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Breast implant revision surgery can address a variety of concerns following breast augmentation, including implant malfunction, capsular contracture, and dissatisfaction with breast size, among others. Revisions may involve changing the implant, fixing post-op sagging, or aligning asymmetrical breasts. LEARN MORE ›

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Downsizing to 200cc, 5'9", no kids, from anatomic to round implants

I had my first BA done in June 2014, went with atomic furry Brazilians. They look ok but they feel too firm & feel like they're stuck to my chest so I've decided to change them for round implants . Measurements: Height:5'9" Weight: 68 BF:12cm Current implant :315 moderate & 365 high... READ MORE

25 year old 750cc silicone 5'6 135pounds

I currently have 410cc under the muscle moderate profile silicone implants. my doctor did a transaxillary incision(through the armpit). i started out with 100cc of my own, putting me at an A cup. With the 410cc i am now a 32DD at victorias secret. I am now looking to get 750cc silicone moderate... READ MORE

39 Year Old- Planned Breast Implant Revision to 450cc Hp

After my breast uplift and implants in September 2016 I have decided to go for implant revision to improve my upper pole fullness. Originally 295cc mod profile implant inserted at time of uplift which gave amazing results from what my breasts were originally (see review) After recovering from... READ MORE

In Search of bigger breasts! 5'8", 140 lbs, 44, mother of two breast fed children. 650 Natrelle Inspira SRF

I had a BA in July 2016, I was super excited and following my post-op instructions to the T, I was waiting patiently for the implants to drop and fluff. Although I felt went too small and wished for bigger breasts. I even spoke to my PS about my wish and he told me he would give me a discount... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation Revision, Bottoming Out, Bilateral Capslurrophy Revision Repair - Vancouver, WA

33 year old, mother of 3 with previous breast augmentation and partial lift. 495cc Sientra Sillicone "gummybear" implants. I started to notice the bottoming out within the first few weeks of augmentation. (See previous review). It's only gotten worse over time and caused me horrible pain every... READ MORE

50 year old, one child, 5'11", 159 Lbs.

Breast implant revision. Had breast augmentation in 1989. Saline, under the muscle. Right implant was deflated and had shifted to the axillary, causing discomfort. For my revision surgery Dr. Mars is using Mentor high profile smooth round 550 cc. Seems big, but I'm tall and can carry that... READ MORE

Mommy makeover in 2 stages-- *Stage 1: implant downsize w anchor lift. *Stage 2: TT w hip lipo.

I'll try to make this as brief as possible. 30yrs old, 3 kids, 5'4 and weight fluctuates between 147-160. Pre op was a 36B? Very deflated and just wore the bra for comfort and to appear as though it actually had some sort of boobs. I had my first augmentation here in town on 6/2015,... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation Silicone mentor implants

I'm scared! I had a breast lift with silicone implants placed submuscular in 2002 after two pregnancies which I gained 80 pounds each time. My boobs went from a 36B to 40E then 38FF.After both of my children were born I literally only had tissue that fell over my 36B bra. I had to roll my boobs... READ MORE

Lateral Capsulorrhaphy, Inferior Capsulorrhaphy, Areola Reduction, Implant Exchange

Original BL/BA was November 18, 2015, so I’m 13 month post. The cost, $9,450. I got a lollipop lift with 350CC Mentor Memory Gel Moderate Profile Plus implants. They have a 12.5 diameter. My stats are: 5’3” – 120 lbs – BWD: 14. Although I originally wanted High Profile because all my wi... READ MORE

3 Sets of Implants Currently 525cc Round Textured Sientra 5'8" 130# - Time for an Exit Strategy

I have decided to document my journey with implants. I had started this earlier, but to my horror, the background in my pictures was very identifiable and I had to remove it. I will be smarter about it this time! When I was 18 (I was flat as a board) I saved enough money to get my first set of... READ MORE

44 Year Old Breast Revision, from above muscle saline to under muscle gel implants 280 cc with anchor lift

For years iv been searching for the right Doctor, and today I found him! Dr Camp and staff answered all my questions, were so helpful and I couldn't be happier with my choice. The office is very nice, the staff was incredible and Dr Camp, I just can't say enough good things, first impressions... READ MORE

35 Years Old Mom of 3. Looking to Replace Saline 280cc W/ Ideals 400ish Cc - Atlanta, GA

Hello:) Had my first BA done at the age of 25 w/ 280cc HP saline. I didn't go big because I knew I wanted kids and that my breast would change. Fast forward 10 years, 3 kids later, my breast have deflated and expected. I had a consultation with Dr. Colgrove April 24th. He seems... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation 350 Cc

Hello I will come to review my new breasts After breast augmentation for about 3 months. First of all, I must say. Once, I ever had breast augmentation for a very long time. Until a silicone leak. So, it's time to change my breast. I had breast surgery at APEX Medical Center.(Ploenchit... READ MORE

30yrs, 5'8.5", 130lbs, 9 mo PO (385HP) need revision for lateral over dissection & pain, downsizing to 310 moderate Inspira

Long story short - I had an endocrine problem that destroyed my breast tissue, so I decided to have the BA (Sept '16 - see my full review) and get implants to reconstruct the loss. I used another doctor at Austin Weston, but there have been some significant issues healing. The RT breast had... READ MORE

Revision w/ Internal Bra *Pics*

I am scheduled for a capsulorrhaphy on my right breast on December 16th with Dr. Pousti. He is also going to pull a small anchor incision in at the bottom of the right breast to tighten the skin due to skin stretching(they're calling this a small lift). My initial implants w/ breast lift(right... READ MORE

Breast Implant Exchange with Capsulorrhaphy

In the spring of 2017, I had breast augmentation revision surgery which consisted of, an exchange of saline for Mentor high-profile silicone implants, and bilateral capsulorrhaphy. I have the ability to have had this surgery anywhere. I chose Dr. L. Scott Ennis at Destin Plastic Surgery... READ MORE

Sientra Implants

I got implants at 19, I my cup size was about a 32-26c and I went to a 36DD originally I was going to go smaller but I'm very glad the doctor and I decided on something larger. My doctor was amazing he matched my body perfect and made sure they would fit my frame I was very afraid of looking... READ MORE

Getting my Boobs Redone After 8 Years. 1kid Going from 325cc to 475

My first procedure was November 2010 and now I want to go bigger like I should've done at first. My first experience was amazing I started food a small A cup then after I had my son in 2008 my boobs disappeared I was just all nipples. I was very insecure. I did research for about 2 before I ... READ MORE

38 Y/o, 5'2, 117lbs. 3 breastfed bbs. Implant exchange- 250cc saline to 450cc Natrelle silicone UPH

Hello, LADIES! I have really appreciated all of the reviews, photos, and experiences shared on this site. . I hope my review will help other ladies out there trying to decide and also to track my experience. I had my first BA 16 years ago. I am now a 38 y/o, 5'2, 117lb mom of 3 (2 after the... READ MORE

31yo, 115lbs, Revision 375CC Looking to Go 485CC/540CC

This will be a revision as my first BA turned out smaller than I expected. Not only so left is fuller than the other. Looking to go 100CC or bigger as I lean out quickly. Wasn't too happy and looking to have a fuller effect. Looking foward to the end result as I know the process should be easier... READ MORE

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