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My Buttocks Feel Sore After Brazilian Buttlift?

I have a Brazilian buttlift on (April 18 2012). I am feeling a sore pain in both buttocks; and i am still scared to sleep on my back.Is thi issue a... READ MORE

Butt Gets Sore from Sitting After Brazilian Butt Lift?

I had a bbl performed on me 11 weeks ago. I waited 7 weeks to sit and limited my bending to avoid killing my fat cells. After 7 weeks started... READ MORE

Is It Normal to Start Feeling Soreness on One Side of my Butt After 2months of Having a Brazilian Butt Lift? (photo)

I had a brazilin butt lift done 2 months ago and today 4-8-2012 ive been very sore lower bottom left side cheek is this normal ive added a picture of... READ MORE

New pain and soreness four months after fat transfer to buttocks? (photo)

I haven't had any pain at all up until this normal? Four mths ago I had a CTT w/ lipo on back, neck and thighs & fat transfer to butt. I... READ MORE

Soreness all over butt and hips about 3 and a half months after Brazilian butt lift. Is this normal? (Photo)

I've had the surgery done a few months ago now I'm feeling soreness all over the butt and hips last week I did have sex and it was rough not to put it... READ MORE

Will I Have a Nice Result After 450/500cc Injected into Each Cheek?

I am now almost 40 hours postop still swollen&sore like heck but feel a lil better. I had plenty of fat to be removed & already a pretty nice... READ MORE

How long does the pain last after a Brazilian butt lift?

I am now 7-days post-op of a Brazilian butt lift. I am still in the greatest amount of pain. Mainly tightness, soreness, and a couple hard lumps on... READ MORE

Why Am I Feeling Soreness in my Butt when I Sit Down After my 6 Weeks Bbl Surgery?

Why Am I Feeling Soreness in my Butt when I Sit Down After my 6 Weeks Bbl Surgery? READ MORE

Are my JP Drains insertion sites infected? (photos)

Today I had my 2 JP drains removed by a home health care provider as I could not travel 3.5 hrs to my surgeon's office (he gave me permission to do... READ MORE

6 month post op Brazilian Butt Lift, certain areas of my butt and lower back is a bit sore. Is this normal?

Hi im reaching my 6 month mark for post op BBL. But certain areas of my butt and lower back where I was lipo'd is still a bit sore. Has a bruised... READ MORE

Is it normal to still have muscle sorenesss at 6 months post op bbl, when sitting?

Is it normal to still have muscle sorenesss at 6 months post op bbl, when sitting? READ MORE

Serious Brazilian Butt Lift question. (photo)

I got my bbl October 24th. I went out on the town last night and I know as funny as this sound a I just had a transgender man punch my butt " to see... READ MORE

I have lower back pain after Lipo Brazilian Butt lift. Any suggestions? (photos)

I got my BBl and Lipo done almost 4 weeks ago . My lower back is swollen , stiff and very painful not to mention it"s warm. Side is affecting by my... READ MORE

2 weeks post op Brazilian Butt Lift, I notice hard sore lumps. Will this go away with time?

I'm noticing hard sore lumps on lipo areas? does this go away with time? what can i do to speed up the process? READ MORE

3 wks post op from Lipo/BBL, in severe pain, necrosis & 2nd drain put in 2 weeks after due to seromas. Any suggestion? (photo)

I know that Lipo is a long recovery and I expected some soreness, but the pain is horrible in my abdomen, back and sides. Everything Ive read and the... READ MORE

Pain 4 month after a BBL? (Photo)

. The last couple of weeks my butt has become very sore all the way around my butt and hips, where the top of the butt crack is.,No lumps, heat or... READ MORE

11 days post BBL, how long can I sit before the fat melts away? Why is only my right cheek sore and hard?

Need encouraging words....ready to go back to doctor and have fat removed from right cheek...its annoying and hurts!I am ready to give up...I had lipo... READ MORE

Muscle pain and sore legs n buttocks after fat transfer, is this normal?

I had a laser liposuction(stomach) and buttocks fat transfer in July 2013, now I have muscle pain n feel sore on buttocks and this from fat... READ MORE

Can aggressive spanking and grabbing of the butt kill fat cells 6 weeks after BBL surgery?

I'm 6 weeks post my Brazilian butt lift surgery. I engaged in intercouse and he used a lot of aggressive grabbing and spanking of my buttocks.... READ MORE

Is it normal to still be sore 1 year after a Brazilian Butt Lift?

Its been a litter over a year since ive under had a bbl from time to time my butt is sore is this normal after a year? I also feel little knots in... READ MORE

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