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BBL Touch Up?

I had BBL about a month and a half ago. What bothers me is that my right cheek came out slightly smaller than my left one and it also flatter on the... READ MORE

Is Getting a Touch Up Done on a BBL After 12 Months Safe? Will Results Be More Prominent?

I am wanting to get a touch up done on my bbl that i had 9 months ago. Ill be going in for the touch up at 12 months. Im wondering if by doing a touch... READ MORE

Lipo Touchups? (photo)

Hello, Dec 2012 I had a tt, bbl (inner thigh/low back/waist lipo).I now have ugly stomach fat,slight inner thighs bulges&indents. The dr grafted... READ MORE

How long is the wait before someone could get a touch up on a BBL?

How long is the wait before someone could get a touch up on a BBL? READ MORE

How soon can a minor lipo touch up be done after a Brazilian butt lift? (Photo)

I just had a brazilian butt lift 2 days ago and am happy with the results except that I have a crease at my waist which looks really bad. I think more... READ MORE

Will a touch up procedure (round 2 BBL) enhance my results? (Photo)

Attached is a pic showing my results at 1-month post and 2-months post BBL. I LOVE my 1-month results, but my 2-month results look almost like my... READ MORE

Are the Results Right After the Surgery Your Final Results?

Hi, I just got a lipo touch up with only 200cc removed under local anesthesia. I looked at myself right after the surgery, and I was wondering if... READ MORE

There is a dent on one of my butt cheeks, is it just swelling or will I need a touch up? (Photo)

I had a bbl 17 days ago so almost 3 weeks. 3 days ago I noticed a dent on the lower side of my butt check l, which cannot be seen unless I stand at an... READ MORE

How many times can you safely lipo the same areas? Is there such a thing as a mini Brazilian butt lift?

I've already had a bbl plus a touch up, and after 5 years would like to touch it up again.. By touch up I mean smooth out irregularities such as one... READ MORE

What is the average cost for a Brazilian butt lift touch up?

1 month post op and I have a dent on one buttock as well as less volume . I will be waiting a few more months but would like to know the cost for a... READ MORE

Fat Grafting Outcomes?

Concerning Brazilian Butt Lift procedures; how often do touch ups (subsequent surgeries to get desired results) happen? Also, what happens to the fat... READ MORE

Brazilian butt lift before pregnancy. Losing weight again. Will I need a touch up?

Hello :) i would like to have in 2 or 3years babys, But I also want to get next year February a BBL... I know that you will gain weight while pregnant... READ MORE

Why did I lose all the volume on my buttocks after a month of BBL?

Had a BBL a month ago and I notice the size of my buttocks are back to how it was before surgery " small" not flat still a little round but not even... READ MORE

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