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What Do They Look for or Do for Medical Clearance Before a Brazilian Butt Lift?

I am curious as to what my family doctor will need to do in order to clear me for this surgery. Is it common that patients get turned away after going... READ MORE

Do I Have to Have Blood Work Done to Get Brazilian Butt Lift?

Do I Have to Have Blood Work Done to Get Brazilian Butt Lift? READ MORE

Is Blood Screened for HIV, AIDS, & Hepatitis with Donors in the Dominican Republic in Case I Would Need a Blood Transfusion?

Wondering the criteria for donating blood that's used in blood transfusions in the Dominican Republic. Is the blood checked for HIV, AIDS, &... READ MORE

Which Tests Are Crutial Before One Goes for a Brazillian Butt Augmentation?

I would like to find out which blood tests are important to do before going for a brazillian butt augmentation, i am planning to check my sugar,... READ MORE

Full medical Clearance?

I live in New york, and i am having surgery in Miami. I have to have a full medical release which includes Full Physical, EKG and blood work. Many Dr.... READ MORE

What exactly do doctors look for when blood work is done before having surgery?

I know your iron level has to be at least 12. What else are you looking for? What steps need to be taken to be sure to be able to be cleared for the... READ MORE

Any Way to Get a BBL Without Blood Work?

Hi I'm 25yrs old 128 llbs.and pretty healthy. I want to to get the bbl procedure but I don't like my blood there anyway it can be done... READ MORE

I Plan to Do a Intestine/colon Cleanse a Week Before my Bloodwork and 30 Days Before my Surgery?

Will the cleanse have any type of negative or harmful affect on my bloodwork or surgery? Im having liposuction with micro fat grafting to the buttocks... READ MORE

Is going through a blood work before a brazilian butt lift a must?

Im 22 yrs old... I dont smoke i rarely drink....And lm healthy i dont have any problems.... would they still need them? READ MORE

Retook pt/ptt/inr and failed for Brazilian Butt Lift. What's next?

I passed all blood work required for a BBL but failed pt/ptt/inr twice slightly. Today my doctor will determine based off a medical clearance if I can... READ MORE

I Will Be out to Sea 28 Days Prior to my BBL is It Ok to Get my Blood Work Done a Month Before?

Im flying in from my ship March 15,2013. blood work has to be done two weeks prior to procedure but I will be out to sea can I get my blood work done... READ MORE

I received my blood work back from the lab for a Brazilian Butt Lift I'm having in 15 days. What number should be at to proceed?

What numbers should be at what (minimum) to proceed? What is the most I mportant/crucial piece of information on this report that could keep me from... READ MORE

My doctor didn't request labs/blood work... Hm!

I know this isn't generally normal because I see all the girls and surgeons talking about lab work to clear for surgery... However, my surgeon says at... READ MORE

What can I do to help my liver enzymes levels go down? I'm 2 weeks away from my BBL and I've taken done labs twice in a week

I read that fish oil helps. I'm 33 and have no health issues. I did have my gallbladder removed years ago. Last week I started a 7day ultimate body... READ MORE

What do Dr specifically Look for when they do blood work for the Brazilian Butt Lift?

Which patient will not be able to do bbl? I'm 24y/o, 5'7 160lbs, very active lifestyle with no health issues but I don't know what my hemaglobin level... READ MORE

How soon can you have BBL after having a baby?

I was scheduled for a Brazilian Butt Lift and upon going in for my blood work found out I was pregnant. I just gave birth to my daughter 3 weeks ago..... READ MORE

I'm trying to get a Tummy tuck, liposculpture and Brazilian Butt Lift in Dominican! I need help with my blood test results

Im flying from Toronto my doctor is against this so I feel strange talking to him about it.just got my blood test results back just wondering if... READ MORE

ptt level high with clearance?

I went to a hematologist and they did so many test my ptt level was 46 but everything else is normalshe said there is nothing wrong with my lab work... READ MORE

I'm getting a BBL and my doctor says I don't have to do any blood work and he's not using any drains. Is this normal and OK?

I'm having my bbl in April and have a few co concerns. I love my doctor but after being on here for a little while I'm starting to wonder if certain... READ MORE

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