saline Implants. Texarkana, TX

I had my 21 years old saline implants replaced with Mentor High Profile Silicone . I was a 36 A then went to 36 D saline in 1995. This June 2016 I noticed my right breast smaller and had pain that would shoot from nipple to side of my breast . I went to dr- and my saline implant was coming out... READ MORE

Breast Revision- - San Diego, CA

I'm 39yrs. 5'5, 126lbs. 4 breastfed kids. Athletic/Fit. My last augmentation was about 8 years ago. I'm scheduled for surgery Oct. 14th. I want the revision because the moderate saline seems very round, wide and flat (on my body shape). I work out a lot (more so over the last 3 years) and this... READ MORE

Revision Breast Implant Surgery

In January 2016 I had breast lift with implants surgery that went wrong and when I addressed my concerns with the doctor he made me feel like it was my fault. I decided to find a different doctor to help me fix the bad surgery results. My breast looked squared and the implants were sitting up... READ MORE

31 Yo, 5'8", 2 Kids, 10 Yo Saline Unders Switched to 555cc Textured, Shaped Mentor Unders - Alcoa, TN

I had my first breast augmentation at 20 years old, and at the time saline implants were the only option. I didn't go large (under 300cc) because I knew I would have future pregnancies. Fast forward 10 years, two kids (both breastfed) and lots of working out, I had little to no breast tissue,... READ MORE

43 Year Old Mother of 3, Current 225 Cc Saline Implants getting 450 cc high profile silicone - Miami, FL

Where to begin... I had my current BA done when I was 22. I was a bit smaller then weighed about 110 lbs. The doc put in 225cc saline implants Trans axillary. They were the best thing ever to me, boosted my confidence because I was as flat as a wall. Now, 3 kids later of which each BF for 2... READ MORE

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