Scar Tissue + Brazilian Butt Lift

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I'm 2 months post op with built up scar tissue and hardened fat, any advice?

Hi, thank you in advance for responding. I'm 2 months post op from my first BBL surgery and I'm schedule for round two bbl in two months. My surgeon... READ MORE

Does Scar Tissue Effect if Fat Can Be Transfered?

I had butt implants 10 yrs ago & had them REMOVED 2 days later, I accumulated a $150,000 hospital bill & almost died from infection. I had 4... READ MORE

Are lumps, dimpling, irregular contours, fat necrosis and other such complications more likely after 2nd or 3rd BBL?

My 1st BBL was VERY disappointing, but the lipo involved was a disaster. I was very fortunate & found an amazing surgeon who revised & corrected many... READ MORE

How can I get rid of injection scars on my butt?

I got these injections when I was young but now they have given me deep scars on both my buttocks. I went to my Gp in 2011 he refered me to a... READ MORE

How can I tell the difference between scar tissue and fat necrosis?

I had bbl in march and from the beginning i had this tender firm area and dents around it. I asked my dr what can i do about it and he said to massage... READ MORE

Will Velashape or Ultrasound Harm Results from Lipo and Fat Transfer?

Had lipo to abs as well fat transfer to buttocks. Can I do velashape or external ultrasound for internal scar tissue? How long should I wait to use... READ MORE

I have lumps, dents and scar tissue from Brazilian Butt Lift @ 3.5 months Post op. Can this be fixed? (photos)

I had 6 lymphatic massages, needed a second drain put in 3 weeks after surgery due to Seromas. I had an 8x10 size area of necrosis on my left side due... READ MORE

Am I a Candidate for Fat Transfer/bbl?

Got butt implants 3 yrs ago. Had a complication...1 implant became very mobile, revision was attempted. Surgeon tried to tighten the pocket and anchor... READ MORE

Doctor said the fat didn't survive because of cellulite and no matter how much fat he injects it won't help. Is that accurate?

I had a bbl by Dr Shahine and he uses smart lipo , which I found out later kills the fat cells . I had small dents in my butt from penicilin... READ MORE

Brazilian butt lift question; Is there any type of lipo that doesn't leave a lot of scar tissue?

I heard that traditional liposuction cause a lot of scar tissue. I also heard that scar tissue is bad for the body is that true? Im very interested in... READ MORE

Is it possible to fix my BBL hip irregularities? Thighs are uneven. Is it swelling or scar tissue? (Photo)

I had a BBL 18 weeks ago. One year before I had a tradisjonal lipo at inner and outher thighs. My BBL result are a lot of irregularities on both hips.... READ MORE

Will fat be taken in when there is scar tissue there on a Brazilian Butt Lift procedure?

In one of my butt cheeks all the doctors I've seen say I have had a trauma although I or my mother can not think of any trauma. I have had this... READ MORE

Question on a crease? (photos)

Had a bbl done about 7 weeks now, my results where pleasing, however I collected fluid on my right abdomen side and after it was syringed out, it... READ MORE

Can fat be harvested from the same site multiple time for fat transfer? (photos)

I had a butt transfer/liposuction about a 1.5 years ago. The fat was taken from my abdomen, sides, & back. I want to get the procedure performed again... READ MORE

I am three weeks post op from having abdominal lipo w/ Brazilian Butt Lift. Any suggestions? (photos)

I am still extremely swollen and my botyom hss dropped with no firmness. I was so happy with how it looked right after surgery. Will this improve? I... READ MORE

BBL-irregularities at both hips. Revision? Uneven thighs, swelling or scar tissue?

I got BBL 18 weeks ago. This is not the hour glass shape I asked for. My Dr says to relax, and he tells me he can fix it later. Is this possible to... READ MORE

Brazilian Butt Lift and hip irregularities. Possible to fix? Thighs swollen, or scar tissue?

I had a BBL 18 weeks ago. One year before I had a tradisjonal lipo at inner and outher thighs. My BBL result are a lot of irregularities at both hips.... READ MORE

Do you think after having implants removed 4 years ago, and now wanting to get fat transfer to buttock area is a good idea?

I have scar tissue from the implants, and my buttock is looks very deformed and uneven, so what do you suggest? READ MORE

Will fat transfer work in buttock areas that have dimples (probably internal scar tissue) from childhood injections?

I have dimples in both butt cheeks from injections I received as a toddler (I'm assuming they were IM antibiotics). My guess is that they got infected... READ MORE

Brazilian Butt Lift Preparation Questions

I'm considering a Brazilian butt lift in Miami (out of state for me). Can anyone suggest: 1) recovery home with massages in Miami 2) compression... READ MORE

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