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Breast implant revision surgery can address a variety of concerns following breast augmentation, including implant malfunction, capsular contracture, and dissatisfaction with breast size, among others. Revisions may involve changing the implant, fixing post-op sagging, or aligning asymmetrical breasts. LEARN MORE ›

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Excellent Surgeon - Excellent Results!

In May this year I saw Dr Ellis Choy as I had a ruptured left breast implant that needed to be replaced quickly. As I have a rare auto-immune disease I wanted the surgery done by the most competent and skilled surgeon I could find. I found Dr Choy. Taking me on with the complications of an... READ MORE

Absolutely the best surgeon!

My journey started on April, 26th 2007. My first breast augmentation was with Saline implants through the nipple under the muscle. Then the nightmare began; I developed capusular contracture about 15 months later and had my first capsulectomy in October 2008. My second capsulectomy was in... READ MORE

45yr 475cc high profile + lift Belgium

I had a breast implant procedure in 2013. On a routine ultrasound check in 2016, the doctor noticed there was a crack in one of the implants. As the implants had to get replaced anyway, I thought I might as well get a breast lift in this next procedure. I'm really happy with the result. Still in... READ MORE

650CC Breast Implant Exchange with Internal Bra - La Mesa, CA

I am a 5’6,125 pound, 33 year mother of two (ages 5 and 9) and had 400CC breast implants installed over 12 years ago. I was very happy with my procedure since prior to the surgery I literally had “A” cup breasts with no shape at all. Over the years my wonderful breasts started to stretch out t... READ MORE

57 year old with 400cc Mentor gel implants from 2014 that need to go.

I love the overall look they give my appearance while dressed, but they are too big and too low for my daily comfort. Natural appearance, Lift, and smaller size are important to me as I look for a revision. I have contacted three surgeons to date and consulted with one so far. Those are: Dr.... READ MORE

ladies, do more research!!!

I would recommend Dr. Revis for any treatment other than a BA. He is a great Dr, but (following my surgery in 2011) I became very ill with BREAST IMPLANT ILLNESS. The chemical soup that was micro-leaching out of my 500cc Mentor cohesive Gel implants, sent my body's immune system into... READ MORE

29 Yr Old 2 Kids Second Job Plus Lipo - Santa Barbara, CA

This is my second job, I had kids since my first and my breast were a bit droopy and I wanted them bigger; I wanted to not have to wear a push up bra. So originally I had 375cc and they were perfect. Now I have 700cc and they are what I wanted, but the dr let down my crease on the left side and... READ MORE

Life-changing, amazing experience!

My experience from day 1 with Dr. Cohen could not have been better. He is a step above and the "Gold Standard" for breast augmentation. I did a lot of research and so glad I went with Dr. Cohen. Prior to surgery I had very hard implants , with little to no natural breast tissue (after having two... READ MORE

No need to look further, you found your dr!

Prior to meeting with Dr. Glatt and his amazing staff i had 2 breast augmentations done by another dr in montclair who 'was supposed to be the best in nj' (First one was a disaster second one a little better but still horrible) I felt more insecure after than I did before I even got my implants.... READ MORE

Revision / Exchange for Exposed Implant, Unaffected Side Now Ruptured and Exposed - Fort Lauderdale, FL

Silicone implants placed in Costa Rica developed stitch abscess and eventual implant exposure on left breast. Sought out specialist DrRevis, who performed a bilateral exchange to saline as existing silicone not available in us. Left breast healed fine. Opposite breast, which previously healing... READ MORE

Revision for Bottomed out Breasts

I am scheduled with my original surgeon to revise my breasts which have bottomed out. Honestly, if it weren't for the scars, nobody would suspect they are implants as the shape very natural. The two primary reasons that I am having this surgery are: 1) the scars sit up on the breast, and not... READ MORE

Amazing results with Dr Salama and his team

I had breast augmentation and liposuction on my flanks 4/17/17. 5/2016 he did my bbl which Im in LOVE with. Bbl I had no pain. 5"3. 107pds Dr Salama aced it again with this surgery. Day of surgery was seamless. He was faced with the task of removing two giant killer whale implants, redo my... READ MORE

Happily Ever After - South Jordan, UT

9 months and two surgeries later. I had a revision in September. I am going on my dream cruise with my love on February 24th, and I am thrilled with my breasts. I feel so sexy and glamorous. My breasts are so beautiful. No pain. No problems whatsoever. They feel just so natural, soft, and... READ MORE

I Am 38 and I Have 3 Kids 2 Boys 1 Girl, I Love Them. Bay Harbor Islands, FL

Hello i am planning this surgery, this is my 3rd round.my first surgery when i was 22 years old, at that time they used saline and don't remember the cc on my second round, i got 450 cc saline 11 years ago at cg cosmety center, i never was pleased with my results,the doctor was chistofer... READ MORE

Revision and "Going Even Bigger"

So, it has been about 2 year since my first BA! I have developed capsular contracture on my left breast. My nipple scars have not healed as well as I would have wanted, as it does concave at the bottom a bit. I am getting all this fixed along with getting a bigger size! Height: 5'1 Weight:... READ MORE

10 Months with Pain 24/7

June 2016 I got my firstbreast implants and life. I was left for dead after the procedure. My breast never dropped, pain in both breast 24/7. The cosmetic surgeon who I will not name took my womanhood away from me. I went and saw help i needed resurance from a plastic surgeon. I have had my... READ MORE

Best Surgery Experience. Marina Del Rey, CA

After my 3 children left the nest, I gave myself the gift of a breast augmentation. Unfortunately, my first set of breast implants were too small for my body size and I elected to have larger ones put in several years later by a different surgeon. Well, two surgeries later I was in a lot of... READ MORE

Revision 457 with Lift with fat transfer - Louisville, KY

Just starting this bc very excited. I am going from 375 saline under to 457 silicone under with added lipo and fat grafting to booty. Not excited for the recovery but excited for the results! I'll post my journey. Sept 2nd is my date! I am an athletic build with less than 20% bf and still... READ MORE

Dr. Revis is the best!!!!!!!

Couldn't be happier with my results! Dr. Revis is a boob god! Ladies trust no one else and especially with extra large implants. He fixed my disaster of a boob job from a pervious doctor. I went from 800cc to 750cc with internal bra. READ MORE

Possible Smaller Implants or Just Lift

I got 330 silicone gel when I was competing in fitness, then had a baby I nursed and now I hate my breast and can fit into no shirts I love. I'm a size 8 in jeans but cannot fit into anything but L or XL shirts. Dr vath is warm and patient and so far I love him. Hoping for enough tissue to... READ MORE

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