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I have internal bra/stitches and tightening of the pocket causing serious pain. Is this normal healing?

I had a revision done Friday to include internal bra/stitches, tightening of the Pocket increasing the implant from saliene 350 to silicone 500. The... READ MORE

I'm freaking out day 6 post op breast exchange with pockets tightening. (photo)

Surgery 6 days ago I feel like I went to big for my body 450cc high profile silicone in both breast? And he went in and tighten both pockets. im 5'2... READ MORE

Having BA Revision With Lift, Is There a Way to Tighten the Bottom Without the Vertical Scar? (photo)

Opinions re: the TYPE of lift recommended? I have large HP implants bottomed out about year ago, the skin BELOW my areola is stretched at least 1-2... READ MORE

Revision for Downsizing Implants. If I knew then, what I know now - I would never have gone this big! (Photo)

Have had implants for 20 yrs with current ones for 7 yrs - 600cc High Profile Gels behind muscle. I'm 47 yrs old, would like to downsize a bit by 150... READ MORE

2 weeks post op, is my new silicone implants rippling bad? (photos)

I'm 2 weeks post op todayfrom a breast exchange from saline to silicon. Also he went in and tighten the pocket up.exchange them from saline to... READ MORE

5 days post op, why does my 450cc high profile implants look wide on me? (photos)

I'm 5'2 98lbs and I just had a breast implant exchange from 350cc right 390cc the left saline modern plus.. to 450cc high profile in both sides he... READ MORE

Right Breast Tightening After Revision Surgery to Smaller Implants?

I had my orig implants removed and replaced with smaller ones (150CC rt &125CC lft) a mo ago. It was done thru the orig underarm incision/path.... READ MORE

Will a larger implant correct my problem or will the surgeon need to tighten the implant pocket? (photos)

I am 15 yrs s/p saline implants under the muscle with no problems until now. I had a baby 2 yrs ago and breast fed for 8months. Shortly after, my Lt... READ MORE

Can the position of my implant be revised without changing them? (photos)

Hi ! I am 28 years old , 5'7'' and 105 lbs . I previously had 550 cc silicone implant . After 2 years , i decide to downsize to 370 cc . I also got an... READ MORE

I have animation/separation when I flex and need a revision. Which to choose?? (photos)

My doc is suggestion either: leave the implant under the muscle, tighten up outside pocket, and remove excess skin/make areola smaller. Or, move the... READ MORE

Headed to surgery soon, wanted other doctors opinions: Bottom out breast (textured or smooth). (photos)

The doctor is going to take the fluid out of my breast 2 weeks before surgery . He is going to tighten my poles , the bottom and the sides . I am... READ MORE

Swollen or Implant Moved? (photos)

I had breast lift revision (left) and scar revision on (R) on 1/6/15. My left breast was saggy, not as tight as my right one and my nipple was to high... READ MORE

Post op day one revision- I had my pocket tightened on the left (bandage side). I am worried about how it is looking now (Photo)

I originally was having a revision due to my right pocket not being the correct size, but on the day my surgeon decided that my left pocket needed... READ MORE

Is it necessary to tighten pockets when downsizing implants with a lift? (Photo)

I am downsizing from 400cc moderate siltex mentor to somewhere between 215cc -235cc moderate smooth implants along with a lift. One PS I consulted... READ MORE

Advice on breast revision; do I need pocket repair? (Photo)

I had revision on my breasts 5 months ago to repair pockets,the surgeon gave me uplift but they still sag badly to the side :-( I've spoken to him and... READ MORE

What does it take to have pockets tighten after weightloss, BA surgery less than 3 years ago?

Curious what surgery revision would entail with tightening pockets 750ml silicone natrelle high profile under the muscle, I want to keep size and... READ MORE

Can pocket work be done to hide rippling?

I already posted a question about switching from saline to silicone in my recent revision. I went up about 60 ccs but now I can feel the entire... READ MORE

I've already had a breast implant revision. Can I have a third procedure?

Can I get another revision, take more skin, make tighter, higher, more round. I already have HP 625. I would love to go down to around 425 and take... READ MORE

Bottoming out; do you need a internal bra or will tightening up the ottomans side poles work?

I am going in for my second revision because I have bottom out , I am switching from saline to textured silicone , the doctors is tightening up the... READ MORE

Uneven Breasts w/ 2 different shapes after a breast lift, explant of silicone implants, & full capsules removed. Normal? (photo)

I had my breast implants removed with the full capsule and a lift two and a 2 1/2 wks ago for having the implants in for 1 1/2 yrs. I was told my... READ MORE

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