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Can I Have Brazilian Butt Lift After Silicon Butt Injections?

I had silicon injections early this year, wright away I got complications, where the silicon.was literally coming thru and leaking out my READ MORE

Will Some Silicone I Had Injected 6 Years Ago Be an Issue for Me Getting a Brazilian Butt Lift? (photo)

I had the upper portion of my butt injected with silicone about 6 years ago, I only went 3 times when I found out about the risks I never went back. I... READ MORE

How long after silicone removal from the buttocks can I get a proper board certified BBL?

I had about 100ccs (50ccs per butt cheek) injected in my upper buttocks about 5 years ago from the black market. No complications (as far as I know... READ MORE

Can I Have BBL After Silicone Injections?

I had silicone injections twice 6 years ago. I'm now contemplating a brazilian butt lift. Does anyone know of a person getting fat grafts after... READ MORE

Is a brazilian butt lift possible after silicone injections 12 Years ago?

I had two rounds of silicone injections 12 years ago I haven't had any problems. I now want a bbl. Is there a doctor willing to do it? READ MORE

Can I transfer fat only to Hips? (photo)

I got silicone injections like 5-6yrs ago. However, I read that it is risky to get Brazilian Butt Lift after Silicone injections. So I wanted to know... READ MORE

Is it possible to perform a BBL in a patient that had silicone injected and has NOT had problems/complications? (photo)

I had silicon 1000 injections earlier this year & I'm interested in a bbl. I haven't had complications but I am wondering if I am still a candidate?... READ MORE

Is it possible to get a Brazilian Butt Lift after having silicone injections? (photo)

I've had silicone injections for almost 3yrs now. And my butt doesn't sit up how it use to, and the bottom is a little to saggy, can this be fixed? READ MORE

Can I have fat transfer to my butt if I already have silicone injections without having to remove the silicone? (photos)

Although I haven't had any serious problems with the silicon injections ( since 2005) I noticed that my right butt cheek in the crack has a dent as if... READ MORE

Can I Get a Brazilian Butt Lift After Having Silicone Injections to my Butt a Few Years Ago?

I got silicone injections into my butt a few years ago. i only got it done twice.I havent had any side effects over the years and i STOP getting the... READ MORE

I would like to get a Brazilian butt lift but I have butt injections, can I still do? (photo)

Iam 28 years old 145 pounds 5'5. . I had butt injections 2 years ago at a local clinic they injected silicon and at the time I was happy but now I... READ MORE

Can I have good Brazilian Butt Lift if I had silicone injections 8 years ago?

I'm 41 years old and healthyn. Is my dream to have a BBL. I'm chunky so there will be enough for fat graft 8 years ago while back home in Dominican... READ MORE

Can hydrogel/silicon butt injections affect future surgeries?

I had hygdrogel/silicon butt injections about 5 years ago my butt is still very soft no discoloration lumps of bumps. I have no complications from the... READ MORE

I would like to get Brazilian Butt Lift but I've had silicone injections about 4 years ago. Will I still be able to do it?

I would like to get BBL but I've had silicone injections about 4 years ago. Will I still be able to do it??? READ MORE

Received a round of butt shots in 2013 (bad decision I know) & wanted to know is it possible to get a BBL after butt shots?

If it helps any hydrogel was " supposedly" used. If bbl is not possible would fat transfer to the hips be possible? READ MORE

Can I get a Brazilian butt lift after I had silicone injections removed successfully?

I had one session of butt shots. Had it removed by Dr. Tansar Mir. I appeared on the show called Dr. Oz to tell people about my successful surgery. I... READ MORE

Am I able to get a Brazilian Butt Lift even though I had silicone injections 4yrs ago? Has anyone else had this problem? (Photo)

Ok so I went with a friend and got silicone injections 4 years ago. I don't have any issues now but the top part of my buttocks has indentation. I... READ MORE

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