Breast Implant Revision

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Breast implant revision surgery can address a variety of concerns following breast augmentation, including implant malfunction, capsular contracture, and dissatisfaction with breast size, among others. Revisions may involve changing the implant, fixing post-op sagging, or aligning asymmetrical breasts. LEARN MORE ›

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17 Year Old BA Revision - 650cc silicone over textured Mentor implants

Previous BA was 17 years ago 325/340cc saline implants breastfeed two little ones afterwards and needless to say...they've deflated a little Looking at getting 525 to 625cc (want to be a full D/small DD) Deciding between two PS right now and looking at HP Silicone by Mentor 5'9 1251bs athletic... READ MORE

Revision & Benelli Lift with Dr. Motykie - West Hollywood, CA

I had my second breasts revision and first benelli lift by Dr. Motykie on December 21st, and the results far exceeded my expectations! Thank you Dr. M, you've restored my confidence, and I'm forever grateful! My story: 2012 my 1st surgery with a Top Board Certified Plastic Surgeon in Toronto,... READ MORE

37 Year Old, One Kid Breastfed, 5'4" 110lbs, Breast Implant Revision Surgery - Eugene, OR

I had breast implants 12 years ago after weaning my daughter. Before having her I was a perky large 32B or small 32C. When I was breast feeding I was a 32D and had a love/hate relationship with my breasts. They were gorgeous but could get in the way of taking care of a baby and daily tasks. When... READ MORE

Silicone Vs Saline Recovery - Springfield, MO

I started out with large B-cup/small c-cup breasts on my 5'5 130 lb frame. My first breast augmentation was 550 saline implants through the armpit. This was my first surgical procedure. It was most painful on day 2 when the lidocaine numbing wore off. Then it got progressively better. Normal... READ MORE

29 Years Old, No Kids - Much Needed Breast Revision - Bal Harbour, FL

Hi everyone! This website has been so helpful to me during my BA journey. I wanted to also share my experience and give back to the community. I had my primary breast augmentation done a while ago. Though I went to one of the best doctors available in the country I was working in at the time... READ MORE

26 Year Old Female with Existing Saline. Revision of Bottomed out Implants, Minor Symmastia - Marina Del Rey, CA

I recently had an implant revision with Dr. Luis Macias. He corrected my bottomed out implants by correcting the pocket as well as addressing symmastia and exchanging my saline 325cc implants for 410cc silicone "gummy" implants. My first surgery was done through my belly button and this time... READ MORE

2010 Adjustable Breast Augmentation Performed by Dr. Jeneby Contaminated Causing Capsular Contracture - San Antonio, TX

Ok by the Good Grace of God, we have an explanation from my Dr. Lawton Post Op Appointment today 12/14/2016, Surgery Breast Implant Removal 12/13/2016 Dr Lawton says it's uncommon in some cases like mine to really have a good explanation of what went wrong Here's what "CAUSED MY... READ MORE

34 Years Old Mommy of 4 Going 800ccs! - Jacksonville, FL

Hi my name is Jess I had a BA 12 years ago after my first 2 children and since than have had 2 more who are now 2 and 1. I have gained weight so feel like mine are way to small now. I've decided with my Dr on 800ccs so I don't go smaller and want them bigger later. (Booby greed at its finest) I... READ MORE

52 Yo, 5'3", 109 Lbs. 250cc Silicone Implants. Lift, a Lift and Smaller Implants or a Lift with Implant Removal? W Bloomfiel, MI

Had implants 5 .5 years ago for more fullness after having twins at 40. I have always felt the implants were too large. I was a small 32B and now am a 32D. Bathing suits are too small and certain style shirts are too tight across my chest. original dr suggested just a lift and said she could... READ MORE

27 Years Old, 5'8/140#, 1 Breastfed Kid - 550cc Silicone - Overland Park, KS

Super excited to get my 2nd BA August 14th! 1st BA - 18 years old. 5'8. 115#. 32AA - 32C with 300cc saline implants. Surgeon was Dr. Gary Hall at Advanced Cosmetic Surgery. He has recently retired so I will be using the Surgeon who took over his practice, Dr. Levi Young. Since then I had a 3... READ MORE

Implant Revision - Denver, CO

I have a capsule that my doctor will be removing plus a mini lift and replacement of implants to a bigger size. Have a while to wait and need to decide how much bigger to go. I currently have under the muscle 350 silicone and think I may want to go up to 450 high profile. I have had problems... READ MORE

Breast Implant Revision ( 500CC) -BEST Dr in MI

Dr. Schenden is a very skilled surgeon who exceeded all my expectations. I visited numerous doctors in the area and he was so sweet , polite, knowledgeable and very informative. He addressed all my worries and concerns. He was very confident that he could correct my issues from previous... READ MORE

57 Yrs Old, Breast Implant Revision, Happy :) - Shamburg, IL

I had my original breast augmentation in May 2005, saline 420cc. I had no problems, and wanted to finally switch to silicone..specifically Inspira implants. I found my surgeon, he had some "issues", and felt like he would again do a great job. WRONG. After FOUR hellisH surgeries, Dr Dillon... READ MORE

Breast Implant Revision, Symmastia and Bottoming Out

Having developed Symmastia and a bottoming out problem due to my first surgery, I was very skeptical going in for round 2. I visited with 4 top surgeons in the ATL area and decided to go with Dr. Crispin for his professionalism and assurance. He was always very attentive and considerate of my... READ MORE

66 Yr Old, 5'7", 145lbs, Natelle 600cc over muscle, Bangkok, Thailand

This is for all those ladies that still want to feel feminine no matter how old we get. To make a long story more manageable I will try & not be to wordy. First augmentation in Australia age 22yrs. 290cc covered by private insurance. I was completely flat chested with very low self esteem.... READ MORE

Awake Breast Augmentation Felt Like Bad Dream

I had my breast done for the 3rd time is 7 years yesterday by the same doctor . I chose the awake local and light surgery . I will never do that again. I heard everything and felt pretty much everything . The nurses were so sweet they had to hold my hand and were assuring me everything would be... READ MORE

Dr Sanguan - Breast Lift & Small Implant Replacement -Thailand, TH

Hi wanted to share because through my 2 year 3 operation ordeal the realself women have helped me so much. I am a 36 year old 5'7" tall & 132lb. I have had 3 breast surgeries. Originally I had reasonably full 32c/d breasts with a very slight droop. I wanted perfection & I wish... READ MORE

Revision 19yo saline overs to silicone unders

Got my first implants 19 years ago. Chose saline 300 cc left/310 cc right placed over the muscle. I was a fitness instructor and concerned about muscle distortion. Lots of fear about silicone at that time also. Things have changed both in implants and body. Breast fed two kids for 9-12 months,... READ MORE

40+Y.O.(feel Much Younger)-5'5"-160lbs-800cc Silicone, Overs, 1st BA-350cc, Saline 20yrs Ago

Been waiting to do this for years, finally decided to go through with it. Got 350-375cc saline implants in 1997, loved them but to scared to look ridiculous, so I was conservative on the size. Life happens....... gained weight, lost weight, one implant ruptured, ruptured other to be even. But I... READ MORE

Internal Bra, Implant Exchange and Donut Lift. Fort Lauderdale, FL

I had 500 cc saline implants with bottoming out and lots of wrinkling. The pockets were also too large for the implant. I scheduled a revision with Dr.Revis on 04/13. He switched out my 500 cc saline implants to 750 cc silicone. He also gave me a donut lift and an internal bra using my existing... READ MORE

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