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Breast implant revision surgery can address a variety of concerns following breast augmentation, including implant malfunction, capsular contracture, and dissatisfaction with breast size, among others. Revisions may involve changing the implant, fixing post-op sagging, or aligning asymmetrical breasts. LEARN MORE ›

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37 Year Old, One Kid Breastfed, 5'4" 110lbs, Breast Implant Revision Surgery - Eugene, OR

I had breast implants 12 years ago after weaning my daughter. Before having her I was a perky large 32B or small 32C. When I was breast feeding I was a 32D and had a love/hate relationship with my breasts. They were gorgeous but could get in the way of taking care of a baby and daily tasks. When... READ MORE

650 textured extra full Natrelle Inspiras from 440 Hp Sientras 127 5'8 - Denver, CO

Hi ladies! I'm a 43 year old wife and mother of 3 beautiful daughters. I'm 5'8 and weigh about 127 since starting to build muscle from 125 four months ago. I had my first breast augmentation on 2 July 2015 and I'm excited to get my revision! My preop is on April 6 and my surgery April 20!!!... READ MORE

590cc textured round Ultra High Profile Mentor- Breast Revision

Some information about me. 32 yrs old 5'0 112lbs. Have had 2 BAs and my 3rd BA recently due to saline implant deflation. There was a leak in my saline implant and needed to have it fixed immediately. My first BA was 325cc saline round implants in March 2005, implant moved out of pocket and... READ MORE

Breast Implant Revision to 840's

Hi everyone. I currently have 460/520's round, ehr, overs. Love them, love the shape but not big enough. So going for bigger. Surgeon can only fit in 840's. was hoping for 1000cc but hopefully these new girls will be big enough. I'm 5ft 5, slim build and currently 32F. So here we go again. At... READ MORE

New 745 Cc's from 410 - 52 Years, 5' 5', 150 Lbs

Six years ago I had my first breast implants done in Brazil. This passed year I've been uncomfortable with the sagging and wanted to go bigger. At first I was going to do a lift but the more I thought about it I didn't want the scar. Here I am 4 days post op and feeling good. The first two... READ MORE

Full lift w implant exchange-downsizing w capsule removal, out of town patient.

I'll try to make this as brief as possible. 30yrs old, 3 kids, 5'4 and weight fluctuates between 147-160. Pre op was a 36B? Very deflated and just wore the bra for comfort and to appear as though it actually had some sort of boobs. I had my first augmentation here in town on 6/2015,... READ MORE

40+Y.O.(feel Much Younger)-5'5"-160lbs-800cc Silicone, Overs, 1st BA-350cc, Saline 20yrs Ago

Been waiting to do this for years, finally decided to go through with it. Got 350-375cc saline implants in 1997, loved them but to scared to look ridiculous, so I was conservative on the size. Life happens....... gained weight, lost weight, one implant ruptured, ruptured other to be even. But I... READ MORE

450/480 Cc Saline HP Submuscular Implants Replaced with 695cc Silicone HP - Canada, CA

I have always hated how my breasts look. They had the tubular deformity and i was really ashamed of it so on 28/01/2016 i had a breast augmentation and areolar mastopexy. I chose 450 cc HP saline implants and ended up with 450 on left and 480 on right. From the beggining i was displeased with... READ MORE

5'3 98lbs Size 2 ..445cc Natrelle Inspira SRM, Moderate Profile, Under Muscle, Inframammary Incision

445cc Natrelle Inspira SRM, moderate profile, under muscle, inframammary incision I just woke up.. no bruising, no blood, barely any swelling.. just feel tender. I am so amazed i could cry. I never thought i could have pretty boobs. My first augmentation i had for about 12 years.. 240cc... READ MORE

52 Yo, 5'3", 109 Lbs. 250cc Silicone Implants. Lift, a Lift and Smaller Implants or a Lift with Implant Removal? W Bloomfiel, MI

Had implants 5 .5 years ago for more fullness after having twins at 40. I have always felt the implants were too large. I was a small 32B and now am a 32D. Bathing suits are too small and certain style shirts are too tight across my chest. original dr suggested just a lift and said she could... READ MORE

41 Yr Mom of 2 -(5'2" 119llbs) vertical Lift with Implant Exchange 295cc and 345cc - Ashburn, VA

I just had a full vertical lift and implant exchange on 11/22/2016. I had my original implants put in way back in 2006 (under the muscle), in Europe. A few years back, I received a call that the implants (PiP) had been recalled because they found out that the manufacturer used construction grade... READ MORE

23/ Petite 5'0 Ft Tall/ from 375cc to 600cc

First day with my new boobs, feels very tight and a little hard to breath. Pain level is very tolerable. Dr. Kim was very understanding with what kind of look I want and how big I want. I feel very comfortable with him. I'm going back today hopefully to take these bandage off and see them! I'm... READ MORE

Breast Lift Revision W/Implants - Vertical Scar to Correct Ineffective "No Vertical Scar" Procedure - Houston, TX

I have met with Dr. Steely and his staff for revision of an unsatisfactory breast lift with another Houston surgeon last year. He was very personable, compassionate and understanding of my concerns. My breasts are now misshapen, my nipples are too high, my scars are long under my breast and... READ MORE

Implant After Explant and Can't Wait! - Scottsdale, AZ

I previously posted on the explant forum but that got depressing for me because most women were happy not to have their implants anymore. I want mine back in the worse way! My story is, I had my implants exchanged in April 2016 for a better type of implant called the " tear drop " or gummy bear"... READ MORE

37 Years Old, 350cc Saline Implants. Want to Go Bigger - Philadelphia, PA

I had my first BA in June of 2014. Dr. Ted Eisenberg did the procedure. Because of my measurements he felt conservative was the was to go to avoid any possible side effects. I had 350cc on the right and 340cc saline on the left under the muscle. I'm very happy with them but still wear a... READ MORE

200cc = 1 cup size!! A cup+ 325/350cc HP too small!!!!

Some of you may have read my first review. A year ago this Tuesday, I got my first BA with Natrelle 325cc & 350cc Style 20. I started a small A cup and was hoping to be a mid-full 34C. From day one of the surgery I knew that they looked the wrong size but it wasn't until months and months of... READ MORE

17 Year Old BA Revision - Overland Park, KS

Previous BA was 17 years ago 325/340cc saline implants breastfeed two little ones afterwards and needless to say...they've deflated a little Looking at getting 525 to 625cc (want to be a full D/small DD) Deciding between two PS right now and looking at HP Silicone by Mentor 5'9 1251bs athletic... READ MORE

29 Year Old, 2 Kids, Implant Revision, Nipple Reduction - Denver, CO

Today was my surgery! Let me start from the beginning. Dr. Buford from Beauty by Buford amazed me from the consultation. He is so informative, caring, and nice. He made sure I understood everything, answered all questions and most importantly made me feel comfortable. My surgery was at 10:00... READ MORE

25 Years Old, No Kids, 370cc Anatomical Breast Implants

Hi everyone! After reading so much reviews on this useful website, I feel like it's my turn to start one! First of all, I apologize for my english, I'm French :) So I'm 25, and I'll have my 2nd breast augmentation in less than a month now! I'm so excited concidering that I've been really... READ MORE

55 Breast Implant Replacement - West Hollywood, CA

From the moment you call you feel cared for. Marisol and Joselle are at the front and are really great. They are genuinely nice… no phonies in this office! They run a great schedule and are always on time. The office is very clean and comfortable. Dr. Bruno is AWESOME! We discussed my e... READ MORE

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