Breast Implant Revision

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Breast implant revision surgeries address dissatisfaction or complications with previous breast augmentations. Revisions can include changing the implant size, fixing post-op sag, or aligning asymmetrical breasts.

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When I was 31, in 1999, i was somewhat pressured in to having implants done. I was a fairly small B cup, deflated after having had 2 children. I had very mixed feelings and started to "pull out" altogether of the idea after a few consults but succumbed under my husband's pressure. Still, it was... READ MORE

Very knowledgeable plastic surgeon. New exactly what I wanted and delivered. He had to tighten up my left pocket after it bottomed out and also re atatch my skin to my sternum with internal stitches. I have to wear a symmastia bra for 3 months but it will all be worth it. He Gave me an awesome... READ MORE

I've let people feel it and they can't tell if it's fake. It's like mind blowing. And I'm doing squats with weight and everything in the gym and no problems, it's just as strong. I will never need another butt job. :) I didn't feel like Dr Stanton rushed in the operating room either. I feel like... READ MORE

I am 29 yrs old, mom of 2. Always had large breasts but after 2nd child my breasts were sagging big time with nipples pointing all the way downward. Got mastopexy in January, 2015 using high profile 650cc implants, nipples excised and relocated. I noticed my nipples started peaking out of my bra... READ MORE

After having 2 kids 16 months apart from each other and then losing 18kg between August 2014 and January 2015 had caused my breasts to ot only sag but i had rippling on the top and middle of my cleavage. I was very happy after I did my breasts the first time at 18 years old (I had them since... READ MORE

I got saline breast implants in Miami 7 years ago, and I never really liked them. They were an improvement, but they never felt like they were mine. They were always in my armpit, and they didn't give me what I wanted. Finally got the courage to get them redone (and the cash), and looked... READ MORE

I got breast implants 3 years ago. I felt so flat chested and HATED my breasts, absolutely hated them. I really was happy with every thing else about my appearance except my breasts and finally when I tried on a size small bikini top that was padded and still didn't fill it out I decided that I... READ MORE

After consulting 4 different doctors with no avail, I finally found Dr. Geldner by the grace of god. I was looking forward to the consult, it was slotted for an hour, the standard for his breast surgery consultations. Right away, I felt at ease when I arrived. The office has wine colored carpet... READ MORE

After choosing too small of an implant a year ago, disliking implant replacement with pectoral contraction, and realizing the left breast actually had about 75cc tissue, my surgeon and I found implants that fits my proportions and height better, and does not displace with slight pocket... READ MORE

I cannot speak highly enough of Dr.K. My breast are finally what I wanted them to look like. Let me start by saying that I had done my breast implants a year ago with a doctor who didn't know how to make a correct breqst implant procedure. My implants where so big they tore my muscle and... READ MORE

Having pain ,lump, small bruising under right breast and implant moved higher.. Pain is getting worse and to touch increases the pain. Going to see a Dr tomorrow to see what's going on.. Has anyone experience this before? I'm scared .. I am going to remove the implant and do a breast lift. Saw... READ MORE

My First breast augmentation was in may 2013. I got 475cc saline under muscle, then on March 2014 i got Into a car accident and noticed my breast looked different they looked lower and my right breast had a bump and i could feel the implant so I went to see my surgeon and he told me that I... READ MORE

Hi Guys! how are you .I have been thinking of getting a breast reduction for a wile . Today was my Pre Op App with dr Nikko I am getting a breast reduction with lift n exchanging my inplants for silicon n fixing my right Breast capsuletomy. lipo in the sides of my arms pits n fat injections in... READ MORE

I have a capsule that my doctor will be removing plus a mini lift and replacement of implants to a bigger size. Have a while to wait and need to decide how much bigger to go. I currently have under the muscle 350 silicone and think I may want to go up to 450 high profile. I have had problems... READ MORE

11 years ago I got a BA after breast feeding 2 kids. They have been great until last month. After a week my left side totally deflated. I will have surgery next week to remove the old saline ones and get new HP Mentor 450cc gel implants. I'm so ready to have it done. I'm tired of stuffing... READ MORE

Dr Rahdon literally saved my life. After returning from Thailand Phuket where I had my BA performed I began feeling very unwell the first day I got back to Melbourne. Things went terribly wrong. Was immediately admitted into hospital with golden staff & thank god Dr Rahdon was there. His care,... READ MORE

Had my 1st BA in 1997 , after having my son I had lost volume after breast feeding . Im 5 7 140lbs I had 375 cc saline under the muscle through the nipple . 18 yrs ago silicone was not an option. Now 18 yrs later I would like to replace my saline with gummy bear silicone . My Dr said that I... READ MORE

So I waited to almost the last second to post this! Booked with Yily for the 15th for the whole package, no TT-no kids and no hernias. Communication wasn't as bad as it was made out to be. I communicated in English and was responded to in about 2 to 3 business days. If you can email around 9... READ MORE

I have never had "perky " boobs, but have have talked about wanting to get the girls done for years! With pregnancy and weight changes the girls were saggy! I finally decided to go for it! So 5-21-14 with the support of my hubby and an awesome PS I had a mastopexy and BA. I ended up with 225... READ MORE

Met the most amazing Dr thanks to so many others on here! Dr. Don R. Revis was very friendly but most importantly very informative and very open to actually listening to what I wanted for myself. Been very nervous about doing my revision but he helped me feel confident in making that decision.... READ MORE

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