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Bruising 3 Days After Breast Augmentation, Normal Amount? (photo)

I am approx. 72 hours subglandular B.A. post op... I have some fairly significant bruising and am not sure if it is reason enough to follow up... READ MORE

What is the difference between a hematoma and just regular bruising?

What is the difference between a hematoma and just regular bruising? How do I know when to contact the doctor about a bruised or swollen area? READ MORE

How to Tell the Difference Between a Bruise and a Hematoma After BA? (photo)

I am Day 6 dual plane, 325cc BA (mastopexy 6 months ago). I have significant bruising on the R breast that started on day 3, nothing on the L.The... READ MORE

Bruising After Breast Aug Normal 9 Days Post Op?

I had a breast lift with breast aug periareolar 9 days ago. Thursday I had my first week pre op and was told everything was good.I have read of... READ MORE

What could cause sudden red, itchy bruise looking spot on breast? (photos)

I woke up this morning with the side of my right breast itching like crazy! When I looked in the mirror it looks like a hickey with red speckles. I... READ MORE

Bruising, Numbness After Breast Augmentation

I recently got a breast augmentation, its been 9 days. My left implant has fallen into place I believe, and my right one is still very swollen and... READ MORE

BA Post Op Hematoma? (photo)

I underwent BA little over a week ago and I am little bit worried about post op hematoma. My left breast feels different, is slightly larger, sore,... READ MORE

Small Bruising Appearing 3 Days Post-op Breast Augmentation Surgery Normal or Not? (photo)

Today is Day 4 since I had my breast augmentation. Any input if this is common? On each side of the right and left breast new bruising has appeared... READ MORE

One Week Post Op Breast Augmentation..complications

On 5/11/11 I had breast augmentation, under the muscle thru the armpit. The day after surgery I noticed the right breast was significantly more... READ MORE

Bruises Spreading 10 Days Post BA over Op? (photo)

During thed beginning of the first week post op I had really nasty bruises at the incision site, they have since turned a pale yellow and are healing... READ MORE

Severe Bruising After Breast Augmentation

I have had BA one week ago and had severe bruising. At least I'm calling them bruising. They started the day after surgery with redness and some... READ MORE

Dent and Bruising/development of Stretch Marks in Augmented Breast? (photo)

I got my breasts done at the end of May. I healed fairly well with very little bruising. I got high profile round saline implants. Recently in the... READ MORE

Do You Recommend Breast Augmentation Antibiotic For Easy Bruisers?

I will like to know what kind of antibiotic do you prescribe and do you recommend starting it before or after breast augmentation? and What do you... READ MORE

What is Going On? (photo)

I had my breast augmentation on Monday so its only been 4 days. 575 cc in the left & 600 cc in right; silicone. 2 days ago I noticed left breast... READ MORE

Is Bruising and Hard/lumpy Skin Normal at 5 Weeks Post Op?

I have bruising around the incision area and at the bottom of the breast at 5 weeks post op. I had a benelli lift and implants. The skin on top of the... READ MORE

Is it normal to get NEW bruising 2-3 weeks post breast augmentation?

I have noticed new bruising 2 weeks post breast augmentation ( underneath the muscle), and going into my 3rd week post surgery and noticed NEW... READ MORE

5 Days Post-op BA - Bruising Okay? (photo)

I had my BA on 10/23/12, originally 34A, 5'7" 135lbs, 425cc HP silicone implants. I noticed bruising to outer crease of my left breast 3 days ago. The... READ MORE

Would Breast Augmentation Be Worth It if I Just Want a More Natural, Less Tuberous Shape to my Breasts?

I'm 20 and I believe I have tuberous breasts, I don't want huge breasts, just less conical and more filled out at the base. I also have Von... READ MORE

Why Do I Have Rash, Bruising And Discolouration 1.5 Weeks Post Op? (photo)

1.5/52 post BA I developed a red itchy rash on my right rib/breast. This resolved 3 later and what remains what is a blotchy purple like bruise with... READ MORE

Vit E Post Op?

I am really upset. I have tried to be so careful but I misread my discharge papers and it said to take vit e post op so I asked my husband to go get... READ MORE

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